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Chapter 3 Examination

"Okay Dr. Switzer, you're all cleaned up and ready to go. I will suggest taking it easy for a little while, you have mild hyperthermia, dehydration, and starvation. For the pain I'd suggest Advil." said the male doctor tending to her wounds.

"Yeah yeah, I know the drill. 'See a psychiatrist too, while you're at it. You've been stuck on a mountain with barely no food or drink.' Trust me I will. It'll probably be mandatory for me to go back to work. I'm a doctor, I know what you were going to say before you said it. So am I free to go now? I'd really like to find my friend."

Kate was getting very annoyed, she had to wait 15 minutes for the doctor because they were backed up and she had to go find Nigel.

The doctor just gave a small smile and replied, "Yes, you may now go find your friend. Ask one the nurses and they'll be happy to help. Please rest Doctor, it truly is important for your health. Don't blow it off."

Kate said nothing. She just got up, grabbed her stuff, and headed for the nurses station.

"I'm looking for a Nigel Townsend, I came in with him. He's about, this tall, shaggy black hair, and an annoying British accent. Do you know what room he's in?" Nigel heard Kate ask the attending nurse and he called to her, "Hey Kate, I'm over here love. How ya doin'?" She looked a little relieved to see he was okay and that he was in a wheelchair.

"I'm perfectly fine. Mild hypothermia, dehydration, starvation, and some cuts and bruises. Nothing a day of rest and lots of food and drinks can't cure. How are you feeling though? Are you coming back from your x-ray?"

"Yeah, just coming back. They said the arm has a clean break, I'll just have to live with a cast for awhile. Are you going to go see how Dr. Macy is?"

"Well, I was, uhm, hoping to stay here with you. I don't want you all by yourself. Besides, I'm sure Garett has Jordan, Woody, Bug, and Abby up there. And even if they're not all there, they will be soon." She seemed to be a little nervous while she was waiting for Nigel's reaction.

"I'd love to have the company. You're welcome to join me anytime love." He said with a smile on his face. "I just want to get up there to wait for Dr. Macy. Although I know all we'll be doin' is just sitting there waiting for any type of news."

"Oh please Nigel, He's Garett Macy. He is not going to die."

The doctor had arrived again and was getting ready to make Nigel his cast.

"So, how does it feel? It's almost like you've lost an arm for 7 weeks." said kate as they stepped into the elevator.

"Oh, it doesn't feel too bad. Sadly it's already starting to itch me. You don't happen to have a pencil or a ruler? Anything pointy or long?"

Kate just smiled and replied, "I know something that's sharp, shiny, and comes in all different sizes. I'm sure I could poke around and find one." She winked at him.

"Well, I think you're talking about a knife, so I'll just live with the annoying sensation."

"Hey, that's what I think of you. Except you won't be gone in 7 weeks."

"Oh please," said Nigel, "You know you can't live without me Kate. Who else will push your buttons for you?"

"Nobody would. That's why I wouldn't miss you."

Nigel was ready with his retort when they reached the waiting room where everyone was seated. Bug was sitting next to Lilly, who had Maddie, and Jordan was sitting next to Woody with his arm around her. "Hey guys, how's Dr. Macy?"

"We don't know yet, he's still in surgery," replied Woody.

"Where's Abby. I assume the hospital notified her when he came in." Kate said as she took a seat next to Nigel.

"They did. She'll be here soon. She was visiting some friends and has to drive back." Bug answered.