In her richly and fashionably decorated office, Quinn stared at the massive pile of crushed up glitterberries and planted her face right into it and snorted up as much as she could.

She rose up for air, her face covered in the juice, feeling the burn up her sinuses, her body the relief and the power of the GB in her system, her brain being told that it wasn't killing itself anymore since the drug was in her system.

"What have I become?" Quinn moaned to herself in her chair as she started to cry.

Once long ago she had been an innocent girl in the woods with her family, then her father had found a berry patch and she had eaten some with them and put the rest in her pocket.

Then the hallucinations had come and the next thing she knew, she had woken up in the hospital and was told that she had almost died.

She had thought them all idiots, she hadn't ever felt so alive!

When they had gotten out of the hospital, everything had changed, the world was her oyster and with those berries in her clothes she had planted them in a secluded place and had watched them grow.

Secretly she had studied up on the subject and found a way to cultivate a breed of Glitterberries that weren't poisonous but had the same powerful visions.

Then she had slipped them into lunches of the kids at school, after that even Daria was hooked, and that had been the seeds of a powerful empire.

An empire to which she was the ruler, and now in the grip of a serious dependancy on her own drug.

She rose like a robot from her desk and stumbled as she climbed up on a table in front of the big bay windows and opened them, from the GlitteryBerry Towers in Miami she could look down on everyone else, they looked like ants.

Tiny delicious ants.

Quinn laughed like that little girl she used to be and felt glittery happy shimmery wings grow from her back, she stretched out her arms and laughed and leapt from the edge of windows.

As she flew in the sky the clouds and the magic clowns in them laughed and dance and she smiled and laughed with them, a magical forest of mattress made out of marshmallows awaited her.

She felt alive again.