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I wake up to the blaring sound of my alarm. I slam it off, and slowly roll out of bed. As much as I want to sleep, I know my dream job is waiting for me just a few hundred feet away in the barn. Working with problem horses has always been the career of my choice, and it doesn't even feel like work to me. It's not even a job; it's a part of who I am. I throw on a blue flannel shirt, a pair of jeans, and a big blingy belt that Lou had bought me for my Birthday, and walk to the bathroom yawning. After brushing my teeth, putting on a little mascara and running a brush through my long blonde hair I head to the kitchen. Lou is making eggs and toast while Peter is at the table attempting to balance about a hundred pounds of work papers, a laptop and a crying baby, Katie. Lou has a phone wedged between her ear and shoulder and is trying to carry on a conversation with her boss while pouring coffee. Just then it smelled like burning.

"Lou! Your toast!" Peter exclaims over the cacophony of baby cries. Just then a crumbled, black piece of what used to be edible bread pops up from the toaster.

"Shoot!" Lou yells. "No not you…the…look I have to call you back," she says into the phone. I quickly grab a banana from the fruit bowl and make my escape out the front door just as I hear Lou yelling "Hey Amy I need your help!...". I walk across the gravel driveway. It's a beautiful spring day in late May. I reach the barn and see Ty walking out of the entrance and throwing his backpack into the passenger seat of his truck. After lighting hit a tree that fell on his trailer during a storm, he's been staying in the loft. I'm so happy to have him back and thankful he wasn't in the trailer when the tree fell.

"Hey beautiful," he says to me smiling. I look up at his bright green eyes and lean in for a kiss. After a while we break and he says, "I have to go meet Scott at the clinic for a few hours, but when I come back I have a surprise for you," he say with a devilish grin.

"Ty! What is it?" I say running after him as he sprints to his truck. I tackle him laughing and he falls to the ground. Laughing he tries to throw me off of him.

"Jack's coming!" Ty says laughing. I quickly get off the ground and turn around. "Where? I don't see him?" I say. I turn back around to see Ty sitting in his truck and quickly shutting the door.

"Got ya!" he says laughing, "See you in a couple hours!" Smiling, he drives off.

"Ty! I hate you!" I yell laughing. But he and I both know that's totally not true; I couldn't hate Ty if I tried. He is the love of my life.

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