A/N: Here's a Sword Art Online fic. I totally fell in love with the serious and so here I was inspired to write a fanfic. Instead of it being Kirito x Asuna, let's change it around to Kirito x Lisbeth. Sadly, it will only be a oneshot unless someone else supplies me with

Disclaimer: SAO is (C) Reki Kawahara

When he walked into my shop for the first time, I thought he was nothing special. Well, that was until he broke my finest sword like it was nothing. Then he challenge me to make an even better sword than the Elucidator. Knowing me and my infamous temper, I accepted the challenge. That ended with us going to a dungeon and getting trapped in the dragon's nest. Somehow, that black haired man saved me and in return, I made him a one handed sword named the Dark repulsor. After that, I realized that Asuna liked Kirito, I became depressed. Then he came after me, and told me that I was being stupid. I then told him that I loved him and I'd do anything for him. It was at that moment I had my first kiss. I didn't care that it happened in game or not. I just felt life couldn't get any better...

As I watched the meteor shower in the real world, I felt the warmth of Kazuto's arms around my waist. My cheeks were burning with embarrassment as I looked up at my newlywed husband. Seventeen, and I was already married to the man I loved. I didn't care if my parents said I wasn't thinking clearly enough. "No more virtual reality games darling."

Pulling my petite body into his lap, Kazuto murmured, "Agreed my cherished blossom. I couldn't live if I lost you Rika-chan. It's bad enough I almost lost you once." My shivering stopped the moment he pulled my hand into his. I kissed him on the lips before nestling my head into the crook of his neck. Nothing could make me happier than I already am.