"I'm afraid to do this here in my room what if someone finds out?" Said Jessie a bit scared.

"Where else? We can't afford any hotel near here, anyway it's your room, nobody can enter here, just lock the door."

"Yes, you are right, nobody will find out."

Finally, Jessie had found the love of her life, who had been in front of her eyes: Tony. They had been in a relationship for some time and decided to go for the next step. Making love.

They turn of the lights, start making out and soon they are naked on her bed having sex. He is the perfect guy. He, who have standed up for her in every hard situation, even in front of the bad rich guys she dated before. She needs nobody else. He's her prince. So romantic, he treats her like the princess she is.

After they're done, he leave quietly so nobody else notices. Everything worked as planned. Or did it?

The next day, Luke greets her "Hi, bitch!"

"Excuse me, what did you say?"

"I said, hi, Bitch!"

"That's no way to treat a lady or your nanny, so you will excuse now."

"Of course not, a bird told me that you and Tony had sex yesterday, in your room, just wait till my dad knows."

"You have nothing, it's just a rumor and it's not true! And we both are grown up adults, we are free to do anything we want."

"It's more like a fact, i got you on video. You may be adults, but you both work here, you will get fired, you and your boyfriend. I can't wait to send it to dad."

"You're bluffing."

"Wanna bet? Just see."

Luke starts playing the video on his cell phone and shows it to Jessie.

"You little brat!"

"More respect, i own you now!"

Jessie takes his cell phone and says "aha! now you got nothing!"

"C'mon, you think i'm that stupid to show you the only copy i got? I've already uploaded it on the internet, i just type the password and you are history on this building, along with your boyfriend. Good luck to you two sleeping together on central park. I didn't recorded it on my cell phone, just look at the video. Now give my my cell back or you are also buying me a new one, unless you want this to be your last day in New York."

Jessie looks at the video again and see that the camera don't move and also from that angle Luke couldnt have been hiding. She knows that he must have put some hidden camera on her room and that he's not bluffing. Gives the cell phone back to Luke. Damn this little brat who was more money than her.

"Ok, here, tell me what you want."

"Good girl. You always make the right choice. I want a blowjob."

Continues to chapter 2.