Chapter 1

Jen's stood, hands on her hips, looking for something to do. The place was... HIS mind. Or their mind. She couldn't tell for sure. But, she was safe. That's all that mattered to balance, right? Still, she was here, may as well stop standing still and find something. Maybe she could find Wargoth. She had A LOT she wanted to know about him. Maybe he knew where Warlic was? Only one way to find out...

Hanna glared at the man before her. "What have you done to my sister?" She growled.

The Professor looked at her for a moment. "She is safe." He said. "She wanted to help me, and I gave her that option. Despite a... long talk..."

"TAK?!" Hanna tried to grab him, but was held back by Balence.

"As long as she's safe." Balence said, seeming a little saddened for some reason.

She seemed to be distant for some reason. Lost, in a way. There was something on her mind that she wasn't telling anyone.

Hanna looked at her sister. What was she hiding? Did she know about this plan? Where was she last night, anyway? They were MEANT to sleep in the camp. That was OUTSIDE. In the SNOW. Not where ever she was hiding out.

At that, Balence let go of Hanna's arm and turned out of the room, her hood falling slightly. None of her burns had healed.

Balence stormed down the hall, past Konnan, and into the cavern where Jen was sleeping.

She looked at her sister contentely. Her armor was resting in the corner along with her weapons. The book she kept holding sat next to the make-shift bed.
Balence wondered if she should read it. Jen clung to it like it was the most important thing in the world. What could be in it?

"She doesn't like people near The Book, you know." Konnan said from the doorway.

"No clue why."
Balence muttered.

"She looks happy." Konnan stated, trying to change the subject.

"Is it Warlic's?"
asked, not falling for Konnan's attempt.

"I don't know."

"What's in it?"

"I don't know."

Balence stopped. She looked back at Jen. She had a small Xan she'd never seen before.

"D'you give her that?" She asked, knowing only he know of Jen's love for the Pyromancer.

"Yes..." Konnan smiled a little. "I... wanted to say sorry for what I did during the Fire War."

"Understandable..." Balence muttered. "After you tried to KILL HER!"

Her dagger hit the rock next to his head. He backed away slightly.

"I was mad at you, not her."

"You still tried to..!"

It was no use, he was already in the hallway. Anyway, if she kept yelling, she'd wake Jen! Plus... she didn't want Hanna to hear her. That would be... bad.