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Luc had just come back from getting medication for a patient, after handing it over he looked around the ward. Still no sign of Eddi; Luc wasn't really surprised, after the row they'd had this morning, but the old Eddi he knew would never have skived off work just because of that. Sooner or later Michael or someone will notice her absence and he'll have to make an excuse for her, and he will of course just like he had with the tablets the other day; because it was all his fault.

Luc carried on doing his ward rounds, AAU was incredibly busy as Sacha was away on a short honeymoon and Eddi was 'sick'. This meant Michael and Luc were having too rush around treating everyone, right now Michael was in theatre but when he was finished Luc knew he'd notice Eddi wasn't here. About five minutes later, Michael came walking up too him in scrubs, his patients being put back into his bay.

"Hey, have we got anything serious?" Michael asked.

"No not really, I'm transferring a couple of patients up too Keller and then the rest is mainly keeping patients on their medication and checking on them." Luc told him

"Oh good, I'm not in the mood to have a busy shift especially as we're understaffed, hey where's McKee?" Michael asked suddenly noticing Eddi still wasn't on the ward.

"Oh did I forget to tell you?" Luc asked starting too real off the excuse he'd made up for her. "I sent her home, she was sick. I think you must have been in theatre when she left actually, sorry I should have told you." Luc explained.

"Oh right Okay then, better not just be from a hangover." Michael replied.

"No it wasn't, I think she's caught a chest infection or the flu. Either way she was no use to the patients in the state she was in, she would only have made them ill by spreading whatever she has. It was best that she left." Luc told him.

"Yeah Okay that's fine, I better go check on Mr. Roberts call HR and get an agency nurse for us, and I think we might need an extra set of hands to fill in." Michael told Luc as he walked over to his now conscious patient.

Luc carried on with his work, glad Michael had believed his cover story. It wasn't like Luc too lie for people usually he would just tell the truth and allow them to be punished if they weren't doing their job properly. But with Eddi it was different; he cared and really the state she was in was all Luc's fault, he was responsible and should really do all he could for her, including lying.

Luc was really worried about Eddi though, when she'd left his caravan this morning she had been very hung-over and extremely angry. He really hoped she'd gone home and slept it off but he doubted she had. He just really hoped she hadn't gone out and gotten drunk, so she didn't have to deal with her problems. Eddi wasn't answering her phone and Luc didn't know how to get hold of her. He could hardly just turn up on her doorstep; she'd kill him.

When Luc finished his shift later that evening he'd made up his mind; he would go round to Eddi's and check on her. He just hoped he didn't find her really drunk or maxed out on comoxidan. It really upset him to see the state Eddi had gotten herself into recently, not that he really showed it. He had never been good and showing people how he felt.

Tonight however, he was going to show Eddi he cared. He wanted Eddi to know he was here for her, and that he really cared for her. He wanted to help her get off the pills, even if she didn't want his help. He was determined and as he walked to her flat he came up with more and more ways to force her to stop and listen to him. It wouldn't be easy but hopefully he could persuade her he still cares.

Luc rang the doorbell and waited nervously in silence. When she didn't answer, Luc was at a loss of what to do. What if she was out? Or what if she was passed out inside her flat? Luc really needed to get up there and check. Tonight luck was on his side though, as he was stood ringing the buzzer too Eddi's flat someone came out the main door. Luc quickly dived for the front door and held it open he then slipped inside.

Luc climbed the stairs to Eddi's, staying out off the lift like usual. Some things never change. When he got too Eddi's door, Luc knocked and waited nervously, hoping she'd open the door. Yet again luck was on his side, about a minute later a tipsy Eddi swung the door open and nearly fell right into Luc.

"Oh it's you, I thought it was the pizza guy," Eddi moaned.

"Nope sorry, I haven't got a pizza for you, can I come in anyway?" Luc asked

"Fine, whatever," Eddi replied turning round and walking back inside. When Luc followed her inside he found her sat on the sofa, glass of wine in hand and three empty bottles on the floor.

"Were you thirsty?" Luc asked pointing to all the empty bottles.

"I wanted a drink, what's wrong with that?" Eddi asked getting defensive. "Do you want one?" she asked him.

"You know I don't drink, I don't see why anyone does," Luc replied.

"Because it's fun!" Eddi nearly shouted at him. "Sorry forgot you don't like to have fun," She added.

"You don't need alcohol to have fun, anyway why weren't you at work today?" Luc asked.

"Do you seriously have to ask that? I really couldn't be bothered facing you or anyone else after this morning or last night." Eddi told him.

"I was worried about you," Luc admitted.

"Yeah right, whatever" Eddi replied sarcastically.

"I was, please believe me. I thought you might have ended up taking loads of pills." Luc told her.

"No, I just wanted to get drunk, so I did." Eddi told him.

"Please Eddi, let me help you. You shouldn't be taking those tablets; I can help with your addiction." Luc pleaded with her.

"I'm not addicted; I only take them when I need them." Eddi told him.

Just as Luc was about to reply the doorbell interrupted him. Eddi got up and went to see who it was before buzzing them in.

"Right, that's my pizza guy. Now If you don't mind can you please leave. You're doing my head in." Eddi told him.

Luc sighed in defeat, there was no point talking to her when she was drunk, he'd have to make her see reason tomorrow when she was sober.

"Of course Nurse McKee, I do however except to see you at work tomorrow, on time. I won't cover for you again." Luc tells her; frustrated that he wasn't getting anywhere.

After that Luc left, barging past the pizza guys on his way out. He walked home in the rain; really angry. Why wouldn't Eddi listen to him? He needed to get her off the comoxidan, sooner rather than later. God did he hate Max; he could just kill him for what he did too Eddi. Luc would fix her though, he was determined.

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