Chapter 1: The Three Amigos

17 year old senior Rosalina Tai walked into her 4th hour right as the bell rang. She sunk into her seat and put her head down on the desk. A minute later, she felt a poke on her head. She lifted it up and saw the smiling face of a boy with shaggy blond hair and brown eyes.

"Yeah?" She muttered.

"What's up kiddo?" The boy asked.

"Nat's mad at me again." She sighed. "I don't know what to do this time Jays."

"Come on RT, the kid loves you." Jays said, patting her shoulder. His real name was Jackson Jamie Johnson but everyone called him Jays.

"Whatever. Thanks dude." Rosalina smiled at him. Jays and Rosalina had been friends since they were babies. Jays has been the one person that was always there for Rosalina.

"No problem, that's what I'm here for." Jays said. The two did the silly handshake they made up when they were kids and Jays took his seat behind her. Rosalina put her head back down and fell asleep. A few minutes later, Jays kicked her chair and she woke up. Their Real Life Connections teacher, Mrs. Croft, was standing over her.

"Your homework Mrs. Tai?" She asked.

"Oh, uhh, yeah." Rosalina said, pulling her notebook out of her bag. She flipped to the page and Mrs. Croft stamped it. She moved on to the person in front of her. Rosalina turned around to face Jays. "Thanks Jays."

"No prob girl." Jays smiled his goofy grin.

After class...

"So, where are ya eating lunch today?" Jays asked Rosalina as they left the class into the busy hallway.

"Well, since Nat's mad at me, the guys will be mad at me. And Kristina's got a meeting so I was thinking with you and Ace. Is that cool?" Rosalina asked.

"Of course it's cool." Jays said, putting his arm around her. "It's not everyday I get to eat lunch with a famous rockstar." He winked at her.

"Jays, shut up! We've been best friends since we were in diapers and if you and Nat would get along for once, then you could eat lunch with me everyday." Rosalina said, hitting his shoulder. They walked outside to a picnic table where their other friend, Ace Jensen, was sitting.

"Oh my... is it? It's the famous Rosalina Tai. Thank you for gracing us lonely losers with your beautiful presence!" Ace said, kneeling on the ground, bowing to her. Rosalina smacked his head.

"Ace, get up and stop acting like we've never met before. I've known you since 2nd grade." Rosalina said, sitting down next to Jays. Ace got up and sat across from them.

"So, my darling friend, what has been going on in your amazing life?" Ace asked, eating a few chips out of a bag.

"Okay, Ace, stop talking like I'm some superstar, its gonna get old." Rosalina snapped at him.

"Rawr." Ace said back.

"Sorry, I'm just having a bad day, that's all." Rosalina sighed.

"Yeah, she got in a fight with Nat." Jays said.

"What's going on between you two anyway? Are you together or not?" Ace asked her, taking of his Amigos High baseball hoodie. His real name was Anthony Jensen but when he started to play baseball, everyone called him Ace. He and Jays became instant best friends when they met the first day of 2nd grade. Along with Rosalina, they became the three amigos, inseparable.

"We're not together but I really wish we were. We kinda flirt with each other but it's nothing special. Today, we got in a fight about him going on a date with some nasty girl in his class. He asked everyone this morning when we were hanging out in the commons and I just said that she didn't look like his type and he blew up on me." Rosalina told them.

"Well, who is it?" Ace asked, fixing the backwards hat on his head.

"Uhh, I think her name's Sydney Smith." Rosalina said, taking the hat off Aces head and attempting to fix his black hair.

"Sydney Smith!?" Ace and Jays both said.

"Yeah, you guys know her?" Rosalina said, putting the hat back on Ace's head.

"She's the biggest slut in 10th grade. My sister was talking about her last week after her soccer game. The girl pushed my little fragile sister over during practice." Ace nearly shouted.

"First of all, Abby is like 3 inches taller than you. And, are you serious? I knew that girl didn't seem like his type. She walked by us with some skimpy little skirt on." Rosalina said. "Ughhh why is he into her?"

"Well, if he's into her than just ignore it. It'll blow over." Jays said

"Or he'll get her pregnant." Ace smiled. Rosalina gave him a dirty look and both him and Jays started to laugh.