Kara looked up, breaking her lips from Oliver's as she heard someone clear their throat. Turning her head, she saw Clark standing there, glaring at Oliver. Getting off the couch, she walked over and gave Clark a hug, backing off when he didn't respond. Oliver walked over to Clark, extending his hand, which Clark ignored.

"Well, hello to you to Clark", Oliver said, forcing a smile. Clark didn't say anything, he just glared.

"Oliver, can you give Clark, and I a minute?" Kara asked, and Oliver nodded and walked out of the barn.

"Clark don't get upset", Kara said as soon as she was sure Oliver was out of earshot.

"Oh no, why would I get upset, I only just walked in on my cousin in a full-blown make-out session with a known womanizer!"

Kara's eyes grew red, and Clark realized he may have gone a little too far. True, Oliver had been a womanizer, but he seemed to have changed his ways when he met Lois. However, that didn't mean he wanted his cousin dating Oliver.

"Kal-El", she said slowly as if deliberately attempting to keep her anger in check. Now Clark knew he was in trouble. Kara only called him by his Kryptonian name when she was really mad at him.

"I love you Kal, and while I would appreciate your being ok with me dating Oliver, you're not going to stop me from seeing him so don't try", she said, as her eyes returned to their normal blue.

"I'm sorry Kara, but how did you expect me to react after I come up here and find my cousin making-out with one of my best friends. Besides, Oliver's not exactly the most loyal boyfriend"

"How would you know?" Kara asked, raising her eyebrows.

"I told him", a voice from behind her says.

She whirls, and finds herself standing in front of a woman with red hair and sparkling green eyes. Kara had seen the woman's photo in the paper too many times not to recognize her.

"Tess Mercer", Kara said, and Tess could hear the contempt in her voice. Obviously Clark's cousin didn't have a very high opinion of her, which wasn't all that surprising to either Tess or Clark.

"What the hell are you doing here?!"

"I brought her here Kara", Clark spoke up, keeping his voice calm.

"You what?!" Kara said, wondering whether Clark was on red Kryptonite. She looked from Clark to Tess, and saw the ring on Tess's finger.

Kara's eyes glowed red as she slowly stepped towards Tess.

"Tell me what you have done to Clark or you will not see the outside of this barn", she said, her voice full of hatred.

Kara suddenly found Clark standing in front of her, his hands across his chest.

"Clark, get out of my way"

"No Kara, I'm sorry you find it so hard to believe, but I love Tess, and I'm going to marry her"

"I can't believe you. You challenge me about who I date, and then I find you engaged to Satan's ex". Clark felt like she had just punched him. He stood there in shock as she walked toward the window.

"Kara, I promise you I wouldn't ever hurt Clark", Tess spoke up, and her voice sounded almost pleading. Kara turned around and looked at Clark.

"I guess I should congratulate you Clark. Just make sure to sleep with one eye open"

She walked to the window, took a breath and flew away. Tess just laid her head against Clark's chest and cries.

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