The first day, the second the bloodbath ends it turned nighttime so this is the day after.

Sienna Farlent POV

Carl is the biggest dooch bag ever he wouldn't let us all go hunting last night and now me and Asalie are pissed because he said we had to stay behind to guard.
We stood waiting for an attacker to come but no one did, Asalie is the best person in this alliance she is the only one that understands the concept of these games other than me. Krush isn't too bad but he pretty much just follows Carl and kills when he needs too, although he is quite thick in the head, Lis is a bitch that definitely gets on my nerves and Carl is just a plain doosh bag.

There was a sudden crumple of leaves and I walked out of the shaded cornucopia to check what it was, "you hear that" i whisper to Asalie who is munching on an apple she found in a purple backpack. "yeah, it was probably just a rabbit but I wouldn't go looking cause it could be a strong tribute" she says relaxed. Then out of the bushes come three tall, strong figures, I recognize them as the rest of our alliance "false alarm" i say back to Asalie in my normal voice now. "Didn't hear a cannon" i jeer at th resof of them, "maybe bringing me and Asalie would have changed that" i say loudly, "shut up Sienna, you wouldn't be able to catch an ant with that screwed up body of yours" Lis says snarling. I walk away, i can tell they hate me but I don't care it ain't gonna stop me from winning these games.

Mason Hunt POV

I walk through the forest seeking a place to rest but I don't seem to find any, I am getting really thirsty but i did get some raw carrots so that takes Hunger out of the equation. I see a good tree to climb so I quickly grab onto a branch, once I get to the top i check for any lakes, ponds or even puddles that are nearby but I see none, what i do see though is the girl from 9, i quickly grab a knife that was in the backpack the deposit it back in when I see blood dripping off her hatchet, she has obviously killed or seriously maimed someone so I hide behind a branch and wait for her to slip past. She looks up at the tree and i guessed she had heard my heart pumping but she definitely hadn't seen me because she walked off towards a big rock outcropping to my right and i felt myself begin to move freely again.

Rhode Genesis POV

Talon, Havali and I trampled through the bush at a very slow pace, my alliance is great although we have all been quite quiet. Talon is sad about Grace and I think it is because he said that he would protect her but I am not quite sure. "Rhode can you get us those berries from over there they will be a not too bad snack," "er I wouldn't recommend it piped up Havali "that's Millberry unless you want too have a nap stay away from it" she carried on, "oh that's lucky how did you know?" I question her but then remember her at the edible plants station In training.

We keep walking when Talon hastily puts his hands in front of us, "sshh" is all he says then he cocks his head to the side trying to listen for something, I follow his action and faintly hear two voices to our left. "Their less than a hundred metres away" I whisper to the other two, "hide" says Talon and I immediately know why, the voices, footsteps are coming towards us. I make sure Havali finds a good tree to hide in and then I begin climbing one but I am too late, the two spot us and I quickly recognise them, they're the friends from 12. I hastily brandish a long knife and I see Talon pull a batch of throwing knives from the camouflaged bag I took from the Cornucopia, "allies" I ask, the girl nods pleadingly at the boy but he shakes his head sadly "sorry I can't do that it's more cruel than killing you in my opinion" he says grimly. Battle it is I think savagely.

Zee Shaft POV

I sat beside a small lake drinking the water, I decided it was time to move, so I filled the giant water bottle up to the brim, put the saxe knife in my pocket and held the Machete I had taken in my right hand. I walked for quite a while when I heard rustling in the trees, I whipped round too see who the maker of the noise when I saw a deer with an injured calf trying to limp through the forest. I guess I should put it out of its misery I thought sadly as I neared it, I took the saxe knife and stuck it clean through the eye of the deer. It was small so it wasn't too hard to drag away, when I examined the deer closer I saw that the injury was either a stab wound or more likely an arrow puncture, I then knew that around here somewhere I had company.

Havali Sciefe POV

I watched as the girl backed off behind her partner, Rhode and Talon were shaking I knew that they wouldn't want to kill. This person seemed a bit mean and I decided that all in all I would much rather killing him than any other tribute I have yet met. The boy had only a double sided axe while Talon and Rhode and numerous knives and short-bladed swords, I also silently withdrew my spear out of a bag, I told myself that it was only if a real emergency struck. Rhode tried his luck first as he tried to gut the guy from 12 with a quick jab, but he must of seen it coming because he slid to one side gracefully Then he pulled his axe behind his head and dropped it forward straight towards Rhodes unprotected skull...

"NOOOO" I yelled leaping out of the tree towards the ground where the boy was standing, the axe still hadn't quite made it over his head as I jumped. I landed on the boys foot which slid to the side making his whole body tumble over, Talon tackled him but to no avail. The boy ran away unharmed neither were any of us although I still felt a bit of ground shock, that was for sure the scariest moment of my life, and I felt a giant surge of hatred towards that stupid boy who I think was called Fawn or something judging by what the girl had said.

I really hope you liked the chapter and although there were no deaths there as a good fight scene although I didn't last for very long but oh we'll, please review I would really appreciate it.

Here's the list of the dead:

24th: Andee Broughs- District 4

23rd: Grace Tol- District 5

22nd: Preston Reed- District 11

21st: Vendooka Stalk- District 6

20th: Violet Sorre- District 10

19th: Max Kylle- District 9

18th: Ronan Florida- District 10

17th: Bjorne Ax- District 7

16th: Abuda Abastern- District 11

The Survivors are:

Both from District 1

Both from District 2

Both from District 3

Asalie Trident from District 4

Talon Maderbier from District 5

Zee Shaft from District 6

Lilly Young from District 7

Both from District 8

Sarr Loslay from District 9

Both from District 12