Misery Loves Company

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Caroline/Rebekah

Rating: M

Chapter Fourteen


Rebekah and Caroline had spent the rest of their weekend together. They spent their mornings watching television and chatting, they cooked dinner together, and their nights were spent lost in passion. It had been a wonderful weekend and Rebekah was already dreading returning to school. Because, school brought doubts and insecurities. She was worried about what Caroline would do in a public setting.

She knew how important status and popularity were to the other woman. She hoped that it would not influence the way that Caroline acted around her. Deep down though, she knew it would.

People were not going to be nice when they found out that they were dating. Women would tease them or give them disgusted looks, and men would endlessly inform them of how "hot" it was and ask them to demonstrate. It would not be difficult for Rebekah, because she had been through these things many times in the past and quite honestly, she did not care what people thought of her. For Caroline, it wouldn't be so easy.

She had grown up in a very closed-minded environment in Mystic Falls, and she had not been alive for long. She was only eighteen years old, and not too long ago she still believed herself to be straight.

Rebekah knew what she wanted.

She wanted Caroline. She wanted to take her out and show her how special she was, she wanted to fall in love with her. She just didn't know what the other woman wanted. This was something that they needed to talk about eventually. Aside from all of the worrying, Rebekah genuinely was content and happy with Caroline. Happier than she could ever recall. She was falling hard and it caused the terror to rise, the feelings of being betrayed once more, but she knew that love was worth the risk.

Caroline knew what she wanted as well. She wanted a relationship with Rebekah; she did not just want to sleep together. Still, as they walked into the school holding hands, she felt herself growing exceedingly nervous.

She could feel eyes following them from every direction.

She felt the original vampire's hand tighten around her own and she found comfort in the contact, but she still couldn't block out the people around them. They were staring at them, some were laughing, and others were whispering about how disgusting it was. Unbeknownst to them, she heard every insult and every judgment that they made. Their words caused her stomach to flip and the nausea to set in.

Rebekah could tell that Caroline was growing insecure and leant down to whisper against her ear. "Do not worry about them, love. They are merely ignorant fools with no lives of their own, so they obsess over ridiculing others. It is rather pathetic actually."

"I know…" She whispered out, smiling at the British vampire's explanation. "It's just…" Her voice trailed off.

She did not know what to say to Rebekah. It was true, popularity was important to her. It was one of the only things that she looked forward to in life, her friends, dances, parties, boys, but things had changed considerably. Now, she looked forward to seeing Rebekah, she thought about her all of the time. She was important to her as well. This connection that the two of them shared was special and she had never felt anything like it before.

"Wow." A familiar voice stated. Caroline cast her eyes in the direction of the voice and saw that Jessica and a few other girls from their cheer squad had approached them. "I didn't know you were… like that, Care." Her judgmental eyes shot down to their interlinked hands and her voice was full of disgust.

Her body tensed. "I—um..."

"I mean, Rebekah here always kinda gave me that vibe, what with her creepy obsession with you. But, I never thought you'd go for it."

Drowning in her insecurity, she attempted to pull her hand away from Rebekah's, but the other woman would not allow her to do so. She held onto her hand tightly. She was not going to let her run away from what they had.

"Let me explain—" Caroline attempted, only to be interrupted.

"—Oh no, let me guess. This is just some "experiment," or maybe you're just really "close" friends." Jessica laughed and shook her head as she looked to the other women in her group. They laughed along with her. She had been trying to take over the squad for over a year now, and Caroline knew that she was going to use this to her advantage. "Honestly." She took a step toward the vampire, staring her directly in the eyes. "I just don't know how I feel about having two dykes on the cheer squad with me."

Caroline was about to say something, when one of the other girls spoke up. "Yeah, I mean what if they like watch us while we are changing?"

"Oh my god!" Caroline exclaimed pulling her hand away, to Rebekah's disappointment. "Look, I'm not a dyke!"

"What are you then? Bi or something?" She rolled her eyes. "Either way, I'm gonna talk to the principal about this. I really don't want you guys like checking me out in the locker room, and giving our squad a bad reputation. People might start thinking that all of us are like you." Jessica caught Rebekah's eyes and smirked. "You might have changed her, but you won't change us all."

Rebekah's eyes darkened and she growled out angrily as she took a step toward the cheerleader. Trying to control her urges to bleed the woman dry. "I will have you know that I do fancy Caroline. But, despite my interest in her, or women in general, I would never watch you in the locker room love." She pursed her lips and looked Jessica over. "Quite honestly, you are not all that attractive."

It took her a moment to control her urges to kill her. Taking in a breath to calm herself, she walked past Jessica in an attempt to do the right thing and walk away.

Apparently that was not going to be an option though.

"Like you can talk! Look at you!" She shouted out, pushing Rebekah as she walked past her.

The push did little to faze the vampire and she quickly turned around, pinning the other woman up against the lockers. Her grip on her was bruising and she could tell that Jessica was in pain. In a way it excited her. She deserved to feel the pain that was being inflicted upon her. Rebekah no longer had control over herself and her fangs extended, her veins showing beneath the skin under her eyes. Jessica was screaming and everyone in the hallway was staring in fear.

"Rebekah…" Caroline's voice penetrated her anger. Just hearing her say her name aided in calming the fire burning inside of her. "She's not worth it." She said, reaching out and holding onto Rebekah's arm, pulling her away from Jessica.

The original vampire did as she was told and took a few steps back. Looking at Jessica, her stomach lurched back and forth. She still wanted to kill her, but she listened to Caroline. She always would. She did not wish to upset the woman of her affections by killing someone as unimportant as the cheerleader.

Looking into Jessica's terrified eyes, her pupils dilated and she told her. "You will forget that any of this occurred."

Turning around, she proceeded to compel all of the others in the hallway. It was easy for her to do. Being an original vampire, she was far more powerful than most. Once the teenagers continued on with their lives in a confused stupor, Rebekah started to walk down the hallway.

"Rebekah! Where are you going?" She asked rushing after her.

"Anywhere that is far away from you for the time being." She spat back. Rebekah was angry with Caroline for not standing up for their relationship, for not standing up for her.


She stopped walking and turned, so that she was staring into Caroline's blue eyes. She clenched her jaw and her muscles tensed as she spoke. "—Way to stand up for your girlfriend, Caroline." The word was a bit shocking to them both; they had not really specified that sort of title. "You know what? I have spent a thousand years searching for love and I do not wish to waste my time with someone who is ashamed to be seen with me."

"Rebekah, that's not true! I'm not ashamed to be seen with you."

Rebekah flashed her a disbelieving look as she crossed her arms over her chest. She had been in relationships laced in shame and secrecy before, this was hastily turning into one of them and she wanted no part in it.

Caroline tried to reassure her, reaching out and placing a hand on her arm. "Really, it's not true." She paused and searched for the right words to explain what had happened. "It's just, for a second there, her words really got to me. I mean, what do I have if I don't have cheerleading, if I don't have my friends and popularity? That's all I have…" She muttered.

"You could have me." Rebekah stated pointedly.

"I want you!" She insisted with tears forming behind her eyes. She hated that she had caused the other woman to doubt that. "Like, I don't really get how I went from hating you, to wanting to kiss you and rip off your clothes every time that I freakin' see you, but I'm not ashamed of you!" Caroline would have grown shy at this admittance, but she was too determined to convince Rebekah that she wanted her, because she did. "You're breathtakingly gorgeous and surprisingly very romantic, and sweet."

Rebekah looked flattered and she was smiling again, which was a good sign.

"It's just that you are a girl and I wasn't as ready as I thought I was to see people's reactions. It won't happen again, I promise."

She looked hesitant as she informed her, "They are only going to become more brutal, dear."

"You know what!? Let em!" Caroline smiled confidently as she pried Rebekah's arms apart and forced her way into them, staring up into stunning eyes. "I don't care what they say. As far as I can tell, they are just jealous that I've got the most amazing, gorgeous girlfriend ever."

"So." She raised a brow. "We are officially girlfriends now?"

Caroline grew shy and ducked her head embarrassedly as she answered. "Well, yeah. I mean, if you want to be…"

"I want to be your girlfriend more than anything." Rebekah stated, moving forward so that her lips were hovering dangerously close to the younger vampire's. She watched as Caroline's eyes darkened with desire as she inched even closer.

"You know what I want more than anything?"

"What would that be?" She teased, their lips less than an inch apart.

Caroline lifted her hands and ran them through Rebekah's soft blonde hair. "To kiss you." She whispered out hotly against those full pouty lips that she loved.

"Please do." Rebekah smirked.

Receiving the invitation, Caroline did not need to be told again. Tangling her fingers in blonde locks she dragged the other woman closer to her and captured her lips in a heated kiss. Both women moaned out into each other's mouths as they started to kiss passionately.


Rebekah and Caroline were in class together and Caroline was once again finding it difficult to concentrate on what the instructor was saying. All that she could do was sit and stare at the beautiful blonde. Suddenly, her phone buzzed in her back pocket and she jumped, pulling the phone out of her pocket and checking the messages.

It was from Rebekah. 'Why am I not surprised?' She smiled and opened the message.

'You are leering again, lover.'

Caroline became a bit shy as her smile widened and she typed out a response to the text message. 'I can't help it.'

'Is this lustful or hateful leering?'

She laughed as she read the text. 'This is, I have the most gorgeous girlfriend in the world and I can't concentrate on class because of it, leering.'

'Lustful it is.'

'No! It's not like that!'

Rebekah smirked as she turned to glance over at Caroline, seeing that she was hiding her eyes from her, embarrassed. It was adorable. Returning her attention to her cellphone she started to type out a response. Wishing to tease her further. 'So, you are not currently inquiring what it would be like if you were sitting on top of this desk, with my head between your thighs?'

Caroline gasped and her eyes widened as they scanned the text. She quickly looked over at her girlfriend, feeling her arousal building and the aching between her thighs intensifying as she imagined what it would be like to have Rebekah between them. 'Oh god… she is smirking… I bet she can smell my arousal… gah! This sucks! I can never hide it from her!'

'Well, I am now!'



"But you can bring him back, right?" Tyler asked as he stared down the witch. He knew that Bonnie was powerful enough to do it.

"I don't have the power to do something like that, Tyler. It could kill me." She insisted with upset eyes. She could not believe that he had kidnapper her and brought her to some underground cave in order to ask her to bring back Klaus. Bonnie wondered why he would even want the original back. "Besides, why do you even want him back so badly? Is this about your sire bond?"

"It isn't about that!"

"I'm leaving, Tyler." She insisted, turning to walk toward the exit of the tunnels.

"I think I have something that might just change your mind, Bonnie." He did feel guilty hurting his friend like this, but in that moment his guilt and concern was easily outweighed by his anger and jealousy. He wanted Rebekah dead, and he needed Klaus to help him do that. Walking into the small opening in the cave, he grabbed ahold of Bonnie's mother and dragged her back into the cave. Holding her in front of Bonnie, allowing her to see the terror in her eyes.

"Mom!" Bonnie exclaimed. "Let her go, Tyler!" She knew that his venom would kill a vampire. He would kill her if he bit her.

"I will, just as soon as you perform the spell and bring him back. The way I see it is, Klaus is the only one who can heal a werewolf bite. So either you will bring him back now, or you will be forced to bring him back to save your mother from dying." His logic made sense, and it worked. Bonnie was not going to allow her mother to die again.

"Fine, I'll do it." She begrudgingly agreed.


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