I'm probably going to start hating this town. I've recently started Hikarizaka High School upon a sports recommendation for Basketball. I was actually happy to be on the team and had a purpose in life. My team mates relied on me and I relied on them. I felt I belonged there.

Of course, fate had other plans for me, Tomoya Okazaki, why does all the bad stuff happen to me? I'm now lying in a hospital bed with my shoulder bandaged up and my arm in a sling. According to the doctor, I won't be able to lift my right arm above my head ever again. That means I'll never be able to play a full game of Basketball again.

Sure, I can drill with the team like nothing is wrong, but what would be the point? I'd just end up resent them and become depressed every time a match comes along. I'll just have to quit and sever ties with the team.

The doctor that has been taking care of me for the past few days knocks on the door then enters with a slightly forced smile on his face. He was then followed by… him…

"Hello Tomoya-Kun…"

The other man says. There's that "Kun" I hate so much. The man that addressed me in that way is my dad, he's the reason I'm in here, in this bed. We had a fight that got a little out of hand and he ended up pushing me into a window causing it to smash. A large shard of the glass got lodged into my muscle just below the shoulder blade.

"Hello Dad…" I force out. I try to restrain a growl but a small one still escapes but neither my Dad nor the Doctor must have heard it.

Dad and I haven't gotten along since Middle-school. When we weren't yelling at each other because of his drunken deliriums, he talked to me like I was an old friend using the term "Kun" maybe he was trying to make up for the argument, but he only made it worse. He doesn't see me as a son, and I don't see him as a farther… not any more.

The Doctor cleared his throat to get our attention and we both give him it in unison.

"I wanted to talk about Tomoya's schooling" He said to my Dad, he didn't have a very happy tone in his voice but it wasn't a tone filled with despair either. "If he were to return to Hikarizaka Private High School, I don't think he would be very happy there."

He's right, I won't be happy at all. Even so, I don't like how he's talking like I'm not here.

"Plus I don't think it's wise to send him back to an environment where he won't be happy, it's not good for mental morale" the Doctor explained. Dad just looked at him with a neutral face that showed next to no emotion. It was the face he used when he wanted to make people think he was listening when I suspect he wasn't.

"So what do you suggest?" I say to the Doctor. I guess I want some attention now or maybe I just don't want the Doctor talking to that wretched man. He turns to me and gives an almost sincere smile.

"Well, I know of a school that should be perfect for you. It's a little far away but there are Dormitories there. It's basically a boarding school" The Doctor explained directly towards me. He's obviously not telling a vital piece of information.

"Ok, define 'Perfect for me'" I say in an unintentionally spiteful voice. The Doctor seemed to fumble with his clipboard. He then cleared his throat once again and looked directly at me. It's kind of making me uncomfortable.

"I'll be honest with you," he began. I'm not going to like this, am I? "It's a school that specialises in helping physically disabled students. Yamaku Academy."

(Yeah… I don't like it)

"So, I'll be living in a Dorm and go to school with a bunch of disabled kids?" I ask. The prospect of getting away from the man I call my Farther is inviting… but I'm not sure I want to spend the next few years in a place like that.

"Well, Yamaku Academy accepts students without a disability too. It's just a normal high school" he tries to persuade me. To be honest, there isn't really a downside to this. It might be a slight culture shock at first but once that wares off… it might actually be pretty cool.

I don't like the fact that I'm now considered disabled though. And being sent to this school kind of makes me feel like I'm being shunned from society until I can properly contribute, but I guess that's just me being cynical. I've developed that habit recently.

"You don't need to decide right now, you can think it over for as long as you're here. We'll sort out all the paperwork for your transfer. All you'd need to do is get there in one piece." The Doctor said with the almost sincere smile returning to his face. Then it turned serious again and he turned to my dad "but if your farther would rather you stay here…"

I know exactly what that man will say to this statement. Dad gives an awkward smile "Tomoya-kun is Tomoya-kun, he's old enough to make his own decisions" he said in his monotonous voice. Just as I had thought, he doesn't care if I stay or leave. That makes up my mind. Anywhere is better than my home with this man I call Dad.

"I don't need to think about it, Doctor, I'll accept and go to Yamaku" I say clearly. My dad's eyebrow twitches slightly but then he reverts back to his emotionless awkward smile. The Doctor looked surprised by my sudden declaration but then claps his hands together.

"Excellent, I'll make all the preparations right away! You can be discharged tomorrow. Yamaku is still in the middle of its Semester break so you can go there when you want" he exclaimed. Well, to be honest, I'd rather get there as soon as possible so I guess I'll get a train the day after tomorrow.

Well, I hope I've made the right choice about this. What was the old saying? Ah When one door closes, another door will always open. I guess this is my new door opening for me.

*Scene Break*

Here I am at the train station, alone. A part of me is glad my dad didn't come to see me off but I'm mostly upset that he didn't. I'm also a little angry at myself too. Am I just running away? Just trying to escape my problems without facing them head on? Looks like my cynicism is still lingering with me I guess.

I got here early and the train won't be coming for another half an hour. Why did I pick such an early train? It's 7:30 in the morning on a chilly spring Thursday. Plus it's right in the middle of semester break.

My shoulder is still bandaged up and my arm is still in its sling. The Doctor says I need to keep it like this for another week or so to give the wound and the bone time to heal. It's going to be a hassle when it comes to cleaning myself and when I have to dress myself. My Doctor says he's an old acquaintance of the head Nurse at Yamaku so if I had any trouble I should speak to him.

This time alone gets me thinking about my new disability. How will it affect me in the long run? Will I ever be able to hold a basketball again? Thoughts that don't sit well with me at all. I try to keep my mind of it by pacing up and down the platform for a bit. Then I take out a manga I brought with me but I can't get into it, I've read it about three hundred times anyway.

The thirty minutes drag on and on and I start to get irritated by my constant pacing. If someone was to watch me then I think they'd suspect me of being a criminal on the run or something.

(On the run?)

That thought comes back to my mind but it's immediately shoved to the back of my mind when I see the long, dirty, white train pull into the station. I guess this is it. My journey to Yamaku begins. Maybe, once I get there and settled in I'll calm down.

The doors to the train open and, with great effort and pain, I drag my luggage on-board and find an empty compartment to sit in. Unluckily I only find one with just one other person in it. I slide the door open and I'm almost blinded by the sight of bleached blond hair. It's a boy too, that makes it even more weird.

"Mind if I sit in here?" I ask him. He looks up from the manga he's reading and his eyes are immediately drawn to one thing in particular. It slightly pisses me off because his face looks like he's judging me. There's a long pause before he shrugs his shoulders and continues reading his manga.

(Thanks for the help, bleached idiot)

I heave in my heavy baggage with my one good arm and take a seat opposite the blonde boy. Taking another look at him… I think I've seen him around Hikarizaka High School. Oh yeah, I think this guy might be that delinquent Youhei Sunohara I heard about from some of the guys in the Basketball team. I think he was in the Soccer team but got kicked out for getting into a fight.

(I wonder why he's on this train?)

"This train will be calling at Tohoku Station and Yamaku Station. Thank you for using our service" The train's automated voice rang through the compartment.

Well, It doesn't look like he transferred to Yamaku like me, and I highly doubt he has family in Yamaku the town. I guess he's stopping at Tohoku. It's none of my business, I don't know him so I don't know why I'm thinking about him like that. I probably just want to be alone.

"Stop staring at me, don't you know it's rude?" he says to me and I realise that I have indeed been staring at him. I quickly apologise and look out the window. I feel the whole compartment jerk forward as the train starts to move out of the station. It's going to be a long journey. My eyes become heavy and I begin to feel sleepy. The only thing keeping me from falling asleep is the fact that I don't know if I can trust my travel companion opposite me.

Eventually my sleepiness gets the better of me and I fall into a light slumber.

*Scene Break*

"Dude, we're getting close to Tohoku… just thought I'd wake you up in case this is your stop too" the voice of the blonde boy says and I feel him shaking my left shoulder. I stir and slowly open my eyes. It annoys me he has interrupted my nice nap but at least he meant well

"No, I'm going to Yamaku Station. Thanks though" I slur out at him. I'm still half asleep and my visions blurry. My right shoulder aches like hell for some reason, then I realise I must have fallen asleep on it. "What time is it?" I ask

"Around 9:00, give or take a few minutes" He replies. I groan a little. That means I still have another two hours until I reach Yamaku Station. Two very boring hours of pure boredom… guess I'll try to go back to sleep…

*Scene break*

Ah who am I kidding… it's only been 10 minutes since the last scene… that idiot waking me up has thrown me off completely. This sucks, I'm annoyed, bored and unable to sleep. I guess it could be worse. I wish I brought something other than an old manga to pass the time with. I give a loud sigh and look out at the window at the passing scenery.

Those thoughts of running away from my problems creep their way back into my mind and I try to shake them off. Why can't I shake these thoughts? I'm not running away, I'm just transferring to a better suited school, that's all, end of story.

Time drags on as if it was prolonging my arrival. It felt like the time space continuum, for some unknown and inexplicable reason, had come to a grinding halt just to make my boredom last just that much longer. Torture… pure and cruel torture.

Finally the train's automated voice brought me out of the metaphorical darkness by declaring I'll be arriving at Yamaku Station in 10 minutes. I checked the clock hung up on the compartment wall, sure enough it was just about 10:50 in the morning. Good old Japanese public transport, it's very reliable.

The train pulled into Yamaku station and I was faced, yet again, with the challenge of moving my heavy baggage. At least I only have one big bag and regular rucksack for toiletries and my PJ's. The rucksack did pull on my right shoulder a bit but it was just about bearable. The big suitcase, however, was a slightly bigger challenge. It was heavy and to move it effectively, I needed two hands.

(Well that's out of the question…)

I sucked it up and dragged the suitcase out onto the platform and took in a big breath of air. Now the gruelling task of finding the school. It shouldn't be hard, apparently it's on top of a hill.

I pull out a map of Yamaku and look for where the school might be. Ah, it's right here. Damn, that's a long walk. I look down at my suitcase and frown.

(Guess this is my first test)

I Pick up the handle and start on my way towards the school. I feel better than I did earlier. This place is relaxing, I've only been her a few minutes and I can still tell. I think I'll be able to enjoy it here.