March 21 10:01 pm, Sunshine coliseum

Sounds of music could be heard from the inside of the coliseum. The bands that had taken occupancy inside of the establishment were practicing for the upcoming "battle of the bands" That was going to be held there in a few weeks. What no one expected was the events that were going to be occurring in the next few minutes…

March 21 10:15 pm, Sunshine Coliseum Hallway

Noah Galloway, manager of Uninvited Farewell, one of the bands competing at the "battle of the bands", was walking backstage to check on the microphones that his band would be using in their performance in a few weeks. What he did not expect was the guitar that was smashed on his head and the knife that would stab him and end his life.

March 22 9:00 am, Wright & Co. law offices

"I'm BORED!" Maya sighed. "What happened to all the cases that we should be getting?" Maya huffed.

"Don't know Maya…but trust me if there was a case I'd take it in a heartbeat…" I sighed flipping through a magazine.

"But there has to be someone out there!" Maya stated.

(Couldn't be that you scare them all away saying you're a medium…)

"Look, just wait until Nick gets back…I'm sure he'll have a case." I sighed closing my magazine getting annoyed.

(Or just have an empty wallet again)

I picked up another Magazine that Phoenix had lying on the table and started to page through it…that man has horrible taste in reading material…then the door to the office swung open…

"Breath before you open your mouth Nick…you sound like you ran a mile." I stated putting the magazine on the table.

"H-how did you know that?" Phoenix asked walking over to the table and putting a case file with an autopsy report down on the table.

"I take it…" I started but got cut off.

"I found a case…granted it's not the nicest case…then again none of our cases are nice." Phoenix stated scratching the back of his head nervously.

"So…let's see…" I stated picking up the case file and started reading it. "Noah Galloway, age 23…time of death March 21, 10:15 pm. Cause of death blunt trauma and stabbing…this can't end well." I stated reading the autopsy report.

"They say they arrested the killer, his names Marcel Heights or something like that." Phoenix said.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Come on! Let's head down to the Detention center!" I stated holding the door open and pushing Maya and Phoenix out the door.