Hello my internet friends! So it has been a while since I have posted and I have deleted both of my stories off because one started turning into a mary sue and I didn't have enough ideas for the other one. BUT recently I have seen the Avengers (I was against seeing it when it came out but I have converted! Those who have not seen it go see it!) and IT WAS AWESOME! I fell in love with Tom Hiddleston and Loki so I am making a kind of fanfic for LokixOC. I don't know if this will turn into another one shot or not, but I won't have another update for a while until I buy the movie and watch it again. Till then, comments are appreciated!


Chapter One: Welcome to SHIELD


"Argh! Shut up you piece of crap!" I yelled at my alarm clock before slamming my hand on the off button. I hugged my pillow closer to my body before I willed myself to rise from the warm cocoon that encircled me. I made my way to the bathroom and turned the hot water on before stepping into the white tiled shower. I stood there and let the water run down my body in a futile effort to wake me up before I started washing my hair. Once I got out I wrapped a towel around me and looked at my slightly groggy reflection.

My dark purplish-red hair was cut short, the back was shaved down to an inch and the bangs swept over my left eye. My light green eyes shone out from my slightly pale complexion; my eyes glanced down to the light blue stone that hung from a black cord around my neck. A light glow emanated from the stone and I could feel the slight patch of heat at the base of my neck. I frowned slightly; that stone had never done that before.

I had that stone ever since I was five years old; my father brought it home from his work, SHIELD, and had given it to me as a birthday present. That was the last time I really ever saw him. He disappeared off the map before finally turning up dead after some sort of sea accident. Ever since his death I had been under the watchful eye of SHIELD. I still was unsure about what the whole organization did but I didn't care; the one thing I did care about was the monthly check ups from Nick Fury, the director of the organization. They were rather annoying and, for some odd reason, made me uncomfortable. It wasn't the eye patch that he wore it was just this feeling I got whenever he turned up at my house. It could be the fact that I was twenty six years old, a happy owner of an art studio, as well as the reality that I didn't need a babysitter, or maybe it was something else. Something stronger seemed to be yanking at my mind. Something was coming. I didn't know what, but something was coming.

I toweled and blow dried my hair before slipping into under wear, a pair of blue jeans, and a black tank top. I made my bed and plugged in my iPod before hopping downstairs and pillaging the fridge. I pulled out the cream cheese and the bag of bagels before smearing one bagel down with cream cheese and plopping down onto the couch and flipping the television onto Saturday morning cartoons. I smirked as Courage the Cowardly Dog ran from some sort of doctor that had managed to snag Muriel again. A knock on my door rang through the entire house and disturbed me from my slug-like state.

I groaned as I took the longest journey from my couch to the door, secretly praying that whoever had come knocking would leave before I got there. I opened the door to find a stern looking director Fury.

"Mr. Fury," I mock saluted. He raised his eyebrow before nodding his head,

"Lyle, I'm afraid our meeting is going to be canceled this time. Pack a bag with the essentials and meet me outside in ten minutes. Do not be late or I will come get you, understood?" He left me no room to respond as he walked back to the car he emanated from. I snorted on my way back to the living room to turn off the television. I then walked quickly upstairs and retrieved a black duffel bag. I threw ten graphic tees, a week's worth of underwear, four pairs of jeans, a sweatshirt, toiletries, and an "army kit" into it along with my laptop, iPod which, thankfully had charged in the hour that had been spent watching cartoons, and my flip phone.

I checked my watch and found that I had five minutes left so I began going around and locking down the house; checking the windows, closing the doors, and padlocking a small safe that contained a few priceless things. After I locked that I ran downstairs and locked the front door before scampering out to the car and closing the door behind me. I pushed the duffel bag under the car seat before turning to Nick Fury and asked the all burning question.

"Where we goin?" Director Fury didn't even look up from his tablet before replying,

"I'll tell you when we get there." I wriggled my nose before taking out my iPod and turning it up full blast and had my own soundtrack to the passing scenery. We drove to a small airport where I was made to wait by Fury before I could get out of the car. Five minutes later Fury came back looking a tad bit ruffled.

"Out." I got out and pulled the duffel bag over my shoulder and followed Fury to an awaiting helicopter. I slid into the small cockpit and yanked on the headphones. Fury slid in after me and finally spoke,

"Has your necklace been glowing like that for a while?" I glanced down at the stone and saw that it was glowing a tad bit brighter than previously.

"Umm…not this strong," I picked up the stone and found it to be hotter than originally, "it started doing this about a week or so ago." Fury was silent for a little while before he spoke again,

"Have you ever heard of the Tesseract?"

"I've heard of that cube in geometry class," I answered, "why?"

"Hopefully that's all you need to know."

It was an hour before we touched down at some sort of base. Fury jumped out of the helicopter and I followed him closely. Fury started talking with some woman in a blue uniform and walking with her into the building. I tried to keep up with them the best I could before we finally stopped at a pair of stairs. Fury gave orders to the woman, who I gathered as a Maria Hill, before she huffed slightly and walked off with a pair of guards. Fury turned to me and finally acknowledged me,

"Lyle, you need to stay close to me and follow orders understand?" He didn't wait for a response before heading down more stairs. I ground my teeth together slightly before following him. When we got to the bottom we were in some kind of industrial lab; several men in lab coats were scattered throughout the room and towards the middle end of the room was a stand of some sort that held a glowing cube that had the same glow and color as the stone that hung around my neck. A tugging on my neck caused me to walk a tad bit closer.

"Lyleigh," something whispered. I jumped back, and tripped over a couple of bars. Another agent rushed over to help me up,

"Are you alright?" he asked. I blinked a couple of times trying to clear my head.

"Yea," I said, slightly shaking myself from his grip, "fine. Just a little bit frazzled." The agent nodded his head before stepping away from me. I stood away from the group as Hawkeye dropped from his perch to talk to Fury and examined my necklace. The stone was glowing brighter than before and the light seemed to be glowing. It seemed to be reacting to the cube but why was I hearing voices? Without warning the cube emitted some strong sort of light and seemed to gather at the end of the track that was about a good fifty feet from it. Most of the scientists stood in awe while something collected on the pad that was at the end of the track; it took on the shape of a man.

"Lyle, go now!" Fury shouted at me. But I couldn't move; the man stood up and I was entranced by his appearance. Long, lean, ice green eyes and slicked back hair; things that seemed to make my heart race a bit. He smirked at me before turning his attention to the rest of the room. At that point I heeded Fury's advice and started scrambling for the stairs. But a burst of blue light shot past me and caused me to slide under the small amount of rubble that nearly hit me and run through the door and up the stairs.

I ran past guards, scientists, agents…the only thing on my mind was to get far away from the base. I glanced down at my hands and saw that they were glowing blue…the exact same reaction that my necklace and the cube experienced. I was blinded by light before I fell onto something that smelled faintly of dirt. I opened my eyes and was greeted by the patches of dead grass, small cacti and dead weeds of the dark desert landscape about ten miles from the military base. I sat up and tried to slow my breaths as the base seemed to collapse into the ground. I felt the shock wave travel across the landscape and hit me with a light force that just caused my head to jerk back slightly.

I looked down at the stone and found it dimly lit; when I touched it, it was ice cold. I stood up with a growl and was thankful that I had managed to keep my duffel bag in the whole disaster. I pulled out my phone and grumbled at the fact that there was absolutely no signal. I started walking towards a road while pulling out my sweatshirt and turning up the hood. I was glad that I had managed to put it in before I left the house. I pulled out a flash light from my "army kit" and turned it to the ground as I started walking up the road. For about five minutes, nothing but silence graced my ears before a car horn disrupted my bliss. I didn't turn around as the car slowed up behind me.

"Lyle?" someone called my name. I turned to look at the shocked agent who was standing apart from the covered vehicle.

"Yes?" I asked, my defenses up.

"Phil Coulson," he answered, "I work with SHIELD, how'd you manage to get this far from the base?"

"If I knew the answer I would tell you," I huffed as I put the flash light back in the duffel bag, "all I know is that I ended up out here." I eyed the agents in the driver's seat as Phil approached me.

"We have orders from Fury to get you out to another base," Phil said, "So we need to get mocing." I just stared at him and turned multiple dangerous situations over and over in my mind. I took on a slouched position.

"Agent Coulson, correct?" I asked before continuing on, "I was called out today by Fury in the place of our normal home meeting. I was dragged on a long ass car drive. I spent an hour in the air and then I was almost killed by rubble only to end up out here. God knows how I ended up out here. Frankly the only way I will go with anyone now is if I get some answers, and my question is what the hell is going on?" Phil just stared at me before walking closer and shoving his hands in his pockets,

"That base was the holding place for the Tesseract, a cube that scientists believe has unlimited power. That man we have yet to identify was after the Tesseract and, according to Fury, has obtained the Tesseract. In either case, we are now at war with unknown forces. That necklace that you possess? It's base origin is the Tesseract and we have reason to believe that you may possess a tad bit of power, which makes you a valuable asset to SHIELD. If you wish to learn more then you need to come with us or you can spend your evening roaming the desert at the mercy of a few unfriendly animals." I could feel my eyes growing larger by the second and my mouth was slightly open. I closed it and sighed,

"I really don't have a choice do I?" Phil slung his arm over my shoulder and started walking me towards the back of the van.

"Not really, no." I scoffed before hopping up into the back between two soldiers. Phil hopped in after me and stuck out his hand,

"Lyle, welcome to SHIELD." I laughed as I shook his hand and watched the landscape fly behind us. I was still nervous and wasn't completely sold on the whole "war" thing but traveling by car was better than on foot. I hugged my duffel bag closer as I started to fall asleep on the arm of the soldier on my right; I had a feeling that I was in for a long ride.