Chapter 1: Tokiwadai Reunion

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Step. Step. Step. The brown-haired girl's footsteps could be heard by the occupants of the dorm. It was 6.30 a.m. Some occupants looked at the girl in surprise, seeing as she did not usually wake up that early. Some tried to approach her but upon seeing her deep-in-thought, they stopped and merely bowed their heads and uttered a soft "Misaka-sama".

The girl in question did not usually wake up that early. Today was a special day. She could not sleep during the whole of yesterday night because of what is going to happen today. Today, that idiot was finally coming back.

Exactly three months ago, she met a certain spiky-haired boy outside of her dorm. Her roommate, Shirai Kuroko, immediately tried to attack him—which she did—but Misaka eventually stopped her by an electric shock. He was carrying a black bag pack and looked like he was going on a trip.

"Can we speak alone, Mikoto?" Touma whispered softly.

The use of her name by him stopped whatever outburst she usually would have. After all, he usually just called her BiriBiri. Ignoring the squeals of her fans, she brought him to a corner.

"So, what is it? Why did you come all the way to my dorm?" Misaka asked with an annoyed voice.

"Sorry, Mikoto. I don't really know how to say this. Ha ha…this is a bit awkward. Mikoto, I am going to be away for a while so I would just like to tell you to stay safe. We don't know when the dark side of Academy City would try anything again." Touma said awkwardly.

Misaka felt her heart skip a beat when she realized he came all the way here out of concern for her safety. Her face started heating up and she looked down, fiddling with her fingers.

"You don't really to have to be worried about me. I...I…I can take of myself. I am a level 5 after all." Misaka murmured embarrassedly. Then, it hit her. "You are leaving!" Misaka shouted.

"Yeah…so I was kind of worried that you might get hurt again. I have something to settle with some foreign friends of mine. Don't worry, I will only be gone for five months! I will be back before you know it." Touma said excitedly.

'Five months! Why is it so long? I can't see him for three months…wait! Why do I want to see this idiot anyway? I mean, I would maybe feel a bit sad if I don't see him but…but…it is not because he is special or anything!' Misaka thought.

"Why are you going away for so long?" Misaka asked with a slightly sharp tone. 'Wait…not again. He is off to do something dangerous again.' Misaka thought. "Hey, you are not going to do something dangerous again, are you?" Misaka asked sharply.

Touma flinched slightly as his eyes quickly avoided her gaze. As he uttered his weak denials, only one thought came into Misaka's mind: 'He is going to do something dangerous again. That idiot.'

Misaka looked down before glaring up at the taller boy. She grabbed his collar and pulled him in close to her. She looked straight into his eyes.

"I know that you are going to do something dangerous again. I know that I most likely can't stop you." Misaka said angrily. She then loosed her grip on his collar and buried her face into his chest as her eyes teared up slightly. "Just…just come back safe, okay?" Misaka said in a teary voice.

Touma just hugged her and said "Yes. I promises you, Mikoto."

The day passed by in a flash. She did not even bother focusing in her classes. It would be more accurate to say that she could not focus on her classes even if she could. After all, she was anxious about Touma.

Touma would always call her once a week, just to find out if she was safe as well as to let her know that he, himself, was safe. However, on many of the occasions that he called her, his voice had a slight strain to it or it seemed that he had a slight difficulty in breathing, almost as if he was injured. Those observations only made her more anxious for his safety, not that she would ever acknowledge it.

Just as she had returned to the dorm, a loud sound could be heard outside. She rushed outside to see what was going on. There were masked men running about, some of which were espers using their powers, others were just using guns. There were only fires and damages of what was once a beautiful part of Tokiwadai Academy.

Tokiwadai Academy was under attack.

A certain spikey-haired boy wearing a white shirt and black jeans was walking towards Tokiwadai Academy. Kamijou Touma had spent the last three months in England, along with Misaka 10032. It was there that he undergone training, courtesy of Kanzaki Kaori, Stiyl Magnus, the fake Unabara Mitsuki, Agnesse and her surbodinates, the Amakusa church Kihara Gensei, Sherry Cromwell, Misaka 10032 and finally, his triple-agent, backstabber friend, Tsuchimikado Motoharu. The training was not so much training as it was-try to survive, Kami-yan (Tsuchimikado)—a survival game.

"Fukou da…" Touma said as he recalled his training.

The goal of the training was simple. He had to become strong enough to single-handedly beat at least three of his trainers in a fight, regardless of the location. With how chaotic the world situation was becoming, they could no longer afford for him to be untrained. While he did manage to beat many powerful espers and magicians, as well as some average thugs, he still wasn't living up to his full potential.

After five months, the training finally paid off. Despite having no esper powers, his physical body has become much more durable than that of a normal human being. He could finally perform feats like jumping several stories such as Tsuchimikado, counter long and short-range attacks by Kanzaki Kaori, Stiyl Magnus and Kihara Gensei together against him, take on multiple strong opponents like Agnesse and her surbodinates or the Amakusa Church against him together. His street fighting skills were further honed and sharpened with all the fighting experience he gained from the training as well as the skills and moves they taught him.

However, he got injured multiple times. They had kept him fighting for many days without sleep and he only got a soft bed and warm food once or twice a week only. Similar to a survival game. He just hoped that he was not too obvious about his injury when he talked to Misaka.

As he neared Tokiwadai Academy, he saw it being ravaged by unknown intruders. He thought 'BiriBiri!'

Kamijou clenched his fists and moved quickly. It was time to put his training into good use.

At the back entrance of Tokiwadai Academy, Judgement and Anti-Skill officers were fighting together against the masked attackers. While they do have some level of cooperation between each other in law enforcement, they did not usually work together in operations such as these. However, given the situation, they had no choice to in order to protect the Tokiwadai students.

Outside of Misaka's dorm, powerful bolts of electricity struck the ground. The force of the impact pushed many of the attackers away. Sharp spikes struck the attackers and they fell in pain. Suddenly, electricity flowed everywhere and many attackers were electrocuted, falling onto the ground as they groaned in agony.

That was the attack combination of roommates Misaka Mikoto, the 3rd level 5, and Shirai Kuroko, a powerful level 4. Elsewhere, other Tokiwadai students attempted to fend off the attackers but were no match for the attackers' ferocity.

As the Tokiwadai girls retreated to the backs of Misaka and Shirai, the two girls ground their teeth in frustration and were about to make a final stand. The powerful dorm mistress came behind them and prepared to fight.

"Girls, you have made me proud today. Fighting against these monsters, you did well. Come on, this dorm mistress of yours will fight alongside you today." the dorm mistress said to the two girls as she smiled.

"Dorm mistress…" the two girls murmured, touched by her words.

As the attackers came nearer to them, a loud voice called out.


"BiriBiri…?" the dorm mistress wondered confusedly.

'That voice!' Misaka thought.

The attackers, the Tokiwadai girls and the dorm mistress looked at Kamijou Touma. They say a spiky-haired boy with a few injuries standing tall with his fists clenched. However, what really surprised them were the unconscious bodies of the masked attackers lying on the ground behind him.

Immediately recognizing the threat, many of the attackers rushed to engage him.

Misaka was alarmed. She started to shout "Look ou-" but was cut off as the boy disappeared only to land directly in front of an attacker.

The attacker was sent flying as the boy pushed aside the attacker's gun and then gave the attacker a powerful uppercut. As the attackers tried to surround and attack him, he moved quickly. The boy rushed to the side of an attacking esper, struck the back of his left leg's knee joint and proceeded to hit the back of the esper's head, knocking the esper out.

He then dodged some more attackers before proceeding to jump above a gun-wielding attacker, flipped in the air and then spun his legs, hitting several attackers at once. He rushed towards more attackers, dodging more of their attackers as he rushed to one of the attacker's side, jumped and then kicked the attacker's back—breaking some bones on the way—and then using the momentum to glide through the air and kicking the back of another attacker's head. He moved towards yet another attacker and as the attacker's fire filled right fist moved towards him. Using his left hand, he pushed the attacker's lower arm away from him as his right fist punched the back of the attacker's right shoulder. He then jumped to the attacker's other side and jumped, kicking the attacker at his left ribs and breaking them.

As more esper attacks flew towards him, he simply used his Imagine Breaker to negate them. The sounds of glass breaking could be heard many times as his Imagine Breaker negated the attacks. He then moved quickly to more attackers, attacking them at many times his original speed and strength, taking out more than Misaka and Shirai had together in a shorter period of time.

The Tokiwadai girls just looked on in amazement as the boy single-handedly took out many attackers. 'When did that guy get so strong?' Misaka wondered frustratedly. While she was happy that he came to help, she was frustrated by the fact that the gap between their fighting abilities had widened considerably. Misaka grabbed her roommate's hand, glancing at her as well as the rest.

"It's time to counterattack." Misaka said determinedly.

Before her roommate could give her agreement, the dorm mistress shook her head. Misaka looked at her dorm mistress in confusion but the dorm mistress just said

"We will only get in the way if we joined in now. Besides, I have the nagging feeling that this man is still not giving his all yet. It seems like he is still holding back but not for long."

Misaka and the rest looked at the dorm mistress in shock. Their thoughts were the same 'He is still holding back! How strong is he?' Suddenly, the boy stopped. The girls could not see his eyes as they were covered by his hair. However, when he glanced slightly upwards, they were shocked to see his eyes, filled with steel-hard resolve and determination.

Clang! A loud sound of glass breaking could be heard throughout the school. The boy dodged all of the bullets that were shot at him while the espers attackers found themselves unable to use their powers. The Tokiwadai girls looked on in shock and checked that they still could use their powers, to their relief.

This was yet another result of Kamijou Touma's training. He could now manipulate Imagine Breaker to a widespread attack. The boy then moved, with his attacking speed and power at a level that far surpassed that of Kanzaki Kaori and Accelerator. He took out the remaining attackers in a flash.

As more and more attackers retreated from Judgement and Anti-Skill to assist their comrades fighting against the boy, they were only wiped out by the boy soon after.

Near the end of the battle, the Tokiwadai students and staff, as well as the Judgement and Anti-Skill officers, found themselves watching in awe as Kamijou Touma, level 0, owner of the Imagine Breaker, defeated the bulk of the attackers and saved Tokiwadai Academy.

As Kamijou Touma rested his back onto the wall of Misaka's dorm, he winced in pain over his injuries. Judgement and Anti-Skill officers were arresting the attackers, getting witness statements and providing medical aid to all those who were injured. The uninjured Tokiwadai girls merely stayed in their positions, nervously watching the boy who saved them rest and uncertain about approaching him. Suddenly, Misaka rushed towards him.

As she reached him, she grabbed his shoulders, prompting the boy to groan in pain.

"Hey…what do you think you are doing? Getting all injured like that…are you crazy?" Misaka uttered as her tears started falling.

Touma reached out and touched her tear-stained face, smiling at her and said "It's alright, Misaka. It's alright. I'm fine. So, don't cry anymore." He then spread his arms around her, holding her close to him.

The Tokiwadai girls and the dorm mistress merely looked on at the touching scene, allowing the two to have their moment. The dorm mistress walked to the principle who was nearby, spoke with her for a short while, before smiling and walking towards the two.

"Young man, what is your name?" she asked.

"Touma…Kamijou Touma." Touma replied.

"Well, Kamijou-san, seeing that you are injured and that you did help save the academy, why don't you stay in the infirmary?" the dorm mistress offered.

Misaka looked at the dorm mistress in shock.

"I'm sorry but I can't possibly impose on the academy. Besides, there is someone waiting for me back at hom-" Touma was cut off in his answer when he saw the expression in the dorm mistress's eyes. The expression was simple: 'Say YES!'

"Well, I suppose that person won't mind so thank you for your hospitality." Touma said quickly.

Misaka quickly helped Touma to the infirmary, staying with him throughout the night, much to the displeasure of a certain teleporter.

"Here are his records." The dorm mistress said as she handed Kamijou Touma's records to the principal.

The principal looked at the records. There was nothing special about the boy. He had lackluster grades and once a mere level 0. Although, even before his fight in the academy, he showed some talent in fighting. Then he flipped to the last page of the records. The last page was in yellow and had the following words at the top of the page:

Kamijou Touma's records-written personally by the General Superintendent of Academy City

The principal looked at the dorm mistress alarmedly, who returned his alarmed gaze with a slight nod, urging him to read on.

The principal continued reading and was astonished. He looked at the dorm mistress.

"Tomorrow, tell Kamijou-san we are offering him a job as your second-in-charge in managing your dorm."

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