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Dear Diary,

I have my bending back!
I have my bending back.
Do you not understand what I'm saying?!
I don't know what else to say. This is probably the best thing that's happened to me since I was instated as chief. It just-
I can't even describe how it feels. It's wonderful. I'm glad that Tenzin saved me. And for once, I actually appreciate Sassmaster. Maybe she is a good enough Avatar.
I never thought this could be undone. And then Katara walks into my room and announces that Korra has found a way to restore bending, and even restored her own.
I must say, Sassmaster, you really outdid yourself this time. Perhaps I'm actually beginning to like you.
We had a party to celebrate Korra's discovery and let me say that it was one of the better parties I've been to. I ended up going home with a waterbender who had a rather nice-
Let's just say I'll be sore for a while.
Did I mention that he gave me his number? Something tells me I'll be down here more often. It's a good thing too, I really did enjoy his-
[Korra closed Lin's diary and looked around at Bolin, Asami, and Mako with a shocked expression.
"We must never speak of this again" Korra ordered as she put the book down on the floor where they were sitting.
Everyone nodded solemnly in reply. They sat silently for a few minutes, taking in this side of Lin that they never knew existed.
"Sassmaster?" Asami asked, breaking the silence.
Korra laughed. "Don't you dare use that name on me!"
"Oh, I don't know, Korra" Asami teased.
"Watch it, Richie Rich" Korra threatened in reply.
"Don't fight, guys!" Bolin exclaimed.
"Shut up, fatass!" the girls said in unison.
"That hurts" he replied sadly.
"Show some respect Korra" Mako said to his girlfriend. "That's my brother you're talking about."
"Sorry, Douchebag Fireface" she teased as she nestled closely to him.
Asami and Bolin looked away awkwardly and decided to stand up and leave.
"We'll be back when you guys are done eating each other's faces off" Asami said bitterly.
"Wait Asami" Korra said. "Sorry. We'll stop." Korra and Mako scooched a few more inches away from each other.
At this, Asami and Bolin took seats on the floor as far away from the couple as possible.
Suddenly, Korra began to laugh uncontrollably.
"What is it, Korra?" Mako asked.
"I- have- dirt- on- Beifong" she stuttered as she rolled on the floor, laughing. "It's so funny! She- still-has- feelings- for- Tenzin!" She rolled around more.
"Shut up. She might hear you" Asami said worryingly.
"SHE'S A WHORE!" Korra yelled loudly before laughing again.
With all of this commotion, no one noticed Lin step into the room until she cleared her throat with a loud "Ahem" as she leaned against the archway of the door.
Everyone jumped up, including a now somber Korra.
"Chief Beifong!" she exclaimed with a feigned cheeriness and awkward laugh.

Lin looked at her, unfazed.

"Uh, how much did you hear of that?" Korra asked sheepishly.
"Enough" Lin replied with a bitter smile as she stepped into the room. "Now, which one of you lily-livers decided it would be fun to invade my privacy?!" she asked as she struggled to keep her composure.
"It was all Bolin" Korra accused with a flick of her wrists.
"Hey!" Bolin exclaimed.
"Uhuh" Lin said dubiously as she picked her diary up off the ground and paced the room, occasionally slapping the book from hand to hand.
Mako gulped nervously as he peered over at his brother and ex-girlfriend.
Before he knew it, he felt a sharp slap to the top of his head.
"Gaaah!" he yelped in surprise before rubbing his throbbing head.
Lin walked over to Korra and slapped her head with the book as well.
"Aaghh!" Korra cried as Mako began to tend to her head along with his own.
Lin made her way around to Asami as she doled out the same fate as the other members of Team Avatar.
"Ow!" Asami yelled.
Finally, Lin walked up to Bolin and gave him a knowing look.
"I deserve it" he replied with a sigh before he too was hit by the leather-bound book.
"Oww!" he exclaimed.
"Not another word of this" Lin said as she strutted out of the room.
Team Avatar agreed with a frown and a rub of their heads, hissing at the pain.
"Never again" Asami said.
"Never" everyone agreed, now knowing what Lin was capable of.]

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