Eddie sat next to Loren on the Private Jet, she was sound asleep. They were about 1 hour in to the ride to New York. Eddie was so happy to be home and not on the run anymore, criminal life wasn't for him, especially when he didn't even do anything worthy of being a criminal. Lia was also starting to creep him out and he had missed Loren so much. The only one's awake were Eddie and Max, they occasionally talked, most of the time about where Eddie had been.

Max: So someone was helping you?
Eddie: Yeah I was at an Ojai gas station and there was a guy there admiring my car. He asked for an autograph, I signed. I asked him where the bathroom was and he said it was around back. I went back there and suddenly someone wacked me with a pipe. He dragged me into a deep ravine, the knocked me off a mountain. Next thing I knew, a pair of siblings, Lia and Jeremy, were taking care of me. Jeremy was nice, but i got freaked out with Lia after she kissed me.
Max: Woah, she kissed you?!
Eddie: Yeah, I pulled away as soon as it happened-
All the sudden Loren's eyes fluttered open.
Loren: Woah, what's this I hear about someone kissing you!?
Eddie: It was just a girl that was helping me..don't worry babe, I pulled away as soon as I realized it!
Loren: Good thing this girl kept you alive or I would have pounded her face in for touching my Eddie!
Eddie: *laughs* I love you so much Lo.
Loren: *smiles* And I love you more.
Loren kisses Eddie passionetely.
Eddie: Woah, what was that for? Not saying that I didn't like it!
Loren: *giggles* What? My boyfriend was dead and then missing, and I can't kiss him?
Eddie: *laughs*
Loren wrapped her arms around Eddie's neck and kissed him again.
Eddie: Dang, maybe I should go missing more often.
Loren: Don't even think about leaving me again!
Eddie: Ha ha! I was just kidding babe.
Loren: So, what did I miss?
Eddie tells Loren what he told Max.
Loren: Awh you poor baby!
She kisses Eddie softly.
Eddie: No need to worry, I'm fine and with you now!
Loren: Forever?
Eddie: Yeah, about that...
Eddie turns around and pulls out a black box with a pink bow that says "Loren: Forever and Always".
End Chapter 1