Chapter 2
"blah" speech
'Blah' thought
Bold demons

After a short meeting with Lee and Ino, The Fox left. He knew exactly what the other two were saying as he left because everyone does.

"Lee, Who is he?"

"Ino all I know is he is called The Fox and that his flames of youth Burn bright." She almost regretted asking as Lee yelled the last part. "You know Lee I haven't had a single mission with Naruto as ANBU yet, have you?"

"No Ino I haven't but he has to be ANBU he is the youthfullest ninja in the village after the Hokage!" Fox was still outside the door and he chuckled to himself. 'Thanks Lee. If only I could tell you guys the truth. I honestly don't know why I can't, Itachi knew I was The Fox when he tracked me down. So know the entire Akatsuki know why can't you my most precious of people know?'

"Kit why not talk to the hokage, she will let you tell Ino. All she cares about is you having kits of your own."

"Stop, I already know that she practically told me in the office to marry Ino after this mission."

" I still don't understand how the Nara hasn't even figured out who you are." " It because he is too lazy to attempt to. And he and temari have been busy planning the weeding."

"Kit look alive Ino is coming. Make sure you make her yours."

"Stop perverted Fox she probably doesn't even like me."

" I guarantee that if you ask her on a date with you she will turn into the Hyuuga heir."

" Oh god I can't live with another hero worship like that she finally moved on don't jinx me."

" Just take off your mask and ask her kit!" Kyuubi practically turned back into his old angry self because of his host's obliviousness.

"Calm down Kyuubi, I'll do it." So Naruto took off his mask and waited by the door as Ino and Lee walked out.

"Hey Ino-chan, Sup Lee." Both turned and were surprised to see Naruto. Inner Ino yelled at her to run up and clutch that perfectly sculpted chest and feel those massive arms wrap around her. Her training at hiding her thoughts kicked in.

"Hey Naruto-kun how are you?"Seeing Naruto holding a note that said Sakura is outside Lee hasitly made an excuse to Ino and ran outside.

" would you like to go on a... um...d-date with m-me?"

Ino's inner voice stopped talking immedialely at those words. Outter Ino just blushed 'Thank god for these masks.

"Actually Naruto-Kun I would love to but.." Before she could finish he answered

"Tonight and tomorrow aren't good I have a mission with some Sand shinobi." She stopped did he just say,

"Sand shinobi?"

"Yeah baa-chan gave me a last minute mission. Ino-chan I have to go though, I'll see you when you get back from your mission if I'm done first."

'How did he know I had a mission and that weird Fox is meeting Lee and I with some sand Shinobi.'

"Dammit Fox why did I say that?"

" Kit you were flustered that she said yes and you kinda just lost it who cares if she realizes your the Fox. There gonna find out eventually."

"You know what Kyuubi your right who cares if they find out."

"Well kit we have another mission with Gaara how do you feel?" After a few seconds of silence Kyuubi realized that Naruto was too busy staring at Ino. 'Well kit you like her and she likes you why do you make it so difficult for yourself?'

"Ino-chan I have something to tell you." She turned to see to see Naruto,

"What is it Naruto-kun?"

"I am the ..." He was cut off by Lee shouting about how the Fox was late. Ino turned around to tell him shut up but noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and turned back to see The Fox where Naruto was standing and Naruto walking off towards Suna. She yelled up to him to stop. He turned as she ran up, "What was that Naruto-kun I couldnt hear over Lee."

As he was about to speak Ino's team came up and they all left leaving Naruto with his mouth open. "I am The Fox." His admission fell on no ears.

Ino turned to walk back as Naruto grew closer.

"Naruto-kun, what we you saying?"

"Ino-chan I am The Fox. I am the greatest feared Leaf ANBU hunter ever known I am the vessel for Kyuubi no Kasuma and I am the Fox Sage." She looked at him before she realized what she was doing. She leaned up and pecked his lips.

"What was that for?"

"For saving my life all those times in Mist."

"I couldn't let anyone get my Ino-hime." He stopped realizing what he said. She just looked at him and blushed.

"Naruto-kun I will see you tommorow at camp." She peeked his lips once more and sprinted to catch up to her team. 'Why did I kiss him that second time?' As she rejoined the group Sakura drew up next to her.

"What did Naruto want?"

"He told me he was The Fox and the vessel of Kyuubi no Katsuma. I think I believe him to."

"I always doubted you could kill a demon especially the 9 tails it explains quite a bit about his obsession with foxes. And it explains why he chose to take the Fox contract. I honestly don't know why I never made the connection. Fox Sage and The Fox. How dumb are we?"

"Very dumb."

"So are you going to still try to get with him?"

"Sakura he asked me out last night!" Ino could hide the emotions in her voice. Happiness, Nervousness, Fear and Excitement all battled each other ti be the dominate emotion in her voice.

"I just hope for the two of you that you guys start to date it would be so cute. The Fox and his Flower!"

Ino blushed under her mask and for the second time that day thanked kami for her mask.

"I guess." That was all she could manage to say without giving away to much about her current emotional state.