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Okay so this carries on from last episode, it's the morning after and Eddi wakes up in Luc's caravan :)

Eddi slowly opened her eyes, her head was killing her. As she led semi awake for a couple of minutes, she realised she could hear someone moving around; she wasn't alone. Eddi couldn't work out who it could be, not max she hadn't seen him in weeks. She could hardly remember anything from last night; all she did remember was arguing with Luc. Oh god, how was she going to face him today?

As Eddi starting to sit up and take in her surroundings, she realized she wasn't in even in her flat. She was however in Luc's caravan; flashbacks of the last time she woke up here starting floating in her mind, but she quickly put them out of her head – they were too painful to think about. She could hear Luc in the small bathroom of his caravan; Eddi hoped she could get up now and slip away before he came out but knew it was impossible, she was way too hung-over to be able to quietly get up and out of the caravan.

So Instead Eddi decided to just lay back down, she didn't want to get up and face the world. She had a banging headache and was starting to remember embarrassing herself in front of everyone at the wedding, Oh well it couldn't get much worse than that.

She was too busy wrapped up in her thoughts to notice Luc come out of the bathroom. When he noticed she was awake he quickly made his way over to sit next to the sofa bed she was on; he needed to talk to her.

"Eddi," Luc whispered not wanting to startle her, as she was clearly still tired and hung-over.

"What do you want Luc?" Eddi spat back harshly.

"How are you feeling?" Luc asked, ignoring her tone.

"Like crap," She told him.

"I'm not surprised; you were in a right state last night." Luc told her coldly as he stood up and started making coffee.

"Well sorry to be a burden, but I don't remember asking for your help Mr. Hemmingway," Eddi sarcastically replied.

"You didn't." Luc told her, "But you needed it." He added quieter.

"I didn't, I can look after myself perfectly fine, thank you." Eddi told him, slowly standing up as too not make herself feel sick.

"Eddi," Luc whispered, "I can't just stand by and watch you do this to yourself," He told her, emotion thick in his voice.

"Do what?" Eddi asked, "I'm fine," She insisted.

"No you're not." Luc replied bluntly.

"And whose fault is that?" Eddi spat back, getting annoyed.

"Eddi please let me help you, I care." Luc told her, blocking her when she tried to leave.

"Well you have a funny way of showing it, now move please and let me out." Eddi told him.

"Eddi, you're staying here. You need help, I know I messed up and shouldn't have left you but I freaked out but I'm here now and want to help you Eddi, I'm not very good with emotions and stuff but please Eddi I care about you and hate watching you destroy yourself. Please stop and let me help you." Luc pleaded, grabbing Eddi's arm and making her look him in the eye as he told her his feelings.

"It's too late now," Eddi told him tears in her eyes.

Luc was taken aback by Eddi's answer and stood there shocked for a moment; Eddi took her chance and quickly pushed past Luc and out of his caravan nearly running to get away. She drowned out Luc's shout and pleas for her to come back, instead heading home. She'd made her mind up; she defiantly couldn't face the world today. The only thing that would make her mood better now was alcohol.

Luc stood in the car park, watching Eddi as she walked away from him.

"Oh Eddi, I will help you, it's not too late." Luc whispered to himself, vowing to save the girl he loved.

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