HIII! THIS MY FIRST FANFIC SO DON'T HATE! I hope to have a lot of FAX. Maybe HUDDY. NIGGY. Or EGGY, you R&R to pick.


Huh, what? I thought as my head slammed into the steering wheel. We decided to "borrow" a van. I wasn't the best driver, so I crashed. Not much more to tell, because I blacked out instantly.


Max's head slammed into the steering wheel. My heart nearly stopped in its tracks when I saw the blood gushing from a cut in her forehead. We had hit an 18-wheeler head on, shattering the glass and sending it raining down on us in the front seat. I was riding shotgun, and Max was driving. Causing Iggy to make "kiss kiss" sounds. I walloped him upside the head when he least expected it. That had been fun. But sitting like an idiot while Max nearly bled out in the drivers seat? Not so much.

Nudge had flipped out her cell phone and called an ambulance. Max wasn't going to like this…and I would take the heat for it. The ambulance arrived, and it seemed like too long to wait to take the five min drive to get to Prenstin Plainsburroll (A/N: I don't know how to spell it. L) They let us in the ambulance. Thank god. I clasped her hand in mine, as her battered face slowly opened one eye.

I must have looked pretty worried. I heard Iggy behind me, betting with Gazzer.

"Bet you five bucks he kisses her." Iggy muttered. I franticly turned to the nurse.

"Is she ok?! What's wrong?!" I snapped.

"She's ok. She has a head trauma. She'll be fine." She said, reassuringly. Imagine how reassured I felt when she started bleeding from her eyes and coughing up blood