I wake up abruptly to the sound of heavy tires clanking against the gravel driveway. Shoot! I think. Eric's here. I quickly jump out of bed. I must have slept it since I finally had a good nights sleep since I had finally made my decision about my future. I quickly get dressed and head down to the barn; there's no time for breakfast. I jog down to the barn and see Eric talking to Grandpa.

"Hi Eric, sorry I'm late," I say as I walk over.

"No problem," he says. I can tell he's anxious to see Te, so I lead him to the barn and describe everything I have been doing with him. I clip a lead onto him and tie him up to fence. Then I gently place the saddle pad and saddle on his back. Eric is astounded at the progress I've made. I grab my helmet and bridle from the barn and slowly get on. Then I trot him around the pen.

"This is amazing!" Eric says, "You are amazing! You've certainly worked another miracle." I blush and say, "Thanks, but Te's the amazing one. I give him a pat and squeeze him into a canter. After going around a couple times, I walk over to where Eric and Grandpa are standing.

"Do you want to ride him?" I say to Eric smiling.

"Are you sure? What if he doesn't trust me?" he says hesitantly.

"He'll trust you," I say sliding off. Eric retrieves his helmet from the car and I hand him the reins. He looks a little nervous but he lets Te sniff his hand and gives him a pat, then puts his foot in the stirrup and slowly swings his leg over. He lets Te walk around a little bit before pushing him into a foreword trot. He collects him up beautifully then sends him into a smooth canter. He smiles and looks at me.

"He is incredible!" Eric says. I smile.

"Do want to try him over a jump?" I ask. Eric smiles and nods his head enthusiastically. We head over to the ring just as Ty walks out of the barn, along with Lou and Mallory. Everyone stands at the fence while Ty helps me lower the jumps. I set up a little cross rail to start. Eric pushes Te foreword and turns him to the jump. Once Te locks his eyes on the little jump he tries to charge, but Eric sits back and collects him up. Three, two one, Te launches himself over the jump, tucking his knees beautifully. Eric smiles and gives him a pat. Ty and I raise it up to a 3ft vertical. Te practically steps over it like its nothing. Ty and I raise it a few more times until it's about 4'6ft. Eric points Te to the vertical and collects him up, and then Te soars through the air. Eric then points him to the line that hasn't been changed since I jumped Dillon over it. My eyes widen as I watch Te fly over first and second jump then the huge fence at the end that's about 5ft. Te jumps it with ease and lets out a playful buck at the end. Eric laughs and gives him a huge pat.

"He's just like Hickstead," he says, tears in the corner of his eyes. He gives Te another pat and slides off. We walk back to the barn and Ty offers to untack him and hose him off. Eric turns to me.

"Thank you so much," he says, "Te is the best horse I've ever ridden. He might just be as good as his father he says with a laugh."

"No problem," I say, "He was amazing to work with."

"I was also wondering if you've thought about my proposal," Eric says. My stomach flips a little.

"Yes I have. And while I hate change, this is an amazing opportunity and I would be honored to come show and travel with you on the winter circuit when you head down to Ocala, Florida," I say, "I can't wait to work with your horses and become an even better rider." A huge smile crosses Eric's face.

"I was afraid you'd say no," he says, "So, I'll see you towards the end of the summer then, around September. I want to get a few shows in before we head down to Ocala. We can work out the details a bit later, but I look foreword to having you as a working student. Oh, one other thing. That horse you were riding before…Dillon; is he by any chance for sale?" A smile crosses my face.

"Yes, in fact he is."

"Ah, wonderful. I would love to buy him from you. I promise to take excellent care of him," Eric says.

"Of course," I say, "I can't imagine a better home for him." Eric says good bye to everyone and I bring Dillon out of his stall. I give him a kiss and say 'See you soon boy'. Then Eric pulls out of the drive way with two horses in his trailer. Ty walks up behind me and wraps his arm around me. Everyone else walks back up to the house and Ty and I take a walk to our favorite spot by the pond. We sit down on a turned over canoe. He looks over at me.

"Do you think you made the right decision?" he asks. I turn to him and smile.

"Yes," I say. I lean in and kiss him then rest my head on his shoulder. "I'm going miss you though."

"I'm going to miss you too," he says, "But we'll get through it. We always do."

"We still have all summer…" I say looking up at him.

"Yeah. And I'm going to cherish every minute of it," he says. Then he leans down and kisses me.

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