The last chapter~~~ I hope you liked this short fanfic, and hope to see you all in my future fanfics! Danke!

~Epilogue: Years Later~

Day 6...Oct 4, 2018.

"Reborn!" A chocolate brown haired male yelled. "Where are you?"

Tsuna was looking all over his mansion in Japan for the black haired Italian. "Boo."

"HIEEE!" Tsuna yelled. "Reborn!" He jumped up. "Don't scare me like that…"

Reborn smirked. "Oh?" He hugged his small lover. "Why not?"

"Be-because… because…" Tsuna stuttered. "..You scared me!"

Reborn was wearing his usual black suit, orange dress shirt, and a black fedora. But this time the tie was loosely tied on his neck. "Don't forget you have a meeting today at 4 pm."

Tsuna froze. "I-I do?"

"You forgot?" Reborn smirked.

"I-I don't remember a meeting!" Tsuna cried out.

"Well just meet me in your room at 3:30." Reborn walked away.

"Fine.." Tsuna sighed. "Time to sign some of the devil papers."


"Reborn?" Tsuna called out. "Reborn?"

"Close your eyes." Reborn said.

"W-why?" Tsuna sweat dropped. Reborn glared at Tsuna. "Fine."

Earmuffs was put on his ears and dark non-see threw glasses, and Reborn quickly made Tsuna changed into something. "What are you doing Reborn?" Tsuna cried out when he noticed Reborn was dragging him into his sports car.

"Shhh." Reborn put on a seatbelt on Tsuna, and when to his own seat. The car went into life when the keys turned.


'I can hear something…' Tsuna thought. He could only hear soft hums from the loud object or person.

Reborn took off the glasses. "You can open your eyes now."

Tsuna finally opened his sunset orange eyes. "…." He was outdoors in the forest where an ice rink was placed. "This is… From… 6 years ago…"

"You remember?" Reborn asked.

Tsuna nodded. "Of course I would, this was such a pretty place, and you a-asked me out here."

"Well this is going to be more…" Reborn blushed ever so slightly. He took a large breath in. "Ever since that day, the day I saw you. You looked so innocent, and you still are. You bumped into me outside our home. I remember our first kiss, it was… the first true kiss I had. On this day, 6 years ago, we were young, teens who didn't know how to love. But that never stopped us. I love you…." Reborn paused. "And forever I will… Will you marry me?"

Tsuna stopped breathing and started to softly cry. Reborn was scared. "I… I never thought I would see this day… Always… I dreamed of this happening… but who knew? It would happen now? Yes… Yes, Reborn! I love you!" Tsuna jumped on Reborn and hugged him.

Reborn eyed of Tsuna's plump cherry red lips. He smiled was he inched closer to Tsuna's lips. Closing the distance, a soft, long, and sweet kiss was done.

"I love you…" Reborn whispered.

"I love you too…" Tsuna smiled. "Baka…"