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Vlad lay staring up at the darkness of his coffin lid, just a few inches from his face. It had been an extremely weird evening.

He'd thought, once he told Robin how he felt… he'd thought Robin would break up with him, or sulk, or… he wasn't sure exactly. It wasn't as if he'd wanted Robin to sulk or break up with him, but the last thing he'd expected was for Robin to take his hand and lead him right into Bertrand's arms.

They were sharing him, he supposed, and while Bertrand sharing anything with a breather was a minor miracle in itself, let alone giving up blood for the cause… he wasn't sure how he felt about being shared. Mind you, it had all been his choice, hadn't it? They had offered him the chance to love and be loved by both of the people he fancied most in all the world – the people he cared about more than anyone but his own family – and he had taken it.

He wondered how Robin really felt about it all; he wondered how Bertrand felt, being offered the chance to be with him, but only if he shared. Vlad knew Bertrand had wanted him for a while; it was obvious, with hindsight, he just hadn't seen it until Bertrand had let him kiss him. But now he wondered how this arrangement felt to his tutor. Vlad might be getting the best of both worlds, but how did Bertrand feel?

Bertrand pulled his shroud tighter around himself, fighting a shiver he was sure was just his mind playing tricks on him. He wasn't thirsty; he closed his eyes and replayed the events of earlier in his head, Vlad kissing him over and over while Robin looked on. He didn't mind that he wasn't the only person in Vlad's life; he had never expected that, not really. He knew, also, that it wasn't a competition; if forced to choose one or the other, Vlad would cling to Robin.

It wasn't something he'd ever really had to consider before; he and Mori had never been exclusive, but they'd never really been in a relationship, either. There were no complicated feelings there, just an occasional physical connection and a strong friendship. They'd shared coffins with half of Europe, between them – not to mention that brief liaison Mori had had with an admittedly handsome GI back in the '40s – and it had never been a problem. This was different, though; this was a relationship, just a relationship that happened to include more than two people.

Just a relationship. Bertrand frowned up at the ceiling. He'd never been in one of those before. At least this way, with Robin there for Vlad too, if he messed up… if he couldn't be all that Vlad needed… Vlad wouldn't be alone. He wouldn't be stuck with Bertrand's sub-standard affection. Bertrand knew Robin would take care of him, because for all that he was a breather he was Vlad's best friend as well as his lover. He didn't have to worry that Vlad would be neglected.

What he couldn't work out, really, was why Robin – who already had Vlad, who could hold him in his arms and kiss him and keep him from the rest of the world if he wanted to – would choose to suggest this arrangement. It had clearly been Robin's suggestion, based on Vlad's feelings though it might have been, and Bertrand couldn't get his head around it. What was in it for Robin?

Robin shifted uncomfortably in his coffin, tucking his blanket around himself as best as he could. He loved the whole vampire thing, but this was not the comfiest coffin he could have hoped for, nor the warmest room. With hindsight. he was glad Vlad had talked Renfield out of putting him in a cellar room.

He was quite pleased, actually, with the way the day had turned out. He and Vlad were on good terms, and there'd be no more angst from Vlad every time he so much as thought about training… Besides, Bertrand seemed happy too, and Robin had been harbouring his fair share of guilt himself over the way he'd waltzed in and taken the vampire's happiness from him without so much as a warning. He wasn't blind; he'd seen the way they acted together, and it was obvious that had Robin just kept his distance, Bertrand and Vlad wouldn't have taken very long to become a couple. A great couple who cared deeply for one another.

Bertrand had been so incredibly nice about it all, and it had come as a relief when he was just as accepting of Robin's suggestion that they all get what they want. He'd thought, for a horrible moment, that he might reject it out of hand – he was an old-fashioned guy in many respects, after all – or out of spite. Then there'd been that horrifying second when Vlad had frozen, and he'd thought his boyfriend hated the idea, before he seemed to decide he wasn't dreaming after all.

But then they'd all spent all that time together just chatting and working things out and drinking – Robin didn't even know how to react to that strange conversation about blood, but he was amazed by Bertrand's approach to the whole thing – and it had been nice. He hoped that he'd get to spend a little more time with Bertrand, now, because he seemed like a person Robin could come to be friends with. Besides, he was a vampire, and Robin still thought that was as amazing as he had when he'd been fourteen. He hoped they could all benefit from the arrangement; Vlad would get everything he needed from some source or another, they could all trust each other, and Robin and Bertrand could still see other people if they wanted. Yes, he thought this could work.

He closed his eyes and slept soundly.