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"Well, there you go, Mrs. Flynn, there's nothing more I can do," Svinski took a deep breath. "I'll leave you two alone…get him caught up, would you?"

"Will do, sir," Xhirxhti smiled and shut the door behind the doctor, thankful he'd left. She ran over to the bed beside Perry and hopped up next to him, nuzzling her bill against his. "I missed you…so, so, much."

"I missed you, too, baby," he chattered softly. "Can you tell me what the heck happened?"

"It's a long story," Xhirxhti breathed, pulling him closer.

"Ow…ow…" he cringed, holding his chest. "What did I do to myself? It hurts like heck…I am so lost…so, so lost…"

"I'm sorry, baby," she ran her hands down his sides, looking at the thick bandages Svinski had wrapped him up in. "You were shot…nearly in the heart…you've been gone for so long…you just don't know…"

"Xhirx, I know what you want…I…I don't have the energy, baby…" Perry gasped. "Just… just tell me all you can…like…"

He reached his hand out and ran it down her stomach. His expression relaxed slightly; he perhaps was relieved from some sort of mental pain Xhirxhti couldn't even begin to try and understand.

"What is it?" she blinked.

"You're not…you went…into labor…I presume…" he opened his eyes and attempted to focus them, but she could tell he was still out of it.

"Baby, that was over two years ago…" she whispered.

"Two years?!" he exclaimed silently. "How could I have been gone…two years…?"

"Shh…" Xhirxhti put a finger to his bill and looked at him sadly. "Yes, it's been two years. You don't recognize the house because after Phineas and Isabella graduated, they got married and moved in here…"

"Married?" Perry lifted his brow, amused. "Why so soon?"

"They won't tell a soul why," Xhirxhti laughed. "They just got back from their honeymoon a week ago. And Jamie's been out looking for you. She went out twice before with no luck, but I guess the third time's the charm…"

"Stubborn…like her Daddy…" Perry laughed painfully. "How's she been…when you've seen her?"

"She's been acting so strange…I think she's got a boyfriend, but I can't know for sure…what with watching seventeen others…" Xhirxhti went quiet.

"Seventeen? I thought the last time it was…was only four?" Perry squinted, confused.

"Oh, no, that eighteenth rascal is…your brother…" Xhirxhti looked to the side. "He came looking for you two years ago, and he stuck to Phineas like glue. Eventually, we persuaded your nemesis to blast him with the translator thing, Monogram got wind of it, too, and now…"

"Now what?" Perry insisted.

"The whole O.W.C.A. can talk now," Xhirxhti laughed. "But I suppose you don't feel too bad about that, now do you?"

"Nah," Perry brushed off the comment. "What…Xhirx…I told you…Xhirx…"

"Hmm?" she wrapped her arms around him, trying her best to look desperate. "Come on, just let me…it's been two years since we've seen each other…"

"Fine, fine," Perry gave in. "But I'm telling you, I don't have the energy…"

"Oh, shut up," Xhirxhti playfully kissed the tip of his bill to shut him up. "I've seen you in worse states. Trust me."

"Whatever," Perry smirked. He also wrapped his arms around her. "Just don't hurt me, dangerous."

"Mm, no promises," she giggled. She kissed him again, finally feeling safe again. It was the only place she ever felt safe…his arms.

Sure, he was covered in bandages, but she could still feel the silent beating of his heart against her own chest and his light breathing that reassured her that he was still alive. She'd made it two years without him…it wouldn't happen again.

Perry emitted a soft growl from his throat. Laughing, Xhirxhti gently nuzzled her bill against the underside of his. For someone that swears he's tired, he seems awful playful, she laughed to herself.

"I heard that," she joked, tightly gripping his shoulders. "How about you…"

She reached one hand up and pulled off his fedora. Where he'd gotten another, she could never be sure of, but if she knew one thing, it was always on him. Xhirxhti liked it off. As she tossed it to the floor, Perry tried to snatch it back.

"Hey!" he softly protested, but instead of reaching for it again he bit the side of her neck.

"What was that for?" Xhirxhti laughed. "How many times do I have to tell you…Perry!"

She went into a fit of mad laughter as he did it a second, then a third, and even a fourth time. He knew it tickled her. It seemed like he didn't care. This time she bit him back. He grabbed her tightly and flipped them both off of the bed.

"Perry Flynn!" she gently slapped his cheek. "You said you didn't have the energy, and here you go…"

"Well, I didn't think I did," Perry shrugged. "But you're just so irresistible."

"Oh you think so?" Xhirxhti kissed him passionately. She pulled him closer and grabbed him tighter.

"Careful," Perry whispered. "Your hands could snap me in two…"

"Why should we be careful?" Xhirxhti murmured. She grabbed his fur and kissed him again, locking her mouth with his. Letting go, she stared into his dark brown eyes girlishly. "You're a dangerous secret agent. What's to be careful about?"

"You're sexy," Perry flipped over so that she was back on top of him.

When they turned over, they knocked over a nightstand just to their left, hitting against the wall. The vase on top of it fell off and shattered behind them, but they paid it no mind. They didn't even notice the heavy footsteps coming up the staircase.

"Look what you did, naughty," Xhirxhti picked him halfway up, still on top of him, and pinned him to the wall.

"And look what you've got us doing on the wall," Perry grabbed her close and locked her bill with his.

"I'm not letting you free," Xhirxhti joked. She grabbed his sides and held him tightly against the baseboards, continuing to kiss him.

While she was caught off guard, Perry pulled himself off the wall and pinned her to the floor, holding her tightly. He growled again, this time flirtatiously, and rubbed his head on hers lovingly.

"I missed you," Perry told her. "I missed you more than the world."

"I missed you, too," Xhirxhti breathed.

She kissed him again, this time pulling his face closer to hers and her body closer to his. He ran his hands down her sides, chattering contentedly. Xhirxhti reached under his arms and took ahold of his shoulder blades.

Just then, when Xhirxhti and Perry were locked in yet another long kiss, Phineas swung the door open, gaping at them. What was worse: they didn't even realize he was there until he spoke up.

"Perry!" Phineas exclaimed. "You're injured and the first idea you get is to get it in with Xhirxhti? You're insane!"

"Uh…" Perry sat up and got off of Xhirxhti.

"And do I want to know about the vase? Or why you're on the floor?" Phineas said with disgust.

"Seriously!" Xhirxhti shot back. "It's none of you business! He's my mate, let me do with him what I want!"

"Just clean that up and act like normal platypuses," Phineas rolled his eyes, walking out of the room and leaving the door wide open.

"Good grief! Close the dang door, Phineas!" Perry yelled after him.

"I got it, baby," Xhirxhti sighed, closing the door. She walked over and helped Perry back onto the bed. "He's right, we were a little…"

"Not so careful?" Perry smirked. "You're the one who deemed us 'dangerous,' remember?"

She set him down on a pillow and handed him back his fedora. He placed it on his head and patted the bed beside him, wanting her to come closer. Smiling, Xhirxhti laid down next to him, snuggling up against his warm body.

"Wanna take a guess this time?" she asked.

"You always assume you're pregnant," Perry laughed. "Okay, so four out of five so far; you're thinking five out of five?"

"And why not?" she mumbled. "You're good at that."

"You say that like it's all me," he sighed. "You know, you never told me why you have such an obsession with getting pregnant."

"What?" she sounded more offended than she meant to come off as.

"I don't mean that in a bad way," Perry said quickly. "But, you have to go through so much every single time. I don't see why you want to be pregnant so badly. We've already got seventeen kids, you trying to break a world record?"

"Maybe," Xhirxhti joked. "But, I know that if I'm pregnant, myrx won't accept me back home until she finds out that I gave birth…"

"Oh," Perry went silent.

"I love myrx, but I love you more," Xhirxhti latched onto his side and curled up next to him, letting his methodical breathing sooth her.

"I love you, too, Xhirx," Perry smiled, wrapping his arm around her and turning onto his side. She took a deep breath and buried her face into his chest, listening to his heartbeat; a soft drum in his chest of steel.

Xhirxhti was safe…she couldn't feel safe anywhere else. She closed her eyes and calm washed over her mind, a friendly, relaxing wave of positive energy telling her that everything was going to be okay. Her mind fell into a deep sleep…

She woke up hours later to find that Perry was gone. His injury must be bothering him, don't freak out, Xhirxhti told herself. He'll be back momentarily. Just keep calm, and think to yourself. Relax.

Turning onto her back, she placed one hand to her stomach and sighed. She wondered if what Perry had said could be true, about how it was possible she wasn't pregnant this time around. But…he could be wrong…right?

It aggravated her to no end to think of him suggesting that. Now she was even more anxious to know. But she couldn't know for quite a while. That also frustrated her. She couldn't feel anything…nothing at all.

But morning sickness usually came very quickly to Xhirxhti. Within the next few days, or, if she was lucky, in the next few hours. That had happened with the second set of sextuplets… she'd woken up the morning after spewing her guts out.

Sighing, she curled up into a ball and pulled the sheets tight around her. Whatever the outcome, she'd know soon enough. At least Perry was home, and she had someone to be with…someone she was madly in love with.

He would be back soon, yes.

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