Misery Loves Company

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Caroline/Rebekah

Rating: M

Chapter One

Everyone Deserves To Be Happy

Caroline could not stand Rebekah. The moment that the original vampire had arrived in her life, she had felt like she had been forced into one of those competitive "mean girl" movies. The other blonde wanted to take everything away from her. She continued to kill her friends, steal her boyfriends, take over her dance-committees, and she was now pretty much in control of the entire school. 'That used to be my job…'

And it had. She had been the head cheerleader, she had the jock boyfriend, and she was Miss Mystic Falls. Now, she was still the head cheerleader but she had a British vampire that constantly undermined her and went against her wishes, she still had a boyfriend but he was hiding away in the mountains currently, breaking every bone in his body over and over to be free, and she no longer was Miss Mystic Falls. The human Caroline was dead. They had held a ceremony and everything to show her departure into a new life.

She accepted her vampirism better than most, but she hated her new life.

Constantly watching the people that she loved get hurt because of what she was. Watching her father die, watching her mother get in trouble with the council because her daughter was one of 'them.' Watching Tyler's mother hate him because he was a werewolf.

And of course, dealing with Rebekah.

That really was what it was like. Rebekah's brother Klaus, the man who attempted to hurt and kill everyone that Caroline loved before proceeding to try and 'woo' her, had told her that Rebekah was a brat. She always was a brat. That she was desperate for attention from men, women, people in general, so desperate that she was childish and acted out in any way to get said attention. Damon had on occasion exploited this weakness and used it against the original vampire. She would sleep with anyone who offered up a few compliments and made her feel like they cared, it was pathetic, and tragic.

The more time that Caroline spent with Rebekah, the more that she realized that she was just like any other girl. 'Well, any other girl with superhuman strength that can't be killed at least…'

But, she truly was.

She wanted to go to school, to be popular, to date, and most importantly she wanted to attend a dance. Caroline could not comprehend how someone who had been alive for over one-thousand years could feel compelled to go to something as ridiculous as a high school dance, but Rebekah lived for it. She breathed the high school experience.

Staring down at her hands as she sorted through the decorations for the dance, Caroline mulled over the idea of asking the beautiful vampire why she wanted to attend a dance so bad. Glancing over her shoulder she stared at the back of Rebekah's head.

"What are you looking at?" Rebekah asked in an upset accented tone. She envied Caroline to the point of hatred.

"Nothing." Caroline hastily said as she returned her attention to the peace sign decorations.

"This decade-dance theme is ridiculous." The original vampire said as she stared over the younger blonde's shoulder at the peace signs.

She rolled her blue eyes. "Oh yeah, it makes much more sense to go 50's, 60's, and then 20's. What do you have against the seventies anyway? They were fun and colorful."

"I wouldn't know." Rebekah stated in a bitter tone, her eyes hardening and her body stiffening as she stared down at the signs. "I wasn't around for that decade, remember darling? I spent it trapped inside of a coffin." Her words caused Caroline to feel something that she rarely felt toward the other vampire, remorse. She knew that Rebekah had a difficult upbringing. 'But that is no excuse for who she has become…'"Plus, I just don't like the seventies. I prefer the class of the twenties to the, what is it called again, the disco?"

"Yeah, it's the disco and its fun." She attempted again, turning so that she could look directly into Rebekah's eyes. Hoping that her happiness would be contagious. Apparently, originals were immune to that as well.

Rebekah stared deeply into Caroline's eyes, finding herself feeling lost in their mix of emotions, drowning in them, suffocating. It was unpleasant but somehow pleasant at the same time. 'She has such lovely and captivating eyes… so emotional, full of life… When will she learn that she is dead?'In the back of her mind a voice nagged at her, 'When will you, Rebekah?'Glancing down at Caroline's red lips, her breath caught in her throat and she suppressed the odd urges as she stated coldly, "I would take a tango over a disco any day, my sweet."

With that, she turned and returned to the other side of the room to continue working on setting up her portion of decorations.

She needed something to distract her from the random feelings that she had just encountered. Rebekah had spent over a thousand years of her life chasing after men who never really loved her, being alone, running from a father who was out to kill her, and sleeping in a coffin. She had all of this life experience, but until today she had never felt anything toward another woman. She had experimented with women, slept with women, or simply lured women home so that she could devour them because they tasted more delicious than men, but she had never felt anything for them.

But, when she had stared into Caroline's eyes she felt captivated, and when she glanced down to her perfect lips her stomach flipped uncomfortably. It was the same feeling that she got when she was with Stefan all those years ago. When she had thought that she had been in love with him, when she had thought that he loved her back. It was never her that he loved though.

'It doesn't mean anything…'She tried to tell herself. Yet, the feeling was still there, consuming her.

Caroline could not stop thinking about the look that she had witnessed behind those beautiful eyes; she could have sworn that they darkened in lust. 'Why would they though? She can't lust after me? That would be so weird and creepy…'She shuddered at the thought.

Awkward silence passed between the two women as they focused on the decorations. Caroline was a talkative individual and she hated silence, whether it was awkward or not, so she found herself thinking about talking to Rebekah again. She was curious about her life, about her reasoning, about how she became who she was.

"So, aren't you like a billion years old or something?"

"Something like that." She responded, her tongue dripping in sarcasm as she rolled her eyes.

"Then why are you so obsessed with dances and stuff? I mean, you've lived like hundreds of lifetimes, why go back to high school? Just to steal my life?"

Rebekah was thrown off by the random insightful question. Honestly, she did not even know that the younger vampire had ever paid that close of attention to her life. Or was she too obvious? She was probably too obvious. Her hands started to shake as she stared down at them and contemplated answering the question or ignoring it. Finally, she decided to give a short answer.

"It isn't just to steal your life, love. That is only a perk." She teased, but the pain was evident in her voice.

Caroline noticed that the other blonde was hiding something and she moved toward her hastily, standing behind her and looking over her face. Watching her closely, trying to read the unreadable woman. "Please, just tell me? Why is this dance so important to you?"

Rebekah took in a breath and swallowed hard as she once again thought about opening up to Caroline. She did not understand why she was asking these questions though, and if her past was a reference to how this would end up playing out, these stories would lead to deception. If she opened up and told her, showed her vulnerability, she would be daggered in the heart and stuffed back into a coffin for keepsake.

"Because, I have never been to a dance before and I want to." The British vampire stated.

"Wait? You've been alive all this time and you've never been to a dance before? That's crazy—" She paused when she received a deathly glare from Rebekah. "—sorry. I just would have thought you would have gone to a dance at some point."

"It was not for lack of trying that I never got the opportunity to attend. It just seemed that every time that I prepared for a dance I got stabbed in the back. At least most recently." She sneered, referencing to when Elena daggered her through the heart while she was getting dressed for the last dance.

"I'm sorry."

"No you're not."

"Okay, I'm not sorry that she did it." Caroline admitted. "She did what she thought was the best at the time, but I am sorry that you missed the dance… and I am sorry that your life has been so miserable."

"I deserve the misery that I bring upon myself." Rebekah said with a shrug of her shoulders as she moved away from the other blonde. She could not stand being so close to her; it made her body react strangely and her mind get all fuzzy. It was a weakness and she was not a fan of weakness. "I should probably go get dressed. If I do not show tonight then I have probably been killed." She sneered.

"I hope that you have a fun night." Caroline stated honestly. She felt sorrow emanating from Rebekah, she was a tragedy and she wanted to help make her feel better.

"And why would you wish something like that, darling?"

"Because, everyone deserves to find happiness." She said with an encouraging smile.

"In that case, I hope that you have a wonderful evening as well."


Authors Note:

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