Title: Blood Contract
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Prompt : HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. Vampire Izaya and Priest Shizuo story! This is an AU story!

Author's Note: Technically this is AU. Please consider this taking place several hundred years back. It also doesn't quite take place in Japan (Probably… lol) but if I changed their names to non-Japanese and took out the entire –san, -chan, the entire fanfic would be just an original story… I also understand that their names should be a saint's name etc… but again, I'm not going to change that due to fanfic sake.

so please understand why I had kept the Japanese names and the honorifics even if this doesn't really take place in Japan.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!



Vampires dominated his nightmares.

The images were hauntingly crystal clear as if it happened yesterday rather than fifteen years ago. For years, as a child, Shizuo would wake up drenched in sweat and crying as Brother Tom rushed over to hug him and tell him that it was alright- that he is safe now. And that no vampires would come for him that night; not inside the church…

…for the vampire that chased him in his dreams was actually caught and locked up deep underground. Shizuo Heiwajima knew this as a child… yet he still dreamed for years of that day when his parents were killed before his eyes and the vampire's claws squeezed his tiny neck, choking him as he sank his teeth in…

In order to defeat the vampire that haunted his dreams, and despite Brother Tom's disapproval, Shizuo registered to study in the Order of the Nebula. Or, to be more specific, in the branch for becoming a vampire hunter.

And thus our story begins…

-Chapter 1-

"Brother Shizuo!" The older man with an unshaven face rushed over, his dirty brown trench coat blown back with the wind. The blond man he had called after pretended not to hear him as he continued up the quiet church aisle, the stained glass windows reflecting soft rays of colorful light upon the otherwise dull wooden benches. The stomps of his boots are loud in the empty hall and his tall figure along with his twice as large cross on his back made the vampire hunter stand out too easily to be ignored.

"Brother Shizuo! Your report!" The man finally caught up to the blond, grabbing him by the sleeve. The blond man named Heiwajima Shizuo turned around finally, glaring down at the man in his trench coat.

"Yes? Brother?"

Brother Shuji Niekawa flinched, stiffening up at the icy cold glare from those sharp brown eyes. But he was a workaholic. And there was work to be done.

"Y-your report! You didn't file it correctly."

A bunch of papers were shoved into the tall blond young man's face. He sighed, grumbling that he was no good at this as he sat down on the closest bench and started scribbling his signature on them.

"I thought Father Tom said he would take care of this for me." Shizuo Heiwajima protested, as he scratched off whatever he thought looked right. He had just come back from his travels and his long coat was covered in mud and dirty. Brother Niekawa had noted them and frowned, though he did not speak his opinions out loud.

"Father Tom is a busy man. You should be doing your own work."

Shizuo groaned as he scratched his head, trying to make sense of his work quickly so he could retire to his quarters. He noticed that his sleeves were stained in blood and he sighed inwardly. He hated doing his laundry, not that he was any good in domestic things. He just wanted to get this over with and…

"Speaking of which, Brother Kasuka returned home."

"Oh yeah?" Shizuo brightened at those words. Kasuka Heiwajima was his blood brother. Though technically, the entire church was his family, still Shizuo was secretly biased and looked up to his younger brother. Besides him, only Father Tom and Sister Vorona had managed to earn Shizuo's trust within this church….

"Yes. And his accursed vampire too." Brother Niekawa tsked in disapproval. "She's a succubus whore. Spawn of the devil itself. Such a vile creature shouldn't step foot on our holy grounds but…"

Brother Niekawa paused at the sound of something snapping. The feather quill pen Shizuo had borrowed from Brother Niekawa broke in half and the blond's forehead had several blood veins popping up in places.

Seeing the red face should have been a clue for the unfortunate monk but Brother Niekawa wasn't well known for being sharp. Or rather, he didn't quite understand when to 'fear,' since he believed he was protected by God.

"Angry? Seriously, my dear Brother. She is a slut. A vampire like her should have never… whooOOooaaAAaa!"

Suddenly Brother Niekawa couldn't feel the ground under him as he was soon lifted up high and he found himself facing a beast barely able to contain his anger within his body.

"Don't. Talk about Ruri-chan. That way. Or. My Brother. Kasuka."

Shizuo huffed. The anger boiled inside him, wanting to be released. He had to speak in short spurts, barely connecting the words into a cohesive sentence. Because right now his vision was swimming red as his eyes became bloodshot with sheer fury.

"Ruri-chan? What's this? You actually call the vampire with endearing names? Brother Shizuo, she's a Vampire! A cursed being! She should have been killed the moment… Ah… Ah… I see it now. You're jealous."

Shizuo froze at those words, his lips trembling. Did he say…

"You're jealous that your own blood brother had successfully made a blood contract with a vampire. Ahaha… I see. So you want one too? Your own vampire slave? You know, hundreds of priests have tried but failed for years but you and your brother… were the only ones. Except, in actuality, you failed in yours too. But Brother Kasuka is revered for succeeding in his. And because of how he succeeds in more missions than you, is far superior than you… you're jealous aren't you?"

Something inside the young man snapped. It was like a thin rubber band that was holding onto the tornado inside him was finally ripped from the pressure and snapped right back with a deadly force. There was a sound of a wooden bench being crushed by just a fist alone followed by a crunching sound of the planks on the floor being smashed. A scream echoed through the halls as Shizuo unleashed his anger all in one throw.

It was short and fast. The beast quelling once the violence was unleashed. He cursed at his supernatural strength as he looked at the damage and tossed the papers towards Brother Niekawa's body.

"Don't. Piss me off again."

And with that, Brother Shizuo retreated to his quarters, his shoulders slumped and heart heavy.

Heiwajima Shizuo hated violence. He hated how violence had killed his family. He hated the person he had become, drenched in blood of another every day…

Shizuo was always a short tempered child, but he grew more so after that 'incident.' Because of it, the solemn Shizuo did not get along with the other orphans in the church. When he got picked on or bullied, Shizuo erupted in anger, causing him to throw whatever was the nearest… including the heavy wooden church benches which were nailed to the floor. In a fit of rage, at a tender age or 8, Shizuo had ripped the bench twice his size and weight from the floor and threw it across the hall.

Ever since then, the children avoided him. Save for a weirdo who was fascinated with his body and asked if he could cut him open and see what made him so strong. Only Shinra Kishitani, who grew to become the doctor for the church, was somewhat close to the young boy with serious chocolate eyes.

But Shizuo was fine being alone. He even avoided his younger brother Kasuka as much as he could because he didn't want him to be an outcast like him. And because Shizuo wanted to protect his only blood brother… and thus kept a dark secret from Kasuka as long as he could, before the word got out by the other members of the church, whispering rumors.

The secret about the vampire named Orihara Izaya.

"I heard vampires are ugly and have four arms! And they also have fangs like sabertooth tigers! And they rip you apart when they bite you!" The kid with hair slicked back exclaimed before making a 'rawr!' sound, head tossing back violently while his arms extended out. The group of girls around him screamed and giggled at his stories, their attention captivated.

Normally Shizuo wouldn't interfere but that day was a special day… a day which came only once a month. And he was already anxious about what he had to do later that night. So instead he rolled his eyes at the boy and said, "That's not true."

The group of kids playing in the playground all turned their attention to the new blond kid playing by himself in the sand box with his younger brother. They had just arrived to the orphanage run by the church about a half a year back, and the kids were slowly adjusting to them.

The boy with his hair slicked back like 'a vampire' with a towel as his makeshift cape, walked over with a huff. "Oh yeah? How do you know? You saw one before?" He was backed up with two of his 'gang members' who always followed him.

"Yeah I did." Shizuo said with a defiant glare. He didn't like how this kid looked down on him.

"Oh yeah? So how did he look huh?"

"Yeah speak up!"

"How did he look if you saw one?"

"Horada-kun's parents were eaten by vampires!"

"He said he saw them!"

"Horada-kun knows everything!"

"Horada-kun was right there when the vampires were killing his parents and he survived because he had a cross!"

"No, he said he used garlic."

"No he didn't! He said he cast a magic spell and all the vampires screamed and ran away!"

The boys all started talking while the girls all whispered. Horada, the boy with his hair slicked back and wearing a towel as a cape tried to look smug as his followers backed him up. Shizuo rolled his eyes at the liar. He knew 'Horada' was lying. He knew that garlics or crosses didn't work on vampires. Or well… he thought they didn't, since that's not what the hunters used to capture the vampire that killed his own parents.

Shizuo remembered that night well. Too well. How the vampire crashed into their house easily and slammed his brother against the wall as if he was just a stuffed toy. Thankfully Kasuka lost his consciousness soon after… and he was saved from seeing the horrific ceremony that followed afterwards.

Shizuo remembered how his father died, trying to protect his mom. He remembered crying as he held onto his mother's skirt, himself only 8 years old. He couldn't see as his mother blocked the view but he saw shadows that were on the floor. The vampire broke the neck of his father like a twig. His mother pulling him free and forcing him under the bed before the vampire grabbed her and wretched her away from Shizuo.

Shizuo remembered whimpering under the bed as he heard the blood-curling scream of his mother while the vampire fed. Then his bed was overturned. He remembered looking up to see the vampire for the first time…

He was beautiful. Even with the blood dripping down his mouth and fingers. His skin was pale in comparison, only adding to the illumination. His eyes were soft, not like those of a killer.

"It's alright. You'll feel good soon enough."

His voice was gentle and charming like a sweet lullaby. The raven haired vampire spread his thin black wings to cover Shizuo and drag him closer for a hug.

"Shh… don't cry. You'll feel wonderful… very soon."

Then he was bitten.

Standing in the playground surrounded by bunch of kids who didn't really know about vampires was seriously annoying. They made up stories thinking it was cool. But it was immature and childish. Horada was just trying to get some attention by making up these stories but unbeknownst to him vampires were Shizuo's triggers. It forced him to remember that night … the night when he lost his family to a killer. A beautiful and enchanting killer Shizuo really wished he could forget.

"Like I said. Vampire's aren't ugly. They have to lure their prey in. So they can't be ugly." Shizuo said coldly in a matter-of-fact voice. The kids started to murmur that that's very true… and Horada started to panic when he realized he was losing the attention of his followers.

"W-well, the vampire I saw was ugly."

"I doubt you even saw one." Shizuo scoffed.

"You're the liar! You never saw one."

"I did too. In fact I…" Shizuo was about to say that he was about to see one tonight but clamped his mouth shut quickly. Horada didn't understand what was going on but he saw the opportunity to attack.

"Ha! See! You can't even say anything! You're lying! Liar~ Liar~~ Come on, guys! Shizuo's a liar!"

Then the kids started chanting, 'liar~ liar~ liar~' in unison. Simply to say, when Brother Tom had hurried over, the playground looked like a tornado had gone through with twisted jungle gyms and broken swings…. along with several kids crying.

That night, despite Brother Tom's best intentions and thorough explanation of what had happened, Shizuo had gone to the detention room. It was a solitary room with nothing but plain cold stone walls. He shivered in there, sulking as he huddled in the corner. He tried to pass his time by day dreaming of something pleasant but… all he could think about was that night his family was murdered and what he had to do in few hours.

When midnight struck, a Brother opened the cell door, the sound of the rust creaking. Shizuo didn't realize he had fallen asleep leaning against the coarse wall. The small candle light of the lantern jolted him awake as the brown hooded and cloaked Brother grabbed him by the wrist and roughly pulled him up. He muttered how he disdained this job and why was it 'his turn' this time, grumbling all the way as they walked down the spiral stairs down to the dark basement.

Shizuo hated this too. He had to do this once every month. When everyone was asleep. He wished it was always Brother Tom who helped him, but the other Brothers did not like how Brother Tom favored Shizuo. So they had decided to take turns.

"Go! Move!" The Brother sharply pushed Shizuo forward after giving him a small runed dagger, not willing to go into the cell doors with him. It stank within, the reek of blood and decay strong enough to make someone gag. And it was so poorly lit that the flickering shadows from the small candle only made Shizuo fear what was behind that heavy iron door, which had become red with rust, even more.

Shizuo kept wishing it was Tom who was with him. He would hold his hand the entire time while Shizuo finished this ceremony. But no. It was just another Brother, another terrified monk who detested vampires.

The young boy carefully walked inside, tiptoeing as he entered the room. The walls were covered in magic circles and seals, candles lit around the center circle. In the middle was a table with more rune writings written along the side. And on top was the heavily shackled vampire, wrapped in bonds and chains.

He was breathing in sharp ragged moans. He stank of dried blood.

'He's… thinner… too…' Shizuo noted, his pale skin no longer lightly illuminating and shining with an inner glow. He was bony now, weak.

Suddenly the vampire's wing spread out, scaring Shizuo as he took several steps back, dropping his dagger in the process. The raven haired vampire craned his head to turn to him, his voice ragged as he hacked and coughed. He tried to stretch his hand out, trying to reach for Shizuo but he was bound too tight to move even an inch.

'It's okay… it's okay… he can't hurt you. Brother Tom said so…' Shizuo told himself as he grabbed his dagger again. Carefully he walked back, standing on his tippey toe as he looked down at the hallowed face, desperate and…

… hungry.

He cut his thumb with the dagger, just a small slit.

'Remember… one drop.' Shizuo told himself as he carefully watched the blood pool on top of his finger.

Just one drop fell down inside that dry mouth with shriveled lips.

The vampire writhed, the chains rattling violently. Shizuo quickly ran backwards against the wall as the vampire contorted his body, struggling to break free. He was only fed once a month, just to survive…. just enough so that the church could experiment on their first live and captured full fledged-vampire. And one drop of blood revived him but never enough to actually break free of the powerful seals around him.

After feeding, Shizuo ran out of the room and he was finally allowed to go back to his dorm. He kept telling himself that he was a big boy now and that he shouldn't be scared of vampires… that he needed to be the older brother in which Kasuka could look up to.

But Orihara Izaya would always visit him. In his dreams.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading! I just wanted to quickly get the story out before the Halloween was over! I'm really sorry for the Catnip fans. I promise to update that too! And my other stories. I'm so sorry i'm slow but I'm hoping that this might help me get out of my writer's block!

So thank you again for being patient with me! Maybe you'll enjoy this story as well?

Thank you for reading once again! I love you guys!