Notes: E/O Challenge: Pilot. I used a few extra words for this drabble. I couldn't fit my scene into exactly 100 words.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own Supernatural.

Dean bolted into the cabin's small kitchen, Sam at his heels. The wendigo's growl could be heard in the living room behind them, getting closer. They needed fire, and quick. Dean franctically looked for accelerant.

"Hurry up, Dean!" Sam yelled, with definite fear in his voice. The wendigo was standing in the kitchen doorway. Thinking quickly, Dean reached over and turned on the pilot light on the gas stove. He put a bunch of herbs he found on the counter, into a pan on the stove and lit his mixture with the lighter. Dean threw the flaming pan at the creature as it pounced, and set him aflame. He was dead in seconds.

"Did you really just flambé a Wendigo to death?" Sam asked, trying to control his heavy breathing.

Dean grinned.

"Hey, you're alive, aren't you?"