Hey guys! After reading so many of your amazing fanfictions, I decided to write my own! It's loosely based on Teen Wolf, but kinda AU in places. It is a Stiles/OC/Derek fic, but it's got its own twist. Please read and review and be warned, it's my first ever attempt at writing a fic so it is probably not very good! Thank you :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing apart from my OC, Alexia.

Alexia slammed her locker shut and took a deep breath as the bell rang. It was the first day of school and she was freaking out. Her best friend, Emily, was nowhere to be found and she was stuck in the lockers with the entire 'popular' crowd. Fiddling with the hem of her shirt and trying not to look like an idiot, she smiled nervously and tried to avoid eye contact as she walked to her first period class.

You can do this, you can do this. This year will be different. She was chanting in her head, trying to remain calm before she broke down. Or you can always take the easy way out. Go to the nurse and go home. It would be so eas-

"Hey, Lexi!" a voice called from behind her, shaking her from her thoughts, "wait up!"

It was Stiles Stilinski, half of the dynamic duo that includes him and Scott McCall. Stiles had been a nobody for most of his school life, but last year he gained some popularity when Scott made first line for the Lacrosse team. His hair had grown out over summer and he was wearing a warm brown Abercrombie top that matched his eyes perfectly.

"Uh, h-hey Stiles... what's up?" Alexia was confused. She hardly ever spoke to Stiles apart from a quick nod in the corridor as they moved from class to class. They were not in the same friend group or anything. As far as Alexia was concerned, Stiles was way out of her league and she didn't know why he would want to talk to her.

"I was, uh, wondering if you were free tonight." Alexia went bright red. Was Stiles asking her out? Why? She fiddled with the hem of her top as she waited for him to finish, not daring to look him in the eye.

"I mean, are you coming to the game tonight? I made the team and I'm super excited. So excited that I would really like it if you came out with me and a few others afterwards?"

Alexia was a deep shade of crimson now. Sure she used to be popular a few years ago. In fact, she was the most popular girl in the school. Then things changed, but she was still semi-friendly with a few of the notable people. She just didn't hang out with them anymore. She wasn't the confident happy girl she used to be, so why was Stiles asking her to come out after the game? They hadn't had a proper conversation before.

"Yeah, I'm coming to the game and yes I will come out with you tonight, as long as I'm welcome there." She tried to seem offhand and uninterested, but she knew it didn't work.

"Great! Well I've got to get to class so I better run, but I'll see you at lunch." He kissed her cheek quickly and ran off, leaving her in a daze.

Alexia just stood there in the middle of the corridor, staring as he ran off. The corridors were slowly thinning, but she didn't move. She was late for class and it was the first day, but she didn't care. She touched her cheek with her hand and smiled, before turning around and crashing straight into Isaac Lahey.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so s-sorry Isaac, I di-" she stuttered, before he cut her off. He had already picked all her books of the floor and handed them to her with a smile on his face.

"Don't worry about it. I guess I'm not the only one running a bit late this morning, eh?" he chuckled, his eyes bright with humour.

"I was on time, but I got a bit held up with things I have no idea about and now I'm incredibly late. I should head to class. Thanks for getting my books." She walked away, trying not to turn into stuttering incoherent mess. This was Isaac freaking Lahey, no one spoke to him.

"I guess I probably should too. Have fun with Stiles tonight" He winked and walked in the opposite direction. She could hear him chuckle again. He had obviously heard her and Stiles' conversation. Her blush deepened as she walked off, ignoring his comments about her "boyfriend".

"Jerk" she muttered under her breath before walking into her Maths class, dreading the next ninety minutes.

There you go! Chapter One! I will try to update the chapters as often as possible and hopefully give you a bit of a preview of each chapter. :)