Paul Luthor completed his homework, it had required little effort on his part that he knew he was smarter than everyone else, still he had to make the effort to check for typos, often times his mind races ahead of his fingers on his Macintosh keyboard and his fingers land on the wrong keys. The Macintosh keyboard was in black and white and came with a mouse. The calendar on the wall next to his bed was turned to the month of February 1984, Paul hoped to get his early semester's homework assignments so he could help his Dad with his physics experiment later that evening, the clock indicated it was 7:02 PM.

Paul was the only 16 year old college student at Yale University, and he got in on a 100% merit scholarship, Yale wanted to have him as a student to enhance its reputation for having the best and the brightest students, they even paid for his room. In the room was bed with white sheets and a woolen blanket, a single window by his bedside, a table and a bookshelf with his favorite books on it on blue painted walls. The wind whistled as it blew the branches of the trees by the illuminated parking lot outside

Paul absorbed new information like a sponge, he was a child prodigy an exceptional genius and as such he had few friends. Paul was not a social butterfly at any rate, but sometimes his football player roommate brought in his girlfriend and Paul felt a twinge of envy. Paul occasionally took the time to go to parties but he was socially awkward and didn't really know what to say. Paul was not good at small talk. Paul was a boy with average build five feet ten inches tall with red hair and gray eyes, somewhere between blue and brown, and his father was a research scientist working on a top secret defense related program.

Paul saved the file onto his floppy disk and clicked on the eject icon on his Mac, then turned it off, he could proofread the rest later, right now he had to leave in time to help his father Lionel Luthor with his experiment. Paul put on his coat, hat and gloves, it was cold and windy this particular day, and he sky was a cloudy grey promising snow later that evening. Paul left his room, walked down the corridor into the lobby and through the glass doors to the parking lot outside, got into his blue Chevy Lumina and drove off the parking lot and down the road to his father's research facility.

Paul passed a sign by the entrance that said Luthor Labs, a small research company that his father founded, he got out and walked toward the entrance, presented his ID to the security guard and proceeded to the elevator and pressed down. The elevator doors opened to a vast chamber where the apparatus lay, a huge circular platform stood in the middle of the room, various control panels and display screens illuminated the room as the platform was lit by floodlights. His father was looking over one to the readouts alongside a technician when he noticed his son, "Hello Son," he said, "I'm a little busy right now, could you look for the control program reel 357A?"

"Sure dad," Paul said, "it should be over on this shelf," Paul walked over to an aluminum shelf with a set of computer tape reels, he grabbed the one with the faded label 357A. Lionel inserted the reel onto the mainframe computer's tape drive, the reels spun feeding to program into the computer. Lionel typed a command into the computer terminal and the apparatus surrounding the platform hummed to life, the accumulators charged as indicated by the various status lights as they went from red to green, the sound grew louder as the humming filled the chamber to the point where Lionel had to shout to be heard as he gave instructions to the various technicians in the room. A spherical distortion appeared above the platform. Paul walked past the platform holding onto the railing for stability as the room shook, suddenly on of the control consoles issued smoke and the smell of ozone filled the air. "Son!" Lionel shouted, "you need to pull the main switch over there, my controls have shorted, otherwise the vortex will expand and cause the chamber to collapse!"

"Ok dad," Paul replied, he make his way around the platform and pulled the switch, sparks flew from the circuit breaker, the switch wouldn't stay depressed. Paul tried again and suddenly there was a explosion blowing Paul into the vortex. Paul heard his dad scream "No!" one last time as he fell through the vortex and into daylight. Paul screamed as the wind blew in his face, he was thousands of feet above a city, one that he did not recognize but it reminded him of New York City particularly Manhattan with its gleaming glass and steel towers, one building in particular had a spinning globe on its roof, it was summer evidently by the warm winds blowing in his face glass and steel towers loomed around him as the ground thousands of feet below him rushed up to put an end to his existence, he had only seconds to live!

Off to the side, Paul noticed something strange, a girl in a blue shirt with a red skirt and cape jumped through the windows of one of the buildings as broken glass fell down below, but the girl didn't fall in fact she ascended towards him arched above him and then plummeted downward toward his as the ground continued to rush up, the girl was a teenager with pretty blue eyes and blonde hair, she smiled as she opened her arms and grabbed him under the shoulders, then Paul felt weight again, they were slowing down, as he was close to the pavement, this deceleration was severe, Paul blacked out as the ground rushed up.

Paul came to on the grass, it looked like he wasn't unconscious for long, as the girl who rescued him was leaning over him amidst a crowd of spectators, some were calling out to her the name Supergirl coming up repeatedly, apparently she was well known in this city. Paul sat up, feeling a little dizzy, he braced himself with his elbows, a headache receding. "Are you ok?" the girl the crowd referred to as Supergirl asked. "This I will be in a little while." Supergirl offered her hand, Paul grabbed it and she pulled him up. Paul shook his head as his vision cleared. "Sorry for the steep slowdown, but it was necessary to prevent you from going splat on the pavement." Supergirl offered. "I'm just glad to be alive to tell you the truth, thank you Supergirl, that was you wasn't it flying through the sky, I wasn't hallucinating of anything?" Paul said.

"Yes that was me." Supergirl replied. Paul looked at Supergirl his gaze going from top to bottom, as far as he could tell, that outfit resembled a cheerleaders outfit with a red miniskirt, red boots, and blue tank top shirt with a red and gold stylized 'S' on her chest enclosed within a red diamond shape, and there was a red cape on her shoulders with a similar 'S' symbol in red and gold enclosed within the diamond again.

Supergirl looked Paul over as well, Paul thought he detected a hint of recognition in those eyes, "lucky thing I saw you, where did you fall from anyway?" "I fell from my father's laboratory, he was doing some experiments with tame wormholes, perhaps you heard of him, Lionel Luthor?" Supergirl sucked in her breath in shock, "Lionel Luthor was Lex Luthor's father!" she backed away. "Who is Lex Luthor anyway and why would someone like you be afraid of him?" "You never heard of LuthorCorp, Lex Luthor is its chairman, he hates all superheroes especially myself and my cousin, he is a genius, and inventor and is always looking for ways to get rid of us, and to take over the world." Paul was flabbergasted, "Look miss, I don't hate you, I don't even know who you are, this Lex I have never heard of, although I do have a kid brother named Alexander." Paul said as he looked around, "What city is this, I don't recognize it?" Supergirl looked surprised, "this is Metropolis of course." "I can see its a metropolis but what is the city's name?" Paul asked. "Metropolis," Supergirl repeated again. Paul looked around, "I don't remember any city this big named Metropolis, is it on the east coast of North America?" "Yes," she said. "Ah Supergirl, do you have a name besides Supergirl?" "Of course, my name is Kara Zor El", she held out her hand, Paul shook it. "Look Kara, please don't be afraid of me, it would be ridiculous to be afraid of me, I am only human after all, and you are something more, I don't know what."

Kara looked at Paul more closely, "You have an honest face," she said, "I want to believe you, but Lex Luthor is a very devious manipulative villain." "I am sorry for that if he is a relative of mine. Tell me something, what year is it?" Kara looked a little perplexed that someone would ask that, "Why its June 21st, 2013 of course." Paul gulped, now it was his turn to look surprised, "I have traveled into the future? I admit its a possibility with wormholes, but I didn't not expect the wormholes we created to do that." "Why what time are you from?" Kara asked. "February 23, 1984," Paul said. Kara wrapped her arm around Paul's back and took off into the air amidst the astonishment of the crowd below. "Quick," she pleaded, "tell me where it is perhaps I can take you back." "Whoa easy there!" Paul exclaimed, his heart was racing as the ground dropped away from them, but Kara's arm was firmly tucked under his shoulder. Paul looked around for the vortex, but all he could see was blue sky and clouds framed by glass and steel towers. Paul wrapped an arm around Kara and her pleasing curves besides for extra security, "you know," he said, "after a while one can get used to this." Paul thought that this must seem very forward of him, but he wasn't going to risk falling thousands of feet if she were to lose her grip of him. Kara chuckled.

Kara put him down on the roof of a building with the spinning globe on it, she looked disappointed, "I had hoped that wormhole was still open, maybe I could go back to a time before my home planet was destroyed and save a few more of my people." Paul digested that bit of information, "My regrets Kara, I would have liked to have used that wormhole to return to my father's laboratory as well." Paul walked over to the edge of the roof, he looked over the city skyline, "I don't recognize this city, is it new?" "Its over two hundred years old, or so I am told." Kara said. "I see the problem now, I'm from a parallel universe, wormholes can connect those too, there is no guarantee that your world exists in my universe, and even if it did, it probably wouldn't be your world or it may have another Kara in it, who might object to your presence. Kara held his hand as a girlfriend might. Paul never had a girlfriend, he always felt too different, as an outsider looking in, and here was a girl who was an outsider as well.