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Everyone Has A Breaking Point Even Caboose

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Caboose." I said to him, but he didn't say anything to me. Caboose simply walked silently away from me, he walked away slowly, and he never turned back. I never thought Caboose would ever walk away from me, but I was wrong. Even Caboose has a breaking point. I must have fucked up pretty bad for him to leave me.

Carolina is wrong. I do need them, but it's too late the damage has been done and I doubt any of them will want to have a thing to do with me. I didn't say anything to Carolina and just went away. I'm not in the mood to talk with anyone.

I didn't try to stop her from threatening Tucker at gunpoint. What if she had killed Tucker? However Wash stopped her from doing anything to Tucker by having a gun pointed very very close to the back of her head. Instant kill shot there and Wash has no problem or issues with killing. Plus he has good aim. He calls them his friends and he wants to protect his friends. How did Wash grow so attached to the blues and reds? He doesn't seem to even care about making the Director pay or anything. Maybe he feels the safety of the blues and reds are more important than anything else?

All I have left is Carolina. My anger at everything and everyone is gone. All that I'm left with is a strange sense of loneliness, regret, and wondering how the fuck did it go so wrong. It had all started so light-hearted with Caboose wondering what Carolina fed me that caused me to get big, but then it all ends with everyone leaving me.

It would seem like Wash has replaced me, but that wouldn't be one hundred percent true. He has better aim than me, he has more kills than me, and he doesn't treat everyone like complete crap.

I wonder what the hell Wash had wanted to tell me, but no I had cut him off and now I'll never know what his words were going to be towards me. He was the only one in the room to call me Epsilon. Everyone else calls me, Church. I wish I was really a ghost not an A.I

"Church, We do not need those idiots or Wash." Carolina commented out-loud several minutes after Wash left the room.

I remained silent. I do not feel like talking.

"Church?" She asked and I didn't respond to her. She doesn't get it. I do not want to do this on my own. Everyone is gone expect her and me. To be honest she isn't the best fighter, but she is better at fighting than the reds and blues. I'm exactly sure how far my ability's go or anything. Just me and her going to the Director's location would be suicide. I didn't image my life would turn out like this at all.

"Church, We can do this on our own." She told me.

"No…No we can't Carolina." I said calmly to her and I'm still in my small form.

"If they were your friends, Church…They wouldn't have left you." Carolina said to me and her voice was firm.

"Everyone even Caboose has their breaking point." I informed her. "I don't blame them for walking out. I would have walked out on me too."

Sometimes you do not realize until it's too late as to what have until it silently walks away from you and it never turns back to look at you.

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