Hey I decided to make a quick sec. story! This is not not not not not a songifc, but is inspired by the song Turn Around by Conor Maynard feat. Ne-Yo. It's such a great song! And it's also weird that I saw a comment on some sort of pic, and got inspired by it too... Anyways read...

I was just walking in the rain under an umbrella... With my love, best friend, crush, partner CeCe. We just came back from eating in the Olive Pit. And we didn't get to finish our food 'cause it's started to rain and we wouldn't be able to get home. Luckily I bought an umbrella just in case a player was checkin' us out... I know it sounds pervy and overprotective but who knows?

We were just in front of the apartment building when she turned to me. And then she stared a me with her, loving, caring, angelic, heavenly eyes. Why am I using adjectives now?... Oh we could look at each other for hours. I mean me. I could look at her for hours... Then I started to hold her waist and pull it closer, then I smiled.

"Do you wanna be with me me?" she asked.

OK I'm just gonna make it clear and true.


"Oh... Would you cry if I left and died?"

"No" I replied firmly.

"What kind of a best friend are you?" She said as tears started to form

OK maybe I've taken it too far. I meant to say...

I grabbed her by the waist and spun her around to me. Then tears started to form a little in me.

" I don't wanna live with you... I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.

"And I wouldn't cry if you left or died, I would kill myself and stab myself just to be with you. 'Cause I love you."

I said as I kissed her with all my passion...

"So will you please be with me? I need you, CeCe. I want you. Because without you, I can't breathe." I said nearly crying.

Then she grabbed my waist and pulled me into a kiss again. Then she pulled away and said, "Of course... I love you Rocks!".

And everyday I got to enjoy hugging her, hearing her, and kissing her everyday. We could stay like this forever. Even if we died.

Turn around


Nothing can stop us now...