Giles watched in horror as Buffy and Oz fought back to back against the tentacled demons. He locked eyes with Willow standing on the other side of the battlefield and saw her lips begin to move. He felt the race of magic across his skin and saw the rifts start to open. Each rift pulled a demon from the battle. He tried to push toward his slayer and her friend but the forming rifts were pushing him back. He started to ease around toward Willow. She was saving them, but she had to be past her limit already. They were down to two opponents. Buffy and Oz were more than equal to the task. He watched as Oz dropped to the ground and Buffy swirled through the air decapitating both remaining demons in one smooth movement. He felt relief for one blissful second. The migration had been stopped. He watched Willow sag against Xander, blood dripping from her nose.

He rushed toward them, worried for Willow, only to be thrown across the field as a giant rift opened next to Buffy and Oz and pulled them away.