Title: Blood Contract
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Prompt : HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. Vampire Izaya and Priest Shizuo story! This is an AU story!

Author's Note: Technically this is AU. Please consider this taking place several hundred years back. It also doesn't quite take place in Japan (Probably… lol) but if I changed their names to non-Japanese and took out the entire –san, -chan, the entire fanfic would be just an original story… I also understand that their names should be a saint's name etc… but again, I'm not going to change that due to fanfic sake.

so please understand why I had kept the Japanese names and the honorifics even if this doesn't really take place in Japan.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Last night was a blur- a hazy memory of throwing pails after pails of water even once all the villagers had given up several hours into the night. But even once the fire was finally out, Shizuo did not sleep, instead working with just a torch light as he picked up burnt wooden beams, some still the size of his height and triple his weight as he threw them clear and away - digging at random spots in his panic. The villagers were rather surprised by his seemingly supernatural strength but due to the remoteness of the village, most of them just concluded that all vampire hunters must naturally be that strong due to their training to fight supernatural beings such as the vampires.

As he worked Shizuo called out for Izaya, his voice becoming so wretched and pitiful as the night wore on that some villagers shook their head and let out a deep sigh - whispering to themselves that it must have been the young hunter's first 'loss' of his partner and that was why he couldn't seem to let go of the fact that his 'partner' was probably dead.

Some sympathetic ones came by to tell him that it would hurt more if he found his partner's burned body, that instead he should just let go. The villagers promised that they would then work together in the morning light to find him but Shizuo did not listen, the man only continuing to jump at random places as he dug here and there. He tried to concentrate near the entrance but he figured if Izaya had a fight with a vampire… they could be buried anywhere. Not to mention, he had to hurry - he didn't have the 'time' to wait until the villagers wanted to help. Unbeknownst to them, Shizuo knew that Izaya had a high chance of being alive… as long as he was given his blood quickly enough.

By dawn, everyone had given up and gone to bed, the family of the burned house given a temporary refuge at the inn. Shizuo, however, continued to dig and dig, now with more precision as the bigger logs were removed. He tried to dig more methodically, his anxiety clutching his heart more than the initial panic. He still called Izaya's name, hoping against hope that the vampire would somehow respond back.

'Please…. Izaya…. Come back to me.'

Shizuo begged in his heart again and again as he scraped with his bare hands, not caring that the still smoldering wood burned him. Izaya would have had it worse. Izaya had suffered worse than this, he told himself. This burn was nothing, the pain of bending his back for hours is nothing and the hoarse voice was nothing…. nothing compared to having holy water funneled through…. He rubbed his tired eyes with sooty hands as he continued his search.

By morning some came to see if they could help but most saw the debris and shook their heads and left. There wasn't even a scrap of furniture that could be restored so they knew that there was no way a human could have survived such a destruction.

Around noon, Shizuo cried out as he finally found a charred hand. He dug in haste and removed the rough beam out of the way to reveal a heavily burned face. Shizuo didn't recoil in horror despite the gore as he quickly placed his head near the mouth for signs of breath and his hands fumbling for any pulse around his neck.

"S-Shizu… chan?"

Shizuo turned to look into those half opened carmine eyes, confirming that it was indeed Izaya and he was alive, if barely. The vampire looked weak, of course, yet his eyes conveyed that Izaya seemed relieved to see him.

"Ha…. haha…! Why you little freaking flea!" Shizuo cried out endearingly in his own relief as he pulled the vampire close for a quick embrace before he was groping for his rune dagger. He slit his finger to drip the blood down Izaya's lips but when he turned back to the vampire, Izaya's tired eyes had closed, his expression relaxed. Shizuo's heart practically stopped as he quickly checked for pulse again. Izaya was still alive… but he had fainted.

"Did you find him?!"

Shizuo almost jumped out of his skin as he saw a villager calling to him in the distance. Shizuo realized he had stopped searching and was crouching down… of course that would make it appear that he had found what he was looking for.

"A-ah! Well, yes! I mean…!" Shizuo scrambled, frantically trying to think of an answer. What would Shinra do? What would Shinra do?! Shizuo wracked his brains trying to think of an answer in a hurry as the villager yelled in whooping joy and ran over, distance closing fast. He couldn't have the villager come close and notice the wings or the pointy ears and he definitely couldn't have them see him feed the dying vampire blood in public!

He quickly took off the cape and wrapped it around Izaya as he pulled him out of the debris. As he struggled, Shizuo noticed…. another burnt husk buried near his vampire. He blinked as he noticed that it was another vampire… his fangs obvious despite the bad burn and his throat and skull were crushed. As Shizuo pushed away more rocks and debris to free Izaya, he noticed that the other unknown vampire's chest was ripped out.

"I can't believe… you killed the other vampire while you were burning…." Shizuo couldn't help but chuckle in half disbelief, feeling a fierce sense of pride that Izaya really kept his words. He could have just flown away but no, Izaya had stayed behind to make sure that all the vampires were killed; vampires, which were of 'his' species. And he killed them to protect 'his' enemies, the humans.

To protect his oath with Shizuo and to keep their promise.

Shizuo held the burned Izaya close to him, carefully wrapping the cape to make sure no one could see… as well as so the sunlight would not hurt him any further.

"Yes I found him!" Shizuo shouted back as the villager cried out happily and was climbing the debris to assist if necessary. But Shizuo was thinking fast. He couldn't ask for a doctor. The villagers here have been friendly and kind to him but there was no way he could explain that his 'partner' was a vampire. He quickly carried Izaya, holding him close to his heart to make sure that he could hear the vampire's pulse as he hurried down the road to his inn.

It took a lot of hasty explanations and half thought excuses but he finally got the villagers to understand that Shizuo wanted to treat his partner alone. The excuse that his partner was too ashamed to show his terribly disfigured face seemed to have done the trick when a charred black hand accidentally slipped out of the blanketed cape and Shizuo quickly hid it again in embarrassment. He looked like an acrobat, walking up the stairs while trying to juggle his vampire and answering the bombarding series of questions after questions from the villagers who wanted to help. Many of them recoiled in shock at the blackened hand and backed off, several of them darkly whispering that perhaps it was a corpse that the priest was trying to carry. Luckily the village was too small to even have a doctor, they had some midwives and a few matrons who knew a bit of herbal remedies and that was it. He asked for burn salves and bandages, not sure if it'd work on a vampire but it was better than nothing. Several villagers thanked the god for the miracle that the partner was alive even if he was badly burned and Shizuo just nodded and smiled, holding his tongue in check.

Once he closed the door with his foot, Shizuo carefully laid Izaya on the bed. He ran to draw the curtains in an effort to make sure the room was totally dark. Then he doubled back to unwrap Izaya and inspect him again.

His pulse was faint…. so very faint.

Panicking, Shizuo grabbed his dagger and sliced a large gash in the middle of his palm to squeeze a generous amount of blood to the vampire's black lips. He remembered that it actually didn't take that much blood a week ago for Izaya to recover. Even a trickle should be enough.

Still Izaya made no move to swallow. The drips of blood fell uselessly around the lips and cheek. Even when poured into the mouth, the vampire did not respond.

"Come on Izaya…. Please….! Please drink…. please!" Shizuo begged, squeezing his bleeding hand as his nails dug deeper into the middle of his torn skin.

Still nothing.

Now Shizuo was really panicking, wondering what he was suppose to do. What would Kasuka do? What would Shinra do?! He tried to think back on all his education as a hunter but most of his education was about how to kill a vampire quickly… not about how to heal a vampire!

"Think, come on Shizuo, think!" Shizuo wanted to bash his head against the wall. His stupid, stupid head! Why was he always so useless?! Why couldn't he do anything right?! Why did he never have the answer to anything?

Was he going to let Izaya die … like this? Just because he can't swallow?

Then… an irrational thought hit him. A thought which became connected from the loosely integrated ideas of swallowing, dying, and his slight education in C.P.R. - given in case of an emergency to save his brothers- to lead to …

He looked back at Izaya in horror.

But at the same time, he knew he didn't have much time to hesitate. Izaya did not hesitate to save him, twice in fact. One time had landed him an almost death from being riddled in silver bullets… and now the second time leading him to being burned to the point that he was barely alive…

And Izaya had opened his eyes and called his name.

He had been waiting for Shizuo, expecting the hunter to find and save him.

Shizuo couldn't let him down.

Swallowing his own pride, the blond quickly lapped up the dripping blood from his hand…

… and then leaned down to connect their lips. Using his fingers, Shizuo pried open the vampire's mouth and tongued the blood down the vampire's throat, trying to get at least a trickle of blood into his system.

Shizuo had never kissed anyone before and he did not know what to expect. And though technically this wasn't a kiss, the taste… and the feel was beyond his expectation….

It was horrific! Absolutely ghastly! He could taste the dried up burned flesh, like licking a charcoal stone or burned ash. Shizuo had no idea Izaya had burned so badly! The fire had gotten into the inside, Izaya must have breathed in smoke so hot that the vampire's entire inner organs must have been on fire! The young hunter cringed. The pain… must have been excruciating.

Not caring at all about the fact that he was breaking various codes as a hunter and that this would be considered all sorts of a sinful act as a priest, Shizuo pulled away to practically rip the flesh off of the middle of his hand and slurped a mouthful of his own blood. He then poured as much as he could down Izaya's throat, pushing the thick liquid down with his tongue.

He repeated the act several times, praying and praying that it would work. More and more Shizuo blamed himself. He should have paid more attention. He should have known that the other vampire was not Izaya. He even STUDIED about shape shifting abilities in a vampire. He was a hunter! He should have known that vampires work in groups sometimes. He should have paid much more attention so Izaya didn't have to suffer so m…


Shizuo almost jerked back when finally Izaya responded but the vampire grabbed him fiercely with an inhuman grip, his claws latching onto his neck and….

His teeth! His fangs had grown back, the first thing the vampires heal out of natural instinct for survival as he tried to bite Shizuo's tongue. Izaya's own tongue quickly restored enough to make that muscle lick the young apprentice's tongue for more…. Izaya sucking on the priest's tongue greedily… hungrily…

"Mmngh…!" Shizuo flinched as Izaya hissed and his nails clutched him in position. The blond could feel his own breath quicken and his heart pound as the vampire licked and sucked, trying to get all the blood from his mouth.

"W-wait…! Here, I'll give you more…" Shizuo pulled away before Izaya tried to bite his tongue and injure himself. He was pretty sure that Izaya's fangs wouldn't be strong enough to draw blood from his extraordinarily hard muscles.

Izaya screeched and his eyes were bloodshot, as if he wasn't recognizing anything in front of him due to bloodlust, just like the first time Shizuo had given him more than a drop of blood a week ago when he needed to heal fast for survival. Shizuo cringed at the piercing cry and quickly covered Izaya's mouth with his bloodied palm.

"Shh, shh… shh….! W-we can't let them hear us… nnngh….. haaa... ngh….!" Shizuo shuddered as Izaya attacked his wound, greedily sucking and biting for more. Shit… it was…. it was… extremely arousing. The bite didn't hurt Shizuo of course, it felt more like a nibble. The sucking and licking… definitely made his pants tight and hard.

"F-flea… dammit, there's enough, so… nngh… d-don't… aaahnn….!" Shizuo panted as he realized exactly how bad it was to have the vampire suck your blood directly in large quantity… and with such passionate ferocity. The blood pooled and swirled violently inside the young hunter as Izaya sucked and sucked, making the hunter feel the excitement and his heart pump faster. Izaya was recovering quicker and quicker… the tongue was more nimble now, his skin didn't look like a month old corpse, his hair was slowly being restored instead of the burnt scalp… and his lips… that sinuous lips and tongue that sucked the life out of him… and those gorgeous eyes, while bloodshot, the glow was returning, those orbs that sparkled like precious gems.

"D-dammit…. flea…" Shizuo groaned softly and unbuckled his belt and ripped down his pants before his hard cock ripped a new hole in the fabric. Izaya did not seem to hear him as his fangs bit into the hand and sucked rather hard. The teeth obviously did very little damage but the vampire seem to do it out of reflex rather than voluntarily. That hard suckling sent another muffled groan as Shizuo tried to stifle his moans. It felt so good… his heart hammering as his blood rushed in his veins.

With his bloodshot eyes, Izaya shrieked for more when the hand wasn't enough, attacking Shizuo's neck. The fangs could not pierce him but the vampire kept trying, breaking his fangs and his claws in the process.

"You stupid flea… I told you you can't pierce me with that little fang of your's…." Shizuo sighed as he watched the pitiful struggle. And perhaps it was because he too was overcome with lust or perhaps it was because Izaya's charm had worked its way into him during their session, Shizuo weakly grabbed his dagger and slashed a gash on his neck as his head pounded with rushing blood and endorphin.

His vampire tackled the blood with fervor and fed and fed to his heart's content. Shizuo groaned as his cock burst with an ecstasy he had never felt before. And though he knew that he had committed a sin that would horrify his church, his one hand supported the back of the feeding vampire's head protectively, his fingers tangling into the smooth and shiny raven hair instead of the burned scalp while Shizuo's other hand wrapped around the vampire's petit waist. The vampire hunter closed his eyes in content now that he had finally saved Izaya from dying and that was good enough to him. Surely god would forgive his sin if it was for an act of salvation of a soul.

Author's note: Huge thanks to DarkSapphireXx for giving me the courage to continue writing despite the long hiatus of my ongoing insecurities. Thank you.

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