Sienna Farlent POV

I walked slowly back from training this morning talking to my friends Forrest and Kara about the reaping; today I knew what I had to do to bring honor to my district.

"Are you gonna volunteer" said Kara who looked thoroughly excited, I mean why shouldn't she be I'm best in training so there is no doubt that I would come back alive.

I quickly got home and got dressed into my casual reaping clothes, my sister Gabriella crept into the room.

Gabriella hates the sound of the games and thinks the capitol is punishing us like they meant to do in the first place, I mean maybe for the lower districts but here I must bring pride to our district.

I knew what she would ask, I was right "Sienna pl-please don't volunteer I don't want to watch you die" she said sadly like she thought I would die, "Oh just Shut Up you twat you don't know anything about honor".

I got my blood sample and went to the 15 year-old section, I was pumped but I had to make sure I yelled first, or all my training would go to nothing.

Liberty Trileke walked onto the stage with the disgusting capitol hair, makeup and clothes.

Some boring video of the dark days showed up and Liberty droned on about peace and then welcome's us all to the square.

President Snow had told us everything about this new so called 'punishment' for the districts five years ago and our district secretly trained so we would win the honors every year that the games went on for.

"Alright Ladies first" said Liberty over the microphone. She pushed her hand right into the bowl and a piece of paper fell into her hands, Eden Lo-"I Volunteer as Tribute" I yelled at the top of my lungs another voice or two yelled at the same time but I had the quicker reaction and got onto the stage first.

"And what is your name sweetie" said Liberty in an annoyingly soothing voice.

"Sienna Farlent" I said confidently "and I'm no sweetie" I just had to say that I thought to myself. "Well then now for the boys". I smirked at the crowd.

I did it, I volunteered for the games I thought to myself. Mixes of emotions were welling through me as I stood beside my new escort Liberty.

Krush Salboro POV

"If you don't volunteer today you'll be in for trouble" said dad warningly and in a very serious sounding tone, "I'll try to dad but there are just so many others who will try as well but I will give it my best shot".

My dad can be so annoying at times I don't think he realizes how hard I work my but off for this, I wish he would appreciate my work just once, but maybe the games would be that once.

I ran down to the Town Square where almost everyone from district 1 watched anxiously waiting to see who would be our first ever tributes.

I was herded up into the 16 year old section and stood there awkwardly waiting for the reaping to begin. Liberty comes out and a video plays, thankfully this was over quickly and the reaping started.

"Alright Ladies first" Liberty's voice burst around the town square, she plucks out a name, before she stops reading it, some 15 year old I recognize from training volunteers, another runt I'll just have to eventually kill I thought to myself.

"Well then now for the boys" this time she scrambles through the bowl searching ferociously for the right one. "Krush Salboro" Liberty yells triumphantly like she found the name she was searching for all along. "I volunteer as tribute went a chime of voices, but I got there first, "no one will volunteer" I talked clearly through the microphone to make sure nobody would take my place.

"Now you to please shake hands" said Liberty, they crowd whooped and cheered at their tributes. I just gave them all a smile. Soon I would be one of the wealthiest people in Panem, even better paid than most capitol people.

District 2 reaping will be up soon. And those are our first ever tributes for the hunger games.