Chapter 6

Andrei was fixing the telescope mount on the international Space Station, when a woman clad in a dark leather outfit flew by him and landed on one of the solar panels. The woman wasn't wearing a spacesuit.

Sarah McConnell was taking a break looking through the space station's cupola at the Earth, when suddenly this bearded man with a receding hairline in a black leather suit suddenly appeared outside the window. The man smiled as Sarah for a moment, and then he punched out the window

Peter was communications station, the wind was howling, and his ears were popping. "Mayday mayday," Peter said, "This is the International Space Station, we're experiencing sudden cabin depressurization!" Red lights were flashing through the cabin. Peter climbed through the hatch to the waiting Soyuz Space Capsule, Akira, and Boris followed him in. "Where's Sarah and Andrei?" asked Boris. "I don't know," said Peter, "we must have been hit by a meteor or orbiting space junk!" "I'm sorry," Boris said, "we just can't wait the air is already getting too thin!" Boris closed the hatch.

The Space Station was breaking up, as three black leather clad figures floated in space pounded it to pieces with their fists. Meanwhile the Soyuz capsule undocked and fired its thrusters for emergency atmospheric reentry. The thin man with goatee beard and a receding hairline pointed to the escaping space capsule, a brawny fellow with a bushy beard in a similar outfit and the dark haired girl leaped off the structure of the ruined space station and flew towards the capsule.

Supergirl in red, blue and gold, and a man in red and gold powered armor flew up out of the atmosphere. Paul was monitoring the situation through his heads up display, two figures without spacesuits were punching dents into a Soyuz space capsule amid a cloud of expanding space station debris. They seemed to be moving through space just like Supergirl was, "Great," Paul said, "another bunch of Kryptonians!" Paul flew in front of the black leather clad woman. "That's enough," Paul said, he punched the woman in the gut. The dark haired woman was knocked backwards by Paul's mechanically assisted blow. The woman went right back at him, her slender wrist and arm deceptively powerful. Supergirl was meanwhile wrestling with the big brawny many with the beard, surprisingly even though he was much bigger than her, she was getting the better of him, pushing him back.

Paul was having his hands full fighting this dark-haired woman, she was punching dents in his armor with her slender but strong wrists. Paul threw a fist at the dark haired woman, but she ducked before his fist could connect. Twin red beams of light from the woman's eyes started burning a hole in Paul's suit. Paul launched some missiles from the suits arms, an explosion ensued is space as one of the missiles made contact with the girl. Paul spin wildly from the force of the close explosion in space. A fist connected to Paul's reactor back pack. A warning flashed in Paul's HUD, reactor meltdown, it said is red letters.

The dark-haired woman made a silent scream in space as she lost consciousness, due to the reactor meltdown of Paul's kryptonite core reactor. Paul ejected the damage kryptonite core reactor. The dark-haired girl floated helplessly among the debris in space. The other two Kryptonians withdrew at the sight of their fallen comrade. Supergirl meanwhile was wrestling with the Soyuz capsule; she welded the hole in the capsule closed with her heat vision. Without the kryptonite reactor, Paul floated in space, his life support system on emergency battery power, but unable to maneuver. Supergirl grabbed Paul. The Soyuz capsule fired its thrusters and descended into the atmosphere. Paul looked upward to where the dark-haired woman was, but she was gone.

As soon as they were low enough in the atmosphere, Paul flipped open his visor. "Who were those people," Paul said. "I'm not much into politics," said Supergirl, "but to me they looked like enemies of my uncle Jor El, the thin man is definitely General Zod, a man Jor El condemned to the Phantom Zone, the other two are his associates. I don't know how they got out."

Supergirl landed Paul on a tropical Island in the Pacific. "Where is Superman?" Paul asked. "That's a good question," Supergirl admitted, "I don't know." Paul took off his suit, "we need to bury this, it's contaminated," Paul added.