On the outskirts of Shibuya, there was a small hut that was home to a wizard named Joshua. Well, I would say hut, for that is what it looks like on the outside, but really it was a multimillion dollar pad complete with giant speakers and an even bigger red sofa. Oh, and the fish underneath the glass floor. Can't forget that.

Anyway, Joshua would sometimes wander into Shibuya, aimlessly looking for something to occupy his time with. Normally, Joshua would find nothing and, with his head hung low, would head to the local tavern, Wild Kat. But one day on his way there, he passed a J of M only to see a knight with spiky orange hair. But of course, he didn't stop to take a second glance.

Joshua's excursions to the somewhat decent kingdom of Shibuya became more frequent, since he obviously had nothing better to do even though he controlled the entire world from inside his "hut." But that doesn't matter. What matters is that he could easily see J of M from his "usual" seat at Wild Kat. It was completely unintentional, of course, seeing as it was his "usual" seat. Sure. The wizard spent a mass majority of his week making totally discreet glances across the dirt road, watching the knight compare two pairs of shorts that looked exactly the same. Oh, how Joshua dreamed of inviting him back to his "hut" and play games with pins. Not card games, oh no, because this is not Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Though he had never planned on introducing himself to the knight, Joshua could not help the numerous scenarios that played in his head whenever nonchalantly peeked over at J of M. All the dreams he dreamt were nothing short of a Naruto fan fiction. In Joshua's mind, all of sexual fantasies did not imply homosexuality, thus making him think nothing of the sort seem a tad off. King Beat and Queen Rhyme's shitty comedy routine had brainwashed the innocent people within a 500 mile radius. Joshua had thought he was immune to the straight slapjack humor, him being a wizard and all, but he didn't realize that no one was safe.

Anyway, even though Joshua did not actually want to meet the knight per se, he at least wanted to know more about him. About him and especially the pink-haired hussy who gawked at him day after day. There was no way people did not notice her licking her lips and running her hands over her hips while she sexually eyed him behind a rack of tacky shoes. Despite having controlling every function of the world, Joshua chose to have a petty hatred for the pink-haired girl, glaring at her from his now usual seat at Wild Kat. He would notice her contrive her card games, but Joshua would contrive harder, thus making her attempts at smutty daydreaming pale in comparison to his.

At this point in time, one would wonder why neither of them had attempted to approach the knight, let alone one another. Joshua had taken notice to the ugly girl's plan of tripping in front of the knight, since all of her thoughts were apparently being projected onto the giant flat screen of the world. But since Joshua held the world in his pants, none of her random fantasies (most of them involved card games) were really secret. Regardless, Joshua had said something that may of translated into modern English as "Aw hell naw" and used his mysterious wizard powers to make the "skanky whore" fall backwards onto the ground, where Joshua had hoped she would spend the rest of her life. But alas! The knight being as kind as he was sexy bent over (that which happened to leave a permanent mental image in Joshua's mind) to help the bitch up. Just before Joshua began to create more fantasies with image now burned into his brain, the girl's mind was put up on the giant screen of the biggest Molco ever. Joshua could barely believe the mass amounts of smut that a mere human could muster, and yet have artwork be stuffed behind a dresser. The card games were more than Joshua could bear, making his conversions seem like child's play. It was no surprise that the pink-haired girl had a violent tremor and passed out, for Joshua would of done the same after touching the pale, slender fingers that belonged to only the sexiest man alive. After realizing that he would no longer be comfortable sitting in his now usual spot at Wild Kat, Joshua retreated home to partake in his own card games.