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"I swear! I'll do anything! Anything! Just spare me!"

Semi pressed his revolver harder into the man's forehead. He never listened to desperate pleas. It showed weakness. He'd been killing entire cities for his master for two years straight. Now was not the time to show a soft side.

"Masster doessn't takess traitorss lightly, now doess sshe?" Semi said through clenched teeth.

"I'm not a traitor! I swear! Ankunin through and through!" the man held up his hands, begging for his life.

"Thiss city hass been condemned by Masster," Semi droned. "Sshe ssayss that it hass turned to the sside of Cressella!"

"I have no loyalty to the Mystique! If you must kill me, please, don't kill my family! Please!" the man was sobbing now. "Who are you that you would kill the innocent for the world's most feared villain?"

"Ssemi doess what Ssemi wisshess," he smiled, pulling the trigger.

Laughing to himself, he watched as the man's horrified face froze with his instant death and blood poured out of his temple like a river. Semi pulled out his other revolver and twisted it in his hand showing off. Yes, he was the most feared assassin in the universe.

Standing at two feet tall, two foot two with his signature fedora on, Semi was a striking figure. He was a platypus, as Korobu-chisai as one could get. His only clothing was a fedora with a stripe that bore the white ring of Eclispe, a belt with two holsters for his self-loading revolvers, and a black denim vest that he left unzipped.

The Martian city that he and a group of the Mytax were burning to the ground was in utter chaos. Their orders had been to kill all of the men, women, children, and creatures that did not bear the flag of Eclipse in their homes. Which was, in fact, most.

"Semi, the entire city has been purged," a Muzukashii, Selina-gi, informed him. "We may return to Lady Eclipse now."

"That iss excellent, Sstratossphere," Semi turned to her and grinned, his red eyes sparking with eager. "I cannot wait to meet with Masster again."

"Then let us go," she smiled. "Let us go to Jaken'na Kokoro."

"It iss time to ssend out the ssignal," Semi nodded to her. "May I do the honorss? Or sshall you thiss time?"

"Certainly," she bowed respectfully.

"Sshasstiss messhakssti khasshtimiss jhiss vlakoriss!" Semi cried, as loud as he could. The Mytax assembled around him and Stratosphere, each touching their left index fingers to the bridge of their nose.

"Yes, Semi," they said in unison.

"Exossphere, sset up the Retropelet," Semi ordered. "Masster awaitss uss on Jaken'na Kokoro. We musst not tarry."

"As you wish, Semi," Exosphere nodded and began to place circles around the group of Mytax, using her molecular powers to activate them. Once she had placed and activated them all, they connected to form a domed forcefield.

"Give the command, Alcoreia, and casst the sspell," Semi nodded to their key magician. "Masster sshall not be kept waiting for too long."

"Sdopi!" Alcoreia screamed at the sky, uttering the ancient Kyea word for 'fly.' The group was then teleported across the threads of space and time to the throne room of Jaken'na Kokoro.

Landing on the metal flooring, each Mytax and Semi knelt onto one knee and touched their left finger to the bridge of their nose. Eclispe stepped up from her throne and went to meet Semi, who was at the front of the group.

"Kyeksstisstui, Semi," Eclispe bent her neck slightly at him. "Please, rise to your feet, loyal servant. How did it go?"

Semi rose to his feet and saluted Eclispe, letting her know his allegiance had not changed since he'd visited Mars. A grin crossed her face, and she beckoned for him to answer her question.

"The citizenss all know now that you are their empress," Semi smiled. "Thosse that were traitorss are sseeing their lasst momentss or are now dead."

"Good," Eclipse motioned for the Mytax to rise. "Mytax, you are dismissed from duty. Please return to your chambers. Semi and I must talk of his next mission, and we need the space."

"Yes, Lady Eclipse," they answered, rising and leaving. The doors to the throne room closed behind them.

"You sseek audience with me for a new mission, Masster?" Semi asked, watching her as she circled around him. "Anything you assk, I sshall do for you, Masster, you know thiss better than anyone elsse."

"Yes, Semi," Eclispe confirmed. "You are my greatest ally, and you know this."

"My thankss to you, Masster," Semi bowed.

"There has been rumor, Semi, of an old adversary awakening," Eclispe pursed her lips. "I wish for your lifelong goal to be to destroy him if you ever do find him."

"Sspeak hiss very name and I sshall desstroy him!" Semi exclaimed.

"His name is Perry Flynn, a Korobu-chisai much like yourself," Eclipse frowned. "He was always so stubborn, and I fear that if he returns I have the worst coming for me. He has friends in high places, if you will."

"I sswear I sshall kill him," Semi put his fist over his heart.

"Good," the lines on Eclipse's face softened. "You have been my only companion in the absence of my disobedient daughter. I trust that you have been respectful among the Mytax?"

"They do not posse a threat to me, Masster," Semi blinked.

"Oh?" Eclispe raised her eyebrows. "There is suggestion of relations between you and Exosphere. The other Mytax believe you to…favor her, in a certain way. Is this true?"

"Masster, you accusse me of flirting?" Semi was taken aback, yet offended.

"Semi, there is nothing wrong with this," Eclipse said softly. "All I wonder is if working with the Mytax will jeopardize your work ethic in how you feel for her. And, it more than flirting they have spoken of."

"They have no bussiness in that area!" Semi defended. "Ssemi doess what Ssemi wisshess! Sspiess cannot be counted in thiss!"

"Again, I am not accusing you, Semi!" Eclipse said firmly. "I am just relieving you from duty with the Mytax! Your new unit will be assigned to you in a few short weeks, do not panic."

"Then I am free to leave your pressence, Masster?" Semi asked, furrowing his brow. "I promissed Exossphere ssomething…and I wissh to keep my promisse."

"You are dismissed, Semi," Eclipse waved her hand. "Keep in mind your reputation when going on excursions. You are better than most. I trust you, Semi. I trust you."

Bowing deeply, Semi turned on his heels and walked out of the throne room with a certain air of arrogance. He prided himself on being the most favored, well-respected tool of Eclipse, and his loyalty never swayed from her word.

He found Exosphere waiting for him near his quarters, smiling at him in the way only she knew how to seduce him. His cold heart sometimes melted a degree around her.

"Ah, there you are, tresni," she greeted him. (The Ankunin slang term 'tresni' meant that she found him irresistible, and it was a term of endearment meant for an intimate partner.)

"Yess, Masster kept me longer than the ussual," Semi sighed. "A sspecial assignment, sshe needss me to do. That iss all."

"What kind of sspecial assignment?" Exosphere said, mimicking his slur. "She hasn't ever given you an assignment to yourself before. Is this…good? No? Yes? Do you know?"

"I have a feeling that Masster iss knowing of uss…" he droned, changing the subject.

"What?" she stepped back, confused.

"Sshe quesstioned me…about our relationss," Semi frowned. "Ssayss that we are more then jusst flirting…sshe knowss, I think."

"But that- that's none of her business!" Exosphere defended.

"I know," Semi shook his head. "Masster sswearss that sshe iss okay with uss, but I ssusspect that sshe iss watching…watching for a weakness that I do not possess…Masster iss ssneaky, yess…"

"She doesn't know about…?" Exosphere started.

"Do not ssay ssuch thingss where sshe might be lisstening!" Semi warned. "In here…then we sshall talk in peace."

Grabbing her by the hand, Semi pulled her into his quarters, locking the door safely behind them. She went and sat on his bed, looking at him solemnly. He turned and hopped up on his bed next to her.

"I'm sorry, I just…you scared me…with that…" she murmured.

"It iss okay, Emili," Semi said, hugging her from the side. He rubbed her belly gently, consoling her.

"I think it is completely wrong and cruel for them to disallow the mixing of races like Cressella's followers do," she stated. "It makes us no better than they. Almost…like they're telling us we have to be like them, but we can't like them…"

"It doess sseem that way, doessn't it?" Semi looked up at her. "We don't want our sson feeling disscrminated againsst, now do we?"

During their relationship, which had lasted for nearly the two years Semi had remembered of life, Emili had gotten pregnant, which scared the young couple. Mixed relationships were allowed, but their children were forbidden.

And now, in spite of all that, they were expecting a baby boy about five months from now, and if Emili was found to be pregnant, it'd cost them both their jobs. But Semi didn't care. If they were caught, so be it. He'd stay with her and the baby regardless.

As they sat on the bed in silent comfort with one another, someone burst into the room and stopped short. It happened to be none other than the Pune Teke Bane Allyixanae's own Shujinko, 'Pika Chuu.' He cocked one ear and put a finger up.

"Now I know this can't be right!" Pika Chuu huffed, putting one hand on his hip and waving his index finger in front of his face like a preppy girl might do. "Why? As my sister, the darker one of the family, to think you'd be in here chilling with…Perry?!"

"What?" Semi blinked. Shaking off the shock, he pulled out both revolvers and pointed them at the Shujinko, furrowing his brow. "You will leave thesse chamberss immediately, Sshujinko."

"Okay, my bad, wrong platypus," Pika Chuu blushed, backing up. "He doesn't…he doesn't have a lisp…"

Semi clicked the sides of the guns, readying them to fire. The best part about his choice weapons; he never had to reload them. They never ran out of bullets. He also sported a few knives and daggers in case someone too strong got too close…but that was a rarity.

"You misstake me for Masster'ss greatesst enemy," Semi growled. "That iss not a misstake you will make twice…Sshujinko."

Pika Chuu, flustered, and for the first time in his life, scared, continued to back up in the doorway until he was touching the heat sensor that would open it. Semi was up in his face, breathing hard on his neck and squinting at him with his red eyes.

"Who…who are you?" Pika Chuu asked.

"I…am Ssemi," he whispered, pulling the triggers.

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