Chapter 11: Epilogue

I guess you can say everything turned out good for Rosalina. Her and Ace graduated and moved in together. The band went on a benefit tour in honor of Jays, all the money going into a foundation to help kids with special needs. Rosalina and Jays started school in the fall and graduated 4 years later.

Rosalina and Nat ended up getting married after she graduated from NYU. They didnt have a fight since they made up that one day at the cemetery. Ace was a bridesmaid at the wedding and Nat and Rosalinas first dance was to Jays favorite song, Your Smile. Nat and Rosalina ended up having 2 kids, their oldest named Jackson and their youngest named Jamie.

After Ace graduated, he was drafted by the Yankees and played there for a long time. He got married to Kristina coincidently and they lived right next to Nat and Rosalina. They named their son Johnson, John for short. They got a dog and they named him Jays.

Alex and the rest of the band got married too. They all lived in the same neighbor hood as Nat, Rosalina, Kristina, and Ace. The Naked Brothers Band still did gigs but not as often. But, every May 7th, they did a benefit concert at Amigos in honor of Jays.

Luke Johnson grew up to be just like his older brother. Ace and Rosalina visited him a lot and he came up on weekends sometimes. He fell in love with the girl they moved next to and they ended up getting married and moving to New York as well. They had one son who they named in honor of Jays, Jackson Jamie Johnson the 2nd.

Every year on December 8th, the day Jays was born, and May 7th, the day he died, Ace and Rosalina spent the day at the cemetery, telling their best friend about what was happening in their lives. Everyday, they both wore a bracelet they all made in 2nd grade. They said JAR,BFFL (: Because they would be best friends for life.

Hey guys! hope you liked this story and my other one, The Sun Will Find Us All Eventually! I'm just starting a new story right now and i want to get a few chapters done before i post the first chapter. I'm also considering starting a one shot collection like my Begin Again one, mostly based on taylor swift songs. So stay tuned! Thanks for all the support (: