Disclaimer: I don't own Snarf, Lion-O, or the Thundercats. I only own the plot to this story.

I Will Be Here

He laid nearby, curled at the base of the bed. His crimson eyes stared at the tawny furry sleeping form by him. His charge, Lion-O, is merely twelve years old with a strong will.

Though they are on their way to a new home, he couldn't help feeling that something was about to occur. Something that might alter their lives forever, but he didn't know what.

Snarf gave out a little shake. He then reached out and touched his charge's cheek. "Don't fret, Lion-O, old Snarf will always be here for you."

It was next that the door slid open.

Tygra's Kitten Kori: This is just a little one shot drabble featuring Lion-O and Snarf before the episode, Exodus.