With Republic City back in harmony, pro-bending was back in business, meaning it was back to training for new challenges and matches. Everything was going well; Korra was a full-pledged avatar, Asami was the team manager, Iroh was the coach, Mako was reunited with his brother, and every team was rewarded with a free vacation to the beach. It couldn't get any better than this.

At least, until they found out the trip involving at least some amount of training, but no one complained. It gave them something to do despite it was in the blazing summer. Ultimately, none of it was as glamorous as Mako thought it would be; though he had Bolin as a roommate, Tahno was with them as well, and the girls' camp was on another island across from the boys'. Fortunately, Tahno's act has completely changed and he became a nicer individual as a result, but it still didn't sit well with Mako.

"Come on, Mako, the water's great!" Bolin called from the ocean, with Pabu on his shoulder. Mako groaned as he was forced to parade around in an extremely fitting red speedo, but only because Bolin wanted both of them to match in a brotherly fashion as if they were children, wearing a tight green speedo himself. It was the earthbender's child-like behavior coming out, and Mako had done nothing but deal with it as always.

However, the idea was not pleasant, of course. Bolin had quite a round, muscular rear, one that caught a lot of attention from the other teammates, especially in the showers. It angered Mako because the last thing he wanted was his brother to viewed as a sexual object, a tool to induce pleasure and excitement. There was no vacancy for toleration of that kind of behavior. Another reason why Mako didn't like it was because his own attire kept riding up, and was too tight in the crotch area, thus making it difficult to hide erections that would spring at random moments.

"Bolin, come on, it's getting late." The sunset was setting, and Mako could already feel the temperature dropping. Turning his head, he saw Tahno at the shore, practicing his yoga by performing a split. Mako started to assume the waterbender was missing male gentalia, as his great flexibility was too unbelievable, and his testicles must have been in pain from the position. Walking towards the shore, Mako yanked the speedo from between his cheeks, groaning as he adjusted the elastic around his waist.

"Let me help!" Tahno called out as he performed a few graceful arm movements, swaying them left and right before swinging them downward. At that, Mako's drenched swimsuit was at his ankles, its color as red as the firebender's face.

"What the hell, Tahno?" Mako yanked the brief-like attire back up, accidentally giving himself a wedgie in the process. Not pleased that the pro-bender used his bending to "adjust" his wardrobe nor cared bits of his rear were exposed, Mako stormed past the water manipulator and headed for the temple up the hill.

"Just wanted to help!" Tahno rose from his split as he brushed the sand off his buttocks, his dark blue thong obviously not covering much.

Bolin placed a hand on Tahno's shoulder and sighed. "Don't mind him. The heat's just getting to him." He noticed Tahno's eye rolling and decided to be honest. "Hey, he doesn't warm up to a lot of people. He and Korra weren't really the best of friends, either."

"I see." Tahno let out a yawn before a cold draft caused him to shiver. "Let's get inside. It's freezing."