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Rin absolutely hated when it came to this. "God damn Yukio to hell." He muttered to himself, glaring holes into his brother's back. Yukio was standing at the front of the class, as per usual, lecturing the exwires in his field of expertise – anti-demon pharmacology. He'd been enlightening his students about the wonders of the Periwinkle, a herb used to cure 'devil-sickness' and demonic possession for the passed half hour.

How did Rin know this exactly? Simple really, he was being forced to pay attention in class instead of taking his usual nap. The satanic spawn exhaled heavily. There had been an argument between the Okumura twins two weeks prior, which led to the situation Rin was trapped in at this very moment. He emitted a low throaty growl that caught the attention of his classmates as well as his younger twin, causing their heads to turn to the culprit.

"Is something the matter, Okumura-kun?" Yukio smirked, a deviant glint flashed in his eyes. Yukio knew damn well what the problem was. The evil mastermind he called his twin brother hadn't let his twin lay a single hand on him since their argument two weeks ago. It was driving Rin insane, and Yukio knew that fact very well. No kisses, cuddles, or any contact of the sort was making him real irritable. He didn't know how on earth he was lasting so long, he didn't know how Yukio was lasting so long. Just before cram school class started today, Rin witnessed one of Yukio's fellow exorcists place a hand on the teen's shoulder as he was commended for his excellence in their previously completed mission. The demon scorched with jealousy from the sidelines.

"Nothing, sensei." He replied in a bitter tone as he faded back into reality from thoughts of earlier events, not disconnecting his spiteful glare from his twin. Yukio, who was satisfied with his brother's response, smiled that stupid polite smile (in Rin's anger driven personal opinion) and resumed his lesson. Rin gritted his teeth, the bastard really enjoyed pushing his buttons until he was on the verge of cracking. Rin was extremely tempted to pull him up in front of the class and plant one on him just to wipe that smug look of his face. It had escalated to the point where the teen really didn't care anymore if his brother was going to win; he wasn't entirely sure how much longer his self-control could hold out before he snaps.

Yukio stormed down the hallway of their abandoned dorm. Rin's ear twitched as he heard Yukio approaching nearer to their shared room and began to panic, frantically searching for a place to hide. He knew exactly what was coming to him. Yukio was angry and he needed to get out of sight – fast! The satanic spawn feared another long lecture about his grades and dived at his bed, where he buried himself under the covers. He knew the young genius wasn't going to go easy on him by the way he burst through the door, carelessly discarded his coat, and threw down his belongings, unlike his usual place-everything-exactly-where-it's -meant-to-go attitude.

"NII-SAN." Yukio boomed as he scanned the room for his brother. A tail hanging out from under the bundle of sheets caught the exorcist's attention. His brow twitched slightly as he crept over, taking certain amounts of caution in being silent. The demon's tail's trembling slowly subsided as if to indicate the young demon deemed his surroundings safe. However the young genius begged to differ and swiftly seized the black appendage. A high-pitched screech was heard as the satanic spawn erupted from the pile of sheets he buried himself in.

The teen scowled at the other, but instead of shouting at his twin for inflicting pain on him, shrunk back onto the bed. Yukio had a murderous aura that surrounded his being; a sweet smile plastered on his features that would mask his true intentions. Rin knew what was coming to him. The teen attempted an innocent smile, hoping to calm the larger man's rage. However his efforts were in vain as this appeared to enrage the other tenfold. The smaller male gulped, preparing himself for his brother's wrath.

The grip on the boy's tail tightened, causing the older male to yelp and squeeze his eyes shut in anticipation. Yukio eyed the small blushing boy, who cowered away him. The teen smirked, knowing exactly what type of tormenting punishment to give his brother. The bed dipped, indicating that the other had begun to make his move. Rin scrambled blindly on his bed until his back met the cold, hard wall. Still not daring to open his eyes, he remained motionless. That is, until he heard a husky chuckle from the other. He cracked open an eye and immediately wished he hadn't.

A few centimeters away from his face was Yukio. His glasses and tie were discarded. His uniform shirt unbuttoned, revealing his muscular chest. Rin instantly glued his eyes shut as his brother moved his face closer. He felt the other's hot breath on his neck and as Yukio blew lightly, Rin whimpered.

"You've been a bad boy lately, haven't you?" Yukio purred in his ear, slowly sliding his hand up the front of the smaller mans shirt to teasingly grope his chest. Rin emitted a soft whine and turned his head to the side. With his other hand, Yukio began to squeeze and run his hand up and down the black appendage, earning soft moans and sighs from the other.

"I-I did better than last tim- ah!" Rin moaned as Yukio's lips met the sensitive spot on his neck and bit down. "nngh… ahh..." Rin brought his hands up to push at his brother's shoulder, which had little to no effect in stopping the other in his advances. Yukio pulled away slightly in order to get a better view of the mark, being pleased with the mark he left behind, he gave it a long teasing lick.

By now, the blush that dusted the older Okumura's face had darkened by at least three shades. The poor boy was panting from the assault, and this ultimately pleased Yukio.

"I'm afraid that's not an acceptable excuse, Nii-san." Yukio whispered into his ear before licking the shell and giving it a quick nip. His hand travelled from the boy's chest lower and lower, dragging across his stomach until it reached the destination. Rin was already hard. Yukio grinned at his brother's cries as he palmed the prized package.

"I-I'll try harder next- A-ah!" Yukio gave another pull of the boy's tail, not after grabbing his wrists with the same hand to pin them against the wall. Yukio leaned in close to the boy's blushing, panting face; who in return tried to move his face to the side to avoid eye contact. With the hand that groped his chest, Yukio moved it to grip the boy's chin and keep his face in place.

"You had my help, Nii-san." The young genius pressed his knee against the boy's erection. Rin moaned. "I tutored you everyday for two hours. If you had been paying attention or had any quires, it would have been wise for you to ask for further assistance." He licked his whimpering twin's cheek fondly. "After all the help I provided you with, and you still failed, what do you think would be a just punishment?" He questioned suggestively.

The smirk on the younger Okumura's face grew when his twin's eyes doubled in size. "Shall I strap you to the bed and keep you agonizingly hard until I've had my fun? Or perhaps try out those new toys I recently purchased?" He pressed his knee harder onto the stiff package to reinforce his point. The demon released a powerful moan and gazed at the other with clouded, lust filled eyes. The glasses-clad male inched closer to the other's parted pink lips, knowing that the smaller was watching him intently.

"Now if only you'd pay this close attention in class…" He stopped mere millimeters away from his lips.

"…Maybe I shouldn't provide you with this sinfully delicious contact at all?"

Rin snarled as he recalled the memory. The stupid bastard uncharacteristically barked with laughter as he tied the demon's wrists together. The boy remembered everything so clearly. That stupid smug look on his brother's face, the way the stupid younger pushed the older onto his back and watched him struggle to sit up, only to push him down once again. Stupid. Yukio is stupid. This punishment is stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Rin was snapped out of his thoughts when Yukio began to conclude his lecture with news on their upcoming test.

"Your tests will be tomorrow. If you study hard with suitable revising methods, I guarantee you will pass. However, that being said, to score high in this test will require some amounts of extra work."

The older twin eyed his brother eagerly. Ready to ace this test and receive a reward. Rin loved the rewards his brother gave him whenever he had accomplished something that pleased the other greatly. But honestly, Rin wasn't sure if he'd be able to last until tomorrow; he was already at his limit. He gazed at his brother lustfully, eyes trailing from his fingers to his lips. The young demon's tongue poked out slightly from his mouth to slowly lick his pink lips.

As Yukio dismissed the class, the others began to pack their belongings. One by one they left the room, leaving the twins alone. Rin didn't even bother gathering his equipment and instead made his way over to Yukio, who was quietly packing his things. The other, of course, ignored his presence and continued on with his business. Rin frowned slightly and decided that he may try and woo his brother into cooperating.

"Yukio~" The demon called in a singsong voice.

He was still ignored as the younger continued gathering his teaching materials. The demon's brow twitched in irritation.

An idea struck him and his eyes lit up. The boy inwardly shrugged, it was worth a try."Ne, ne! Yukio~! I need you to help me~ Can you help me study for the test tomorrow?" Rin asked his brother in the cutest voice he could muster, knowing that it was exactly what Yukio liked. The younger's brow twitched in slight annoyance as the satanic spawn inched his way closer and closer to the other. The smaller male giggled sweetly and battered his eyelashes at his sensei, obviously trying to worm his way to the exorcist's heart.

Yukio struggled to keep a straight face; he shuddered slightly at his nii-san's adorable antics. "Pretty please~?" Rin cooed as he drew close enough that he could feel the other's body heat. Inwardly smirking, the boy lifted a hand to the taller male's chest and slowly begun to lightly drag downward, causing shivers to run up his lover's spine. The larger male cleared his throat and straightened with a grumble, causing the latter to step back.

"You are violating the terms of your punishment. Nii-san."

"But Yuuuuukio~" Rin purred flirtatiously, drawing closer once again; his bright blue eyes gleaming with mischief. Yukio's expression appeared slightly irritated (most likely to hide his hard on thought Rin as he chuckled inwardly) and he replied sternly "No. Now go study for the test, otherwise I'll be forced to extend this punishment."

Rin pouted, while Yukio smirked triumphantly having talked some sense into his brother via threats. A small snicker resounded in the small space of the empty classroom that caused the glasses-clad male's expression to drop slightly. The smaller took a step forward to quickly snake his arms around the larger male's neck, pulling him close so that their chests touched. The latter stood still, perplexed at his brother's stupidity.

Did I not just mention to him that if he touched me I would have no choice but to extend his punishment? The young genius sighed.

"How about a small bet? I'll go all in!" Yukio looked down at the glowing older Okumura curiously, who was staring up at him with eyes that appeared to sparkle.

"Go on…"

"Well~ If you touch me…a-and…" Rin requested bashfully, mumbling the rest of his sentence as a slight blush began to form on his cheeks. To this, the other smirked while placing a hand on his hip.

"You need to speak up, Nii-san."

"I-I said if you t-touch me and…g-give me a kiss then I'll be more pumped for the test!" Rin said once more, practically shouting the last part as his face heated up completely.

Yukio chuckled at his brother's childish behavior. Rin immediately assumed his brother was mocking him and felt his pride crumble to pieces. However, he wasn't about to lose just yet.

"Y-Y'know as a… a deposit! Yeah a deposit!" The young demon tried to reason with the other, staring up at him with round eyes while his arms were waving around in the air as if it would further reinforce his point. Yukio tried his very hardest to hold in his laughter and keep his usual expression.

A short pause surfaced after the smaller male slowly brought down his hands, casting his gaze downward in embarrassment of having failed to convince the other to give him the physical affection he had been longing for. Yukio's heart throbbed at seeing his brother act in such a way and gradually lifted his hand to caress the other's cheek. Rin, whose eyes were still glued to the ground instinctively leaned into the touch and subconsciously placed his smaller hand atop of the larger.

"Nii-san…" Yukio called gently, leaning forward and slightly bending over to attempt catching the smaller's attention.

"Nii-san…" He whispered lovingly as he neared closer to the other's ear, blowing lightly into it; causing Rin to shiver slightly and close his eyes as if he was savoring the touch. Yukio smiled slightly and brought his other hand to cup the boy's left cheek.

"Rin… look at me." He asked, using his hands to tilt the smaller boy's face up and lean in, stopping mere centimeters away.

"L-Look, Yukio. I-I know I shouldn't 've asked you t-to do anything. I-I'll just bear with it until a-afterwar-"

Rin was cut off when a pair of soft, warm lips gently connected with his. He leisurely opened his eyes as though this was complete bliss to him. It made Yukio feel real bad about punishing his brother in such a way. The poor boy looked so vulnerable.

Rin's eyes doubled in size, his mouth opened slightly; his arm extended out to reach and grasp the other's exorcist uniform. With a blush still evident on his cheeks, he practically begged "A-Again! …P-Please, Yukio."

The young genius trailed his left thumb down the boy's cheeks to his lips, where he gently traced over them before continuing his journey down to the neck, and then chest, finally encircling the arm around the other's waist and lightly pulling him in to a deep kiss.

The demon removed his hand from atop of the other's and smoothed his way to the young genius' neck to wrap his arms around and pull the other closer. Rin moaned softly into the kiss, loving how his lover's strong arm kept him pressed against his larger, firmer chest, and how his other hand tenderly caressed his cheek affectionately. This made Rin's knees buck as he melted in Yukio's arms, continuing to pant and moan softly into the kiss.

The arm that was wrapped around the smaller's waist travelled south slightly to give his round mounds a firm squeeze. The reaction was immediate; the smaller male gasped and mewled against the other's lips, pulling him down for even more contact as the invading muscle explored his mouth eagerly. Content with the smaller teen's reaction Yukio progressed his hand in a northern direction, slipping under the other's blazer and shirt.

He reluctantly pulled away from the kiss, and as a result the latter emitted a soft whine of protest. Yukio tilted his head slightly to kiss and nip the other's neck, who in turn continued to make those adorable noises while clinging to the taller male. A large, warm hand made its way up until it met a thick, furry appendage. Yukio smirked into his lover's neck and began to pinch and rub the tail.

With the hand that once occupied the right cheek, Yukio traced his fingers down to Rin's chest where he pinched and rubbed a nipple. The smaller tilted his head back and mewled in pleasure, giving the other more access to place a few open mouthed kisses up and down the teen's neck.

The glasses-clad male felt the smaller teen arch his back up, pressing his smaller chest firmly against the larger one once more. He bit down and sucked hard on the sensitive spot of the teen's neck that earned him a lustful moan and heavier pants. Satisfied with the mark that had been left behind, Yukio gave it a few soothing licks while his other hand continued to pinch and fiddle with the furry appendage. Pulling away, he focused his attention on his lover who appeared to be in a place greater than heaven.

Observing the boy, he noticed Rin's adorable face was now incredibly flushed. His tongue poked out from his swollen pink lips, which were still producing those amazingly hot sounds. His eyes were closed in order to feel more of the pleasure his body yearned for, and his small hands tightly grasped the fabric of the exorcist's work uniform. Over all he looked extremely enticing.

Yukio licked his lips before snaking his free up the back of the boy's head to rub and massage his scalp; and the boy purred in appreciation through his opened mouth. Yukio dug his nails into the furry limb and dragged his hand down to the base, which caused the other to tilt his head back slightly and moan powerfully. Yukio took this opportunity to grip the back of said boy's hair and crash their lips together in a forceful and immoral kiss.

As he plunged his tongue deeper and deeper into the warm, moist cavity, he released his grasp on Rin's hair to grip his waist and pin him on his back against his desk. Without breaking or disturbing the kiss, Yukio leaned on top of Rin while spreading the other's legs wide to settle himself in between. The smaller teen then wrapped his arms around the other's neck in attempt to further deepen their sinfully hot kiss.

Taking it as an invitation, the young genius began to grind torturously slow against the smaller teen who moaned softly in the deep kiss, as that was all he could manage with Yukio's skillful tongue in his mouth. Not long after, Rin decided that the pace they were going at wasn't enough for him and thus took it upon himself to buck his hips up to grind against Yukio's. The larger teen's moan was muffled against his lover's lips and he pulled away promptly after recovering from his small shock.

Pressing his hips firmly against Rin's he inquired with a lust filled voice, "Oh? Is this not good enough for you?" Grinding his hips harder against Rin's. Said boy arched his back moaned the other teen's name pleadingly. "Do you want some more?" He teased, pressing down harder. Rin's eyes snapped shut, and he blindly reached out to grab a hold of something.

"Tell me, Nii-san." Yukio whispered in a low, husky tone as he leaned in close, grinding his hips hard against Rin's for reinforcement.

"P-Please! H-Harder! Yukio!" The young genius was amused with the request and agreed to the request, grinding harder and faster against the latter.

"O-Oh! Ah! …Nghhh F-Fuck me, Yukio!" Rin cracked opened his lust filled sapphire eyes to meet Yukio's clouded turquoise ones.

Said male tsk'd as he unbuttoned his brother's uniform shirt. Yukio bit his lip slightly and concentrated on willing away his hard-on. He needed to be the one in control. He will reward the latter after he passes the test.

"You know I can't do that until after you pass that test, Nii-san. This will be purely foreplay." He stated huskily as his hands made their way from the boy's legs, up passed his toned stomach to his chest, where his finger's rubbed, pinched and flicked the hard, perky pink nipples. Rin squeezed his eyes close from the build up of pleasure. To pleasure his lover further, Yukio leaned down and trailed his tongue from the boy's stomach, up his neck, to his lips where he pushed the slick, pink muscle back into the welcoming cavern.

Rin loved every moment of it; he was in complete euphoria. Yukio was causing beautiful friction in their lower regions, he was toying with the boy's nipples, and his tongue hungrily roamed the boy's mouth. Suddenly, Yukio pulled away leaving a thin trail of saliva connecting their mouths, and caused Rin to moan in disappointment and confusion. Opening his eyes to see what his lover was doing, Rin slowly sat himself up to see that Yukio had positioned himself in between his legs and was now unzipping his pants. Rin blushed an even darker shade of red (if that was even possible) as Yukio released his erection from his boxers and started moving his hand up and down the shaft.

Rin's eyes were glued on Yukio, who didn't break eye contact with him either. Sticking out his tongue, Yukio dragged the warm, moist muscle up from the bottom of the shaft to the tip. He then circled the head before lightly sucking on it. Rin moaned and attempted to buck his hips up into Yukio's mouth, though it failed as Yukio's hands kept his thighs spread and hips down.

"Eager are we?" Yukio teased, giving his lover a sensual grin and low chuckle. Rin couldn't do anything but try to glare at the other, which didn't work out well as Yukio just thought he looked absolutely adorable. The glasses-clad teen snaked his arms under Rin's thighs to grope his ass and pull him forward causing Rin to release something between a yelp and a moan. Before Rin could settle himself down again, Yukio engulfed his member whole.

Rin threw his head back and his mouth hung open as a moan was ripped from his throat.

"A-Ah! God, Y-Yukio!" He mewled while his hands flew to grip Yukio's hair and guide him at a comfortable pace."Ooh! Y-Yukio!" Rin mewled, pulling the teens head back down to take the whole shaft in his mouth. Yukio wouldn't really say he'd mind it, in his opinion; Rin was irresistible when he was this desperate and needy. Yukio used his tongue to lick the underside of the shaft as he watched his lover's expression of pure bliss. The demon's eyes were closed, his cheeks were scarlet red and his mouth hung open to allow those alluring sounds to escape freely. The genius smirked around the member, sucked hard on it and bobbed his head up and down at a faster pace, which resulted in Rin's cries becoming more frantic.

"A-Ah! Yukio! I-I'm c-comi- Ah!" As the latter came he cried out Yukio's name and slumped against the table. Said boy swallowed the fluid greedily and slipped the shaft out of his mouth with a pop. He smirked at his half naked twin sprawled out on his desk and loomed over him.

"Was this encouragement enough for you, Nii-san? You had better pass that test tomorrow, otherwise I will be forced to increase this punishment to two months."

"E-Eh!? T-TWO MONTHS?" Rin yelled in surprise and awe at the extent of his brother's cruelty. He had barely lasted two weeks. There was no way he'd last two whole months!

Yukio leaned in to capture the lips of his lover, pulling back after a few seconds to meet Rin's pouting face.

"A deal is a deal, Nii-san. You said you were going to go all out on this." He leaned in close to the other's ear and whispered in a low voice "If you pass that test, I'll give you so much more…" Yukio licked the shell of Rin's ear, before trailing kisses across his jaw line to his lips.

As they parted, Rin wrapped his arms around Yukio to pull him into a warm embrace. Yukio returned it in a heartbeat, buried his face in the crook of his lover's neck and murmured, "Study hard, and do you best tomorrow, Nii-san."

"I'll make you proud, Yukio." Rin whispered into Yukio's ear before they disconnected their embrace.

Yukio removed himself from on top of Rin so that they could fix themselves up, gather their things and head home for the night. On the whole way home Yukio quizzed Rin with material that may be included in his test tomorrow (without giving him an unfair advantage to the other students, of course). Without a single complaint, Rin would smile his signature grin at the other and try his very best at answering the questions.

I suppose he won't need as much tutoring tonight as I had anticipated. This should be the most promising test result from him. Yukio smiled.

I'm proud of you, Nii-san.




I should punish you like this more often.

The teen chuckled to himself, catching the attention of the older male walking beside him. "What're giggling at, Four-eyes? You sound like a creepy old fart!" Yukio's grin grew wider, to which Rin shuddered at his sudden out of character behavior.

"Four-eyed creep!"

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