Good Luck Romeo

There comes a tale of power, a force stronger than the human race combined. Its name is the oblivion of darkness. This power is bestowed on the Ryuzaaki clan to their enemies' horror. Every third generation one child is selected to be the powers' host. For many millennia the Ryuzaaki family has been a name of pure horror to all. That is until the Fuji clan convinced the Ryuzaaki family to share their power with them so as to stop the bloodshed they have created. Reluctantly, the Ryuzaaki clan agreed as to not be portrayed as emotionless.

In the recent times the host has chosen their own spouse. So any clan can obtain the power with caution as to not create mass chaos once more. The only successors to obtaining the power were the Yukimura, Atobe, Echizen, Fuji, Tachibana, and the Shiraishi clans. Currently most are fighting for the new host's affection, but she's so perfect that she truly is emotionless unlike the previous hosts.

What is her name you may ask? It is Ryuzaaki Sakuno, granddaughter to the demon coach Ryuzaaki Sumire. If you know her well you know she is not a shy, clumsy, bad athlete, and bad English speaker. No, she is a beautiful, confident, sadistic, athlete, who speaks perfectly in every language (dead or alive), powerful, perfect, and emotionless girl who is wonderful at acting. Those who know her wish they didn't because she is truly a demon in the flesh.

Unfortunately for those fighting for her they don't know this, well not yet anyways. She is a woman of sovereignty. Her power enables her to become irresistible to those she charms. And while she feels nothing for the young men at her disposal she loves to play with their hearts. The Ryuzaaki family has trained her so well that if she wished it she can manipulate a shadow to kill a whole family in the drop of a hat.

The too dense for anything beside tennis prodigy Echizen Ryoma has not yet been informed of the powerful Ryuzaaki and in the end that will be his downfall. For no sane person will go against the all powerful princess. He will be destroyed indirectly by her rage, but before we get into the gruesome details we must tell you who she is in the hearts of all these tennis players. It all started in middle school when she was still in Seigaku. Leave now if you are weak at heart, because this is the dark side to the seemingly innocent Ryuzaaki.