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Chapter Twelve: Shopping!

I leaned my head against the top of the couch and took a swig of Dr. Pepper. I was sore in the right places but afraid in others. Loki and I had made love only three hours ago and how that seemed to go on forever. Even when I woke up five minutes ago the air was still thick. Loki was sleeping next to me with his arm hooked around my waste and his chin resting on the top of his head. He had looked so peaceful. A wave of angst had washed over me; I thought about the consequences of what Loki and I had just done. If SHIELD found out…or if Odin found out.

I had felt sick to my stomach so I was currently sitting in the dark on my couch. Rain was coming down softly and occasionally a flash of lightning lit the room. I wrapped the blanket closer around my body trying to stop the shiver that coursed through my body. I didn't regret the hour Loki and I had spent together, no there was no regret…only a slight fear of what may happen. I set my drink down on the table and flipped on the television turning the volume down low. I tucked my feet under myself and closed my eyes, trying to let everything disappear. I didn't open my eyes when light feet tracked down the stairs. The cushion next to me dipped down and an arm wrapped around me. I shifted myself so that my body was pressed against Loki's and the blanket was over both of us. Loki laid back and pulled me with him and rubbed circles on my back.

"May I ask why you left my side?" Loki whispered in my ear. I sighed and buried my face in the crook of his neck,

"Just felt a tad dizzy," I answered. Loki took one hand off my back and rested his palm on my forehead. I giggled slightly,

"What are you doing?" I asked looking up at him.

"Is it not an Earth custom to test the heat of one's forehead to determine if one is ill?" Loki asked. I took his hand off my forehead and kissed him on the nose,

"More customary for a mother to do that to her child." Loki smiled mischievously,

"But you are my little one." I twitched my nose and raised my eyebrows,

"Is that another way of calling me short?" He picked me up bridal style before I could protest and kissed my neck.

"I believe the proper term is 'petite'."

"Not when you fit in a size eleven…or nine on a really good day." Loki sighed and looked at me with a bored expression,

"The women on Asgard are thin as willows yet they are easily knocked over by a simple gust of wind. You, on the other hand," he shifted me so that I my legs were wrapped around his hips and my arms around his neck, his hands tightened lightly around the underside of my thighs, "are full figured and have stood up to Odin. You are also the holder of great power as well as my heart. So," he kissed me lightly before looking into my eyes with a gaze that was strong enough to charm a snake, "I suggest that you forget about any negative reference to your weight and focus on who is in front of you."

I snorted and shook my head,

"Dang sweetie, if I put you in front of a snake could you make it sing?" Loki raised one eyebrow before walking me up against a wall and breaking into one of those mischievous smiles.

"Perhaps I can make you sing for me." Loki's lips descended upon mine and my subconscious transported us upstairs with me on top this time. We continued the dance with our tongues while he methodically managed to get me under him. I broke the kiss and looked up at him, smiling lightly,

"I'm never gonna get any sleep, am I?" Loki smiled and slipped one arm under my back, arching me up and kissed my stomach. He then leaned down to my ear and whispered,

"Not tonight little one."


You make me feel like I'm livin' a teenage dream, the way you turn me on.

I danced lightly to this song while slathering cream cheese on my bagel. I was currently wearing a black long tee with the word 'AIRBORNE' on it, the shirt Loki had been wearing yesterday. The shirt hit the top of my knees and I felt amazing. Last night had been incredible and I was still sore but felt fantastic. I spun around to the song and danced over to the fridge; I threw the cream cheese in the fridge and spun back around to the bagel. I picked it up and bit into it when I heard a cough. I turned to the door with the bagel still in my mouth.

Loki was standing there wearing only sweatpants. His hair was ruffled beyond belief and he was…godlike. I had never told him that but he truly did fit that godlike stature. I bit off a piece of the bagel and chewed thoughtfully. Loki made his way over to me and walked me back into a counter. He put his hands on either side of me on the counter and I was still chewing that piece of bagel. I gave him an innocent look as he stared down at me. I swallowed,

"Yes?" I asked. Loki leaned down so that his forehead was touching mine and he stared in to my eyes. He smiled before reaching back above me and grabbed a porcelain mug. He kissed me on the top of my nose before pouring himself a cup of coffee. He leaned against the counter and looked at me over the top of his mug. I smiled and hopped up on the counter,

"Someone is coy this morning." Loki raised his eyebrow and continued to take a sip of coffee. I finished my bagel and began to speak,

"Well, we have a lot of errands to run today sweetie, so I'm gonna go take a shower and then we can head." I walked past Loki but was stopped by the tug on my shirt. I looked down to see Loki's hand on the back of my shirt and looked up to see him staring down at me with warm eyes.

"Are you going to talk to me this morning?" I asked. Loki pulled me close to him and rested his chin on my head,

"Can we bathe together?" he asked. I froze slightly and looked up at him with my eyebrows raised.

"I suppose, but it might take forever…" Loki swept me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck while letting out a slight squeal. Loki put down his mug and readjusted his hold on me. Loki walked up the stairs to the bathroom and shut the door. He sat me on the sink counter and began turning on the water. He shrugged out of his sweatpants and came over to me and grabbed the bottom of my shirt. I tugged it back down and smiled at him,

"Any more words sweetie?" He leaned in close and whispered in my ear,

"Take off the shirt." He kissed me with enough desire to satisfy me forever. I felt the shirt slip over my head but he never seemed to stop. I was forced on my back and felt him run his hand down my right thigh; he hooked my knee and planted my foot on the counter. He ran his finger up the inside of my thigh and dipped his lips to my collar bone. I gasped as steamed filled the bathroom, clouding over the vision that was not taken up by Loki.


I drummed my fingers on the steering wheel as we waited at the stop light. Loki and I had finally managed to climb off the bathroom floor and get dressed before stepping out to meet a cloudy day. I cast a side glance at Loki who seemed intent on staring out the window at every pedestrian who crossed in front of my car. It was creepy but it was better than having him mess with my radio. I reached over and squeezed his hand as the light turned green.

We pulled into the parking lot outside the mall and got out. I pulled out my umbrella as a streak of lightning went across the sky. Loki jumped and got closer to me but I just grabbed his hand and led him inside.

The mall we were in was the only one in town so it was relatively busy but not as busy as it could have been. I stopped at the directory and started skimming the options.

"Gap…Old Navy…Banana Republic…Macy's…what do you want to wear?" I turned to Loki who was currently staring at the gigantic fountain in the mall. I grumbled lightly and pulled him into Macy's in order to get through at least some of the male end of the store. I set him lose and told him to get at least four pairs of jeans and a couple of nice t-shirts as my dad's would last for a while. While Loki browsed I pulled out my cell and checked in at the studio. Maya said that everything was fine and asked about when I was going to bring Loki in.

"Sometime, maybe soon," I replied as I pushed aside a few hangers here and there.

"When is soon?" Maya asked. I looked up to see Loki holding an armful of jeans and looking for the fitting rooms.

"I gotta run, we're shopping right now, bye!" I hung up before Maya could drag me into anything else. I gestured at the fitting rooms and sat outside in those chairs that men crave whenever they are pulled into shopping sprees with their significant other. I pulled out a book and started running through a few things before Loki called me into the dressing room.

"What's wrong?"

"How does this look?" Loki stepped out in a pair of tight fitting blue jeans and a blue v-neck t-shirt. My eyebrows rose up and my mouth dropped slightly.

"Whoa…nice, but there's something missing." I walked outside and looked around before snagging a black leather jacket and tossing it to him. He put it on and pulled lightly on the lapels. He looked amazing. Loki looked at himself in the mirror and admired what he saw. I could feel the pride radiating off him and couldn't help but get a nice long look at that tush of his. I mean, come on, the guy was a god.

"Now that looks great," I finally spoke. Loki's attention snapped back to me and smiled.

"Should I try on something else?" I took a hold of the price tag and had a mini heart attack.

"Yes, and please look for things on sale…we might have to stop at Khol's." Loki's smiled faltered and looked at the tag,

"I did not realize that there was a limited supply of money, is there anything I-" I held up my hand and shook my head,

"Just watch what you get. I am lucky that this town is part tourist trap. Try to stay under twenty dollars when looking for clothes." I sat down on a chair and watched as Loki walked around and nearly fought another guy for a shirt. I was close to jumping in on that one but Loki managed to intimidate the guy in order to get the shirt.

We finally paid and left with a few pairs of jeans and a couple of shirts along with that leather jacket I pulled. As we walked through the mall I prattled on about the next week's plan, what we needed to get for food, how the house was to get cleaned. As I talked I had not realized that Loki had stopped outside a store and was staring in the door. I finally realized that Loki was not next to me and turned around to find him looking at the store I dreaded going into…the one with pink splattered everywhere.

I had to control myself from sprinting over there and pulling him away but I walked over and tugged on his arm.

"We have things-"

"What is this place?" Loki asked.

"Victoria's Secret…it's an underwear store for girls, we have things to do." Loki didn't budge but instead stared up at the picturesque models. I had to admit I felt a twinge of jealousy but continued to tug.

"Do you purchase items from this store?" Loki asked. My cheeks turned red; even though he had seen me naked countless times it managed to be a touchy subject for me.

"Not really, I don't-" before I could protest, Loki pulled me into the store by my arm and started browsing the shelves. I stood frozen next to Loki as he browsed and had to force myself to look around. A bunch of perky sales associates were walking around trying to help other women to find what they wanted. I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

"Loki, can we please-" Loki shoved a pair of underwear that were mixed shades of green, black, and grey.

"Put these on." I stared at Loki with large eyes before stammering,

"B-but…" Loki pushed me to the fitting rooms and sat down on the chair looking at me expectantly.

"This isn't a showroom Loki!" I hissed at him. Loki just cross his arms and leaned back while raising one eyebrow. I gave in and growled,

"Fine!" I nearly slammed the door and sat down on the bench. I breathed deeply before I started slipping out of my clothes and into a combination of the underwear. I was surprised that everything was in my size but somehow I wasn't all that surprised by Loki. I kind of got into modeling in the mirror and eventually settled on a pair of dark green lace briefs and a dark green bra with goldish accents around the top of the cups. This was a large ego trip for Loki and I didn't try to see it any differently. I honestly saw nothing wrong with looking good and bolstering Loki's ego just a bit so I slipped back into my clothes and held the underwear in my hands as I slipped out the dressing room and nearly ran into Loki.

He had the smile of a chesire cat and tried to grab the underwear from me but I held it just out of his reach.

"I think not." Loki pouted but I stolled past him with a newfound confidence and paid before walking out the door with Loki's arm around me. He leaned down and whispered into my ear,

"When will you wear it?" I turned and kiss him on the nose,

"Sometime, right now I am starving, let's get something to eat on the way home."

Yea, it's been a while. I've had several things going on so hopefully you enjoy this chapter. Yea, I can't write sex scenes, sorry guys.