Chapter 1 The Rescue

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This will primarily be a Kate/Nigel story, some Jordan/Woody, some Garett/Renee and

not much Bug/Lily. I'm sorry, neither Bug nor Lily were my favorites. But I did just watch

Crossing Jordan on Netflix this summer! Oh, and I know there isn't that much Kate/Nigel

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Set right after finale.

"I love you Jordan." said Woody, finally sharing the pent up feelings he's had for

years. "I love you too Woody. I know now, that you were always the one for me. Don't

get used to this mushiness, Farm boy." Jordan felt like a weight was lifted from her

shoulders, it felt right.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. "Do you hear that?" said Jordan, standing

up and looking at the sky. Woody was standing up as he said, "Yes, I do. It kinda

sounds like a helicopter." Nigel came running over looking excited, closely followed by

Kate, "Guys, they came. They came for us. We're going home!" Everyone was happy,

the look on their faces was pure joy.

The two helicopters landed nearby and the gang split up into 2 groups - Garett,

Jordan (who refused to leave him "I am not going to leave his side. I'm going with

Garett") and Woody (who didn't want to go in a different helicopter without Jordan) in one

helicopter, and in the other was Nigel, Kate (who was being strangely worried and

protected of Nigel), and Bug.

Kate sat next to Nigel and buckled up. She was afraid of flying before the

accident, but now she utterly terrified. Nigel looked over at Kate, and knew she was

worried about him, something that was out of character for her. She had her eyes

squeezed shut and a hand clutching the arm rest between them. He wanted to stroke

her hair, to comfort her, to tell her she'll be alright. But most of all, he wanted to

confessing his feelings. He was falling in love with a bright, beautiful, blond-haired, blue-

eyed ME who was prickly on the outside, but seemed soft and sweet on the inside. So

instead, he settled for holding her hand and stroking his thumb over the back of her


One minute Kate was freaking out, they were in the air, flying. FLYING. She

thought she couldn't do it, even though she kept repeating a mantra, "We won't crash.

We won't crash. We won't crash." Then, out of the blue, she felt a gentle hand placed on

top of hers and a caring thumb making circles on the top of her clenched hand. She

knew it was Nigel, but she still couldn't help but calm down just a bit. She wasn't a

mean person like the way she acted at work; she just needs time to adjust to a new

place and new surroundings. But she likes Nigel. No, not like him the way she does the

team (they wore her down, she likes that they're a family), she likes likes him. Of

course, she would never, ever admit that. Unless he said it first. But they did share that

one kiss...and it was quite good...and she thought he enjoyed it. However, if he just

enjoyed a kiss, that means nothing. It doesn't necessarily means he likes her and wants

to marry her and start a family with her. "God, what's wrong with me? All I think is that

he may or may not like me and suddenly I end up with us being married with kids and

being happy? I really need to get some. Maybe I will go to a bar after we get home and


He was watching her, she seemed to calm down when her put his hand on top of

hers, but just a moment ago she got that look on her face like she was worried. Oh what

he would do to comfort her.

"Kate, love, don't worry, we're gonna be okay." She sighed, but didn't open her

eyes. "Nigel, you don't know that for sure. Did you predict we were going to crash? Did

you?" She didn't wait for an answer. "If it happened once it can happen again." He

wasn't sure what he could say to comfort her, and his arm was throbbing, but he didn't

care about that. "It's going to be fine Kate. I can feel it love, we're gonna land and then

you'll be still stuck with me. You can't get rid of me that easily. I don't plan on going


Kate was listening to his calm, British accent. He seemed to be telling the truth

but she couldn't be sure, not until they land. But he said, "You can't get rid of me that

easily. I don't plan on going anywhere." "It was almost like he was talking about us,

about a relationship. No, that's crazy," she thought to herself.

She didn't say anything after that, she just quietly rested her head on his

shoulder, and when she did, he turned his face to kiss the top of her head. She was

calm for moment. And that's the last thing she remembers, as she fell asleep like that.