*Updated; not many things changed, just a few grammatical errors

Chapter 1

"Finally, I'm almost there. 12 damn hours on that plane with the screaming baby

2 rows behind me, it was a night mare." John Casey said to himself as he turned

right on the street which Verbanski was staying on. As much as it pained him

to admit it, he missed her. All of those weeks apart were tough on him. He liked

the was she smelled of gun powder and peppermint, the way she looked in the

morning, and their conversations over which rifles are the best. He just hoped

being apart this long didn't ruin their relationship. And he certainly didn't

want her to she find someone else. Even though he never thought of

getting married again, some part of him imagined what a life with Gertrude would

be like.

"Alright that's it. Hand the money over and get out of here. I won't ask you

again." Gertrude said as she aimed her gun at the head of the scum of a man in

front of her. He did what she said; he was out of moves. She had her team

surrounding him and took his weapons. He wasn't walking away a rich man today.

"If I ever see your ugly little face again, I promise you; I will not be

this nice." And with that, she turned and strutted off; content that she

finished another side job. To keep herself busy (and her mind away from Casey),

she took a few jobs on the side. She's been wondering if he'll ever show up. She

called him earlier that day but there was no answer, his phone was off.

He was probably on a mission, she told herself. It was a long day, she was going

to head home, undress, and relax in a nice hot tub.

Casey walked up to the front desk of the swanky hotel he tracked Verbanski to

while he carried his bags in. He didn't trust the bellhop with his guns. "Excuse

me, I'm Gertrude Verbanski's husband and I'm here to surprise her. May I please

have her room number?" said Casey to the man at the desk. "I'm zorry zir, I

cannot give zout zat information. It'z against company policy." the man answered

in a very thick accent. However, Casey had been prepared for this; having already made

up a cover. "Look sir, I know you can't, but please bend the rules for me. Just this

once. It's a surprise. It's our anniversary today and I haven't seen her in months.

I have something really romantic planned. I'm gonna propose again. I am going

to have room service send up chocolate covered strawberries and Champaign.

Then we'll go out to the balcony, because knowing her, she'll get a suite

with a balcony and 2 bedrooms. I'll tell her how much I love her and missed

her, then get down on one knee. Now isn't that romantic?"

The man's face fell less stern, "Yez, zat doez zound nice. I zuppose I

could bend ze vules just ziz vonce." He started typing on the keyboard. "Zokay,

it zayz here zat Mrs. Verbanski'z voom is 2416. Here ziz za key."He handed

Casey a worn, metal key. "Thank you. You've made me a very happy man." very

happy man." And with that, Casey headed off to the elevators.

Carefully, Casey put the key in the lock and turned it quietly. Incase Verbanski was

inside, he stepped carefully through the door, gun drawn. He called out to her, "Verbanski,

you here? It's me, John." When there was no answer and he checked all the rooms, he

put his gun down and went back to the bedroom. He looked behind her pillow, and there

was her Smith & Weston .32. Not her favorite gun, just an extra for emergencies was still

there. He remembered when he first saw her stick that gun under her pillow.

"What are you doing?" said Casey? He was watching Verbanski get up out of bed and

reach for her jacket. "Nothing," she replied, grabbing a gun, "I'm just grabbing something."

She walked back over to him, climbed on the bed, and gave him a long and lingering kiss. She

stuck the gun under her pillow. "Wow, what a girly gun." Casey teased, his voice deep and

sexy. She turned towards him, a slow smile tugging on the edges on the of her lips, "Yes,

it is girly. But who ever said a Smith & Weston isn't a good gun as a backup? I only have it for

emergencies. I keep it under my pillow at night. So, if you ever do something I don't like, I'll

shoot ya." She winked at him and started to kiss him.

He could hear her key in door, she was back. He grabbed his gun and started walking into

the small living room. She had her gun drawn. But the moment she saw his face,

excitement and surprise softened her features. "John." she said breathlessly