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2-The Yellow Frog's Arrival

"Ku, Ku, Ku, looks like Natsumi has moved," said a yellow frog as he stepped off a train, "I think I shall go pay her a visit to finish off my series, and after 18 I don't know if this one will do any good."

The yellow frog walked until he reached the temple.

"Kululu, it's nice to see you back," Dororo said from on top of the gate.

"Ku, Ku, Ku," Kululu said, "Is Natsumi here?"

"Yes, but she is..." Dororo began, but Kululu paid no attention to him and continued towards the temple house. When he got there he pulled out a camera, so he could get Natsumi's reaction on tape. He knocked once.

"Skuld get the door," a voice called from inside.

A few seconds later a girl, about twelve Kululu decided, came and looked around.

"Hello," she called out not seeing Kululu because of his Anti-Barrier. Kululu sighed and walked in undetected.

"There was nobody there, Urd," The girl who must have been Skuld called out.

"Well I don't know Skuld," Urd said back.

Kululu was pretty happy right now because he was in a house with two Pekoponians and they did not know he was here.

"Urd, I'm going to see if I can salvage any parts," Skuld called from the door.

All Kululu could hear was a light sure whatever from somewhere within the house.

Skuld left and it was silent.

Kululu wandered around until he came upon a room with a sign on the door that he only read up to Skuld's and he entered. he found parts from various electronic devices scattered all over the place. Kululu smiled. He sat down in the middle of the mess and started "playing" until he held up an orange gun.

"Ku, Ku, Ku, look out Pekoponians, I got an aging gun 3 now with a variable age adjuster. Now I feel its time for some curry," Kululu said as he put the gun down and went to go look for the kitchen.

"Gunso," Fuyuki called out down the basement hallway.

"Kero?" an answer came as Keroro stepped out of his room.

"Why is Moa attending collage?"

"Well," Keroro began, "her father took away her Angol Spear for nearly destroying pekopon on numerous occasions, and she just isn't that smart."

"What collage will she be attending?" Fuyuki asked.

"The same as you and she can no longer flirt with me, so I'm going to build a Gundam model to celebrate." Keroro walked back in his room and closed the door.

Wow, Fuyuki though, Keroro has changed a lot in the past year as he went to go get ready for his interview tomorrow.

In his room Keroro had the Kero Ball in his hand.

"Kero, Kero, Kero, Yes Major I have infiltrated the Hinata household. What are my next orders?" Keroro said to the Kero Ball.

"Good work, Keroro," replied the Kero ball, "Just wait till the rest of the platoon gets there then I will initiate the green light."

"Roger Keroro, over and out."

"Hey Belldandy," Natsumi called out, "you and Keiichi should go out and take some time together, I took the day off so I can prepare for my brothers arrival. Are you sure it is OK for him to stay with us?"

"Yes, it should be fine," Keiichi said, "I'm just worried on how Urd will take this."

"If she even tries to flirt with Fuyuki, I will break her neck," Natsumi said with a smile.

"Urd should be fine," Belldandy chimed in.

"I hope so. Well I'll see you two at home, and yes I'll have dinner cooked," Natsumi said waving as she walked towards Aki's old bike.

"Mr. Keiichi," Belldandy whispered.

Keiichi turned to face her.

"Yes," He said smiling.

"Do you like her," Belldandy blushed.

"She is a good friend and nothing more," Keiichi said with a smile, "but I do think you would look cute with pink hair." Keiichi started laughing.

Belldandy managed a small laugh and then went silent.

"What's wrong?" Keiichi asked with a concerned look.

"Would you like me more with pink hair?" Belldandy blurted out.

"No," Keiichi said holding up his hands in defense, "It was just a joke."

"Oh," Belldandy replied downheartedly.

"So where do you want to go?" Keiichi asked.

"Anywhere with you," Belldandy replied putting her head on Keiichi's shoulder.