Well, I couldn't deny such an overwhelming plea for Sabriel! It's not my preferred Supernatural ship (Destiel always!), but there is no denying that Gabriel and Sam are pretty perfect for one another. So, here you go. Just think of this as an annex or huge deleted scene from Blind Devotion. I don't know yet how much overlap there will be-this story starts probably around the time Cas and Dean finally get together in BD. Gabe sees how happy they are together and decides to get a Winchester of his very own. It probably won't be as long (you know how persuasive and impatient Gabe is) but I'll have fun with it anyways. Anything you wanna see, let me know-I have no real plans for this one, so let's see what you can come up with! Hugs!

Sam Winchester sighed another melancholy sigh before taking a sip from his lukewarm latte. He had been trying to read the same page in his Law textbook for the last 30 minutes, but he was completely unable to focus long enough to draw any information from its pages. He flipped the top off of his beverage and drank the rest of the coffee in one large gulp. Maybe the rush of sugar and caffeine to his brain would help him get through this assignment. He still had 50 pages to read before his class in the morning but Sam knew he'd never get through it before he passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Life had been hard on the younger Winchester lately. A couple of weeks after he had last spoken to his brother on the phone, things had gone downhill. Sam had thought that he was doing fairly well for himself; getting into a well-respected Law school, having a pretty girlfriend, and being near the top of his Freshman class were all things he had taken for granted. He supposed it was cruel irony that, just when it seemed like Dean's life had suddenly started coming together with his angel and his card game winnings, his own life began to suck big-time.

Jess, Sam's girlfriend of three months, had come back to their apartment the next day, raging about her family drama. Sam, who had tried to be supportive through it all for her sake, had been trying to study for a test. She took his lack of interest in her bad temper as a lack of interest in their relationship and, after a long fight, gathered up her things and left. Sam couldn't say he blamed her. He was too caught up in his studying to be a proper boyfriend and she deserved someone who could give her the attention she deserved. He missed her, though, and her loss wore on him.

Without the extra rent money from Jess' job, Sam had then been forced to give up their apartment. He didn't have time to work more than a few hours a week at the university bookstore, and there was no way he'd ask Dean for more than his brother was already giving him. Luckily, he found an ad for a three-bedroom house shared with two other guys. Unluckily, the guys, as nice as they were, tended to party much too often for Sam's taste. He liked Ash and Garth well enough, but generally the house atmosphere was not conducive to sleep or studying.

So, now, here he sat in an abandoned corner of a dusty library at the far end of campus, trying to ready himself for tomorrow's lecture. Despite the copious amounts of coffee he had already consumed, his eyelids were starting to droop again. He was this close to saying 'fuck it' and giving in to sleep right there at the library table. Maybe, if he just took a quick nap, he'd have enough energy to make it through his homework before he headed back to the house. Better yet, he could just sleep here and go home after the lecture tomorrow…

"Why so glum, chum?"

The voice came out of nowhere and Sam jumped in his seat, knocking over his Starbucks cup. He was instantly thankful that he had already drank all the coffee or it might have been really embarrassing. He looked across the table to see that he was suddenly sharing it with someone else. Surprised by this new development, Sam rubbed his eyes. He must have been even more tired than he thought if he hadn't even noticed someone taking a seat a couple of feet from him.

Sam instantly recognized that man who had interrupted his almost-nap. What he couldn't figure out was why he was suddenly, inexplicably, sitting at his table. He had known Gabriel for pretty much his whole life, ever since his remaining family had moved into the firehouse when he was one year old. He hadn't seen the man but infrequently; it was usually them passing on the stairs with Gabriel dragging himself home after a night out and Sammy heading off to school. They had spoken a few times, and once he had spent the night in Gabriel's apartment when their father had taken Dean to the emergency room when his brother fell out of a tree. He remembered the man as being quirky but kind and he couldn't help the confused smile that crossed his lips—it was nice to see a familiar face.

The man returned the smile, his much more cheeky than Sam's. "What's the matter, Sammy? Cat got your tongue?"

Sam ignored the nickname for the time being, more curious as to the man's presence at the moment. "Gabriel?" he asked unbelievingly, "What are you doing here?"

"I teach here," the man replied readily. At Sam's suspicious eyebrow raise, he added, "Recreational Theology."

The younger man wasn't sure he'd ever heard of such a class, but he supposed he hadn't noticed anything that didn't fit into his major. Besides, what reason would Gabriel have to lie to him? Still, he couldn't help the feeling that something about this meeting seemed a bit fishy.

"Ok, but what are you doing here? This is the auxiliary Law library," he pointed out. Not to mention an inconspicuous back corner that he had really had to search for to find.

Gabriel looked around him, as though just now noticing his surroundings. "Oh, must have gotten turned around." He focused his attention back on Sam. "But, what a coincidence running into you, Sammy. I have seen you in months. How's our little egg head doing?"

Sam raised another eyebrow at the possessive "our," but sighed and looked down at this empty cup—empty like his life, he thought. "Fine," he lied. Depression weighed heavily on him, but he didn't need to burden this guy with his problems. Gabriel probably had better things to do that listen to his sob story. Besides, what if word got back to Dean? The last thing Sam wanted to do was make his brother worry—Dean had enough on his plate at the moment without taking on his baby brother's problems as well.

"That 'fine' was the least convincing 'fine' in a long history of 'fines'," Gabriel told him bluntly.

"Look, Gabriel, it's nice to see you again, but I don't really want to talk about it." Sam hated to push the older man away, but he was defensive about his private life, not to mention he still had a ton of studying to do. He told Gabriel the latter as politely as possible.

The other man frowned, then shrugged it off. "I get it, Sammy, I'll hit the road. But, if you do feel like talking, here's my number." Sam blinked and all of a sudden Gabriel was holding his cell phone and programming in his number. Funny, Sam could have sworn he'd left his phone in his jacket pocket. He really needed some sleep.

He took the cell when the man handed it back. "Thanks, Gabe. I'm sure I'll see you around if you teach here." Surprising, really, that they hadn't run into one another before this. Oh well, different majors and all that.

"Any time, Sammy boy," the man said with a wide grin.

Sam blinked again and he was gone.

The younger Winchester work with a start when he got a text at 7 the next morning. He grabbed his phone, wiping crusted drool off his cheek with his other hand. His lecture started at 8, so he wasn't late, but without the text he might have slept right through it. He opened his phone and peered blearily at the message. It was sent from a boy he sat next to in his Law class. "Clz cncld. Prof sick. Win!"

Sam stared at the text for a few moments, letting the information permeate his tired brain. Then relief washed over him. Thank God! He hadn't been looking forward to the lecture without having read the material, and now he had an extra two days to study. Not only that, but now he could go home and catch some sleep before his next class at noon. He didn't want to speak too soon, but things were looking up. Happily, he started to gather his gear, stuffing everything back into his messenger bag. He reached for his coffee cup and nearly dropped with when he felt that it was full of liquid. Frowning in consternation, he lifted the lid and saw that there was a fresh, warm latte inside. He saw writing under his fingers around the cardboard holder, and moved them to look at it more closely. Printed in messy, swirly handwriting was the message, "3 Gabe."

That evening saw Sam doing some serious research. That was nothing out of the ordinary, of course, (Gabriel hadn't called him an "egg head" for nothing) but his research this time did not have anything to do with his homework. Fingering his long-empty coffee cup with his left hand, he used his right to manipulated his laptop's mouse. He pulled up the Stanford University homepage and clicked on Schools. Scrolling through the long list of majors offered, he clicked on the School of Humanities and Sciences. Under that heading he found what he was looking for: Religious Studies. Biting his lip, he went to the Course List and scoured it until he found what he was looking for, much to his surprise. There, in black and white text, was "Recreational Theology" listed under the Fall classes. And, next to the title was the name of the professor: Novak, Gabriel.

Sam let out the heavy breath he had been holding as he searched for the man's class. This was just too surreal for him. He had never expected to see anyone from Lawrence here in California, least of his family's elusive neighbor. And, even if he did teach here, what had he been doing in the Law library annex? Even Sam wasn't technically allowed in there yet, but Gabriel, a Religious Studies professor, certainly had no business there. This whole thing seemed a bit weird to Sam, but he couldn't put his finger on why.

He again eyed the cup Gabriel had written on. Why had the man come back with fresh coffee for him? They barely knew each other, so what was with the early morning drink? Sam must have just missed him, as the beverage was still hot. Strangely, he didn't find Gabriel's return creepy, just odd and unexpected. Well, the guy had always seemed eccentric—maybe he was just happy to see a familiar face as well and didn't know how to say it. Sam smiled. The gesture had been sweet, if peculiar. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to seek out a real friend in this town where he had so few…