The Trains wheels clicked along in a rhythmic fashion as the three brothers sat quietly staring out of the window. their instruments and other belongings clattered in the overhead compartments. they were now outcasts their voices silenced by the great unseen ruler of New Los Angeles.

or am I getting ahead of myself. here let me start at the beginning or Should I say The End.

as time passed things fell apart. children ripped from their mothers arms and forced into military servitude. things that we're once seen as art and entertainment we're deemed unfit for society and subversive. so those who chose to speak up were quickly silenced or taken in for questioning and never seen again. For David. such was the case. not only was he harboring what they called "abominations" but he and his "children" were deemed Criminals against the state. So in the dead of night he dressed them as warmly as he could. a few old sweaters he'd found. packed their bags with their instruments and a months worth of food and sent them on their way. years had passed since that night. and the sound of rain on the streets and static on the radio can still be heard. But rumor has it that's all about to change.