R27 (RebornxTsuna)-Fall In love Like A Comic: Tsuna, a 14 year old 9th grader was weak for his age, and was always made fun of. Reborn a 16 year old 11th grader is interesting in this bunny. Will Reborn win Tsuna's heart before someone else does? (Slightly OoC)


~Chapter One: Usagi-Chan~

Day One…Sept 13.

A jet black haired teen was walking around the town, wearing his famous black and orange Fedora. He looked around, seeing new things. 'So this is my new home?.' He thought.

His new home was a "Simple" 3 floor house. He was going to live alone. His father, Rebon (not a typo) worked for the famous company Vongola. So buying a house like this was like buying gumballs to him.

A brunette teen was running home, and felt something in front of him and looked up. "Hie! G-gomenasai!" He squeaked and ran into his house which was next to the Fedora-wearing teen home.

"…" Reborn looked at the person who ran in. He heard that his father friend, who was worked in Vongola lived in that house. 'That scrawny kid is Iemitsu's son? Interesting…'

"Hieee…" Tsuna sighed. Again, he bumped into someone. He tenderly took off his dress shirt and started to change, cringing when ever he moved to much.

*Beep Beep* Tsuna's cellphone rang. *You got 4 messages*

From Hayato:

Juudaime! I'm sorry that I couldn't walk you home today! Today my father came to visit!

From Takeshi:

Yo Tsuna! I'm feeling better! I told you I would be sick only for 3 days! See you in school.

From Lambo:

Tsuna-nii, School was boring! Ore-sama miss you a lot. Ore-sama will be coming over for Maman's cooking! :3 What she making?

From Papa:

My Little Tuna! How was school today? I'm coming home today! Did you know papa's friends son moved to Namimori? He's in 11th grade, and his name is Reborn. Hope you don't mind him having dinner with us.

Don't worry Tuna! Nono said that when you are 18 you will move to Italy to run Vongola. Don't be afraid you got 7 great guardians!

Bie My Little Tuna!

Tsuna quickly replied to everyone.

To Hayato:

It's okay! Your dad came home today, of course you should visit him! See you soon!

To Takeshi:

Yay! Takeshi! We all missed you. I hope you will feel more better so you can go to school tomorrow.

To Lambo:

I missed you too. Kaa-san missed you too, she will be happy to see you eating her food today! She's making a feast! I don't know how much she is making! XD

To Papa:

School was fine, but people still kept bullying me.. *sigh* Someone moved here? I hope to see him soon. And Kaa-san said to come home quick or all the food will be eaten by me and Lambo! :)

Tsuna put his phone down on his white desk, and started to do his homework, which was a drag because he knew everything in it, nothing challenging.

'X=…multiply 56 by….then subtract…' Tsuna thought until he heard a knock. "Coming!" He yelled.

He ran down, almost tripping once and opened the door, letting him see 3 people.

The blonde was wearing a black suit, and a blue tie, on his right, was a boy with a small tattoo under this left eye, he was wearing shorts, a green T-shirt, and a cow printed shirt. The last person, Tsuna concluded as Reborn was wearing a Fedora, and a suit, all black, and an orange dress shirt.

"Tsuna!" Iemitsu grinned and hugged his only soon. "I missed you!"

"Papa…" Tsuna smiled. "Me too, and hey Lambo, come in."

"Tsuna-nii!" Lambo yelled and jumped on the poor brunette. "I missed you more then that fool!"

Tsuna laughed softly. "I missed you too."

"Hello." Reborn said. "My name is Reborn di Nero." He put his hand out, helping Tsuna get up.

"H-hello, My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi, but you can call me Tsuna." Tsuna took his hand and got up. "Thanks." large red thin T-shirt that let him see his small shoulder, and short white pants that went slightly past his knees.

'Cute.' Reborn thought. 'This Usagi is interesting for sure.'

"Iemitsu!" Nana smiled and hugged her husband. "How was work?"

Nana knew that Iemitsu worked for Vongola, making him have many business trips, but she understood. "It was good, I thought I was going to die from missing you!"

"Oh you!" Nana blushed. "Come in!" She noticed a new figure. "Hello, My name is Sawada Nana, you are?"

"Reborn di Nero, nice to meet you." Reborn bowed his head.

"You're Rebon's son aren't you!" Nana beamed. "You looked just like him!" She noticed something on the sides. "You even have his curly side burns!"

'Uncle Rebon?' Tsuna thought. 'This is his son?'

"Oh my! Dinner will cool down!" Nana gasped. "Come in! It's time for dinner! Please wash your hands!" She showed the bathroom sink and started to put down the utensils.

"itadakimasu." Everyone said.

"Oshii…" Reborn whispered when he took a bite out of the steak. It tasted better then the chief's steaks.

"Thank you!" Nana replied. "But Tsuna can make it much more better!"

"Hai! Ore-sama agrees!" Lambo supported.

"Kaa-san!" Tsuna blushed.

"But it's true!" Iemitsu grinned like an idiot. "You make meals even better than Nana!"

"Arigato…" Tsuna whispered.

Reborn took a piece of egg noticing something was in it. He took a bite out of it, the eggs contained fresh vegetables and small pieces of shrimp.

"Lambo how was school?" Tsuna asked.

"Boring!" Lambo pouted. "I got Nezu-sensei again!"

"Of course you would Lambo, you will have him for math until you are in 9th grade." Tsuna answered. "You just have to wait for 2 more years. At least I-pin is still in your class."

"Sniff…" Lambo wished he had another teacher. "Fuuta-nii is in 8th grade… and has a different teacher. Lucky."

Iemitsu turned to Reborn. "So what school are you doing too?"

"I'm going to Namimori High School. I'll be in 11th grade, a junior. I think I'm in class 3-A." Reborn replied.

"Tsuna will be in that school too!" Iemitsu grinned.

"Hai… I'm in class 1-A. A Freshmen." Tsuna bit into his shrimp. He blushed when Reborn looked into his amber eyes. No one in his family, but Giotto, Vongola Primo had it.

"Hn." Reborn murmured.

"Gochisosama." Everyone said at the end of the meal.

"Tsuna! You wont mind if Reborn stays in your room while me and your mom talks right?" Iemitsu asked.

"No I don't." Tsuna replied. Reborn started to follow Tsuna to his room.

Tsuna's room was paints sunset orange and a white carpet. In the far right side of the room was his huge white bed, with orange, chocolate brown, and caramel blackets and pillows. There was a black table in the middle of the room with caramel colored pillows surrounding it. Tsuna's large white desk was filled with papers and supplies including a flat screen computer and laptop. There was a door leading to Tsuna's walk in closet.

On the opposite side of the room was filled with electronics like PS3, Wii, and Xbox. There was many orange, browns, white, and black chairs like a beanie bag chairs and wheelie chairs spread out, and a couple of tables.

There was many shelves containing many things, video games to books to toys and stuffed toys.

Reborn softly whistled, Tsuna was pampered, but he didn't act like it. His room was huge, and when Reborn says huge he means huge.

"You can sit on my bed or on one of the chairs…" Tsuna said while handing him some tea on a white cup, making Reborn break his train of thoughts.

"Thanks." Reborn took the tea and drank it slowly.

"Hie!" Tsuna yelled, he tripped over a black bag when he went inside his walk in closet. "Ow…"

"You okay?" Reborn asked. He started to walk over to where Tsuna was, and saw the insides of the closet.

On the right had all of Tsuna's (everything was color/type organized) T-shirts, then Shirts, then sweaters, and sweat shirts. On the left had pants, short pants, long pants and sweat pants. If you took a left there was formal wear and expensive watches, necklaces, bracelets, and ties. When he went more in it spilt into two pathways, the right side had Tsuna's uniform, bags, and maybe some more things he couldn't see, and the left had shoes and a mirror with lights, and a sink.

Tsuna was at the uniform part of the closet. "Itiee…." Tsuna softly cried out.

"You okay?" Reborn asked.

"Hai…" Tsuna pouted. Reborn grabbed Tsuna and help him- again get up. "Thank you."

"You have a lot of clothing…" Reborn randomly said inorder to have a conversation.

"Papa buys to much." Tsuna sighed. "But… I don't mind."

"So…." Reborn paused.

"Do you want to play the Xbox with me?" Tsuna looked up. There was a huge height difference. Tsuna was only 5' 3.5" while Reborn was who knows over 6 feet.

"Okay, what game?" Reborn replied.

"Do you like Mine Craft?" Tsuna blushed a bit noticing his shirt kept slipping off.

"Yeah." The 2 started to sit on the beanie bag chairs. Tsuna was holding a green pillow and pouted a bit when he was killed by the something he keeps forgetting the name.

"You're really good at this game." Tsuna still pouting after a couple of games.

"I am?" Reborn smirked. He stared at the pink lips Tsuna slightly opened. He looked kissable. Tsuna was slowly inching towards him. Reborn was going to close the inches he and Tsuna had…

A small kiss…

Tsuna tasted like chocolate and strawberries to him, he wanted to taste more, until…

"TSUNA~!" the man barged in. The 2 blushing teen quickly moved away.

"Ie-Mit-Su." Reborn growled and stood up trying to erase the slight blush. 'What the f*ck did I do?… maybe I'll taste him again.'

"Let's go downstairs Tsuna." Iemitsu grinned.

"Pa-pa.." Tsuna was still blushing. "Okay…" He walked downstairs and Reborn and Iemitsu followed.

"Oh~ already hitting on my cute little tuna?" Iemitsu whispered and smirked. "You can… but you better be ve~ry careful!"

"Hn… What do you mean?" Reborn growled back.

"You know what I mean!" He jumped or skipped away, already showing sighs he was slightly drunk.

"…." Reborn stopped walking when Tsuna stopped and turned around.

"Ano…" Tsuna paused and blushed. Reborn bet he was thinking about that moment they shared. "N-never mind."


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