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quint's eyes buldged as the word "mire." "we...we're going to the mire?!" quint asked, dumbfounded. Wind jackal turned to quint and slowly nodded "yes..." Now quint's eyes looked about to pop out of his head as his father's head bobbled up & down, his jaw dropped and was clearly in shock as if in a trance "sky above, sky above, sky above" quint repeated the words over and over as if it was a deepwoods chant to ward off evil and bad luck. "Quint we need to worry about getting out of here first THEN and only then will we worry about the mire, do i make myself clear?" quint's head bobbled mechanicly, as he followed his father though the glowing and glittering forest. What felt like a boney hand on quint's sholder awoke him from his thoughts and when he turned his eyes got as wide as two golf balls and let out a shrill scream, full of terror. "F-father..." quint studdered to wind jackal, who in responce to his name faced quint, and soon wished he hadn't. He stood eyes wide jaw dropped but quickly regained control and in a angry voice, as if to start a fight, "Let my son go." Wind jackal glared at the decomposing thief that was holding young quint hostage. "give me money" rasped decomposed teeth that has long since been ridden of lips. "F-father i'm scared."
said a teary-eyed quint. "hush now quint, evrything's going to be fine." wind jackal reasured quint, while pulling his sword from his belt.

Wind jackal had drawn his sword and was about to teach this son-stealer a lesson when quint made his move, pulling out of the horrible sight of a theif's grip and like a banderbear being chased by wig-wigs he sprinted to his father's open arms, and wind jackal emraced him. 'thank sky..." wind jackal mummbled out loud, before liffting quint up to his shoulders, spining on his feet and high-tailing the scene with the thief still saying 'money...money...mon" soon the terrible rasping voice had faded to nothing and all was silent, exept quint sniffles Wind jackal felt misrible lisining to quint's terrifing sobs, for there was nothing he could wind jackal stopped but instead of putting him down wind jackal held quint in his arms,and let quint bury his head into his chest. 'o-oh father this place is horrible!" "i know my son, i know" then wispered in quint's ear "sky save us" quint nodded in agrement, before buring his head in wind jackal's chest agian.